The fresh morning air, damp with the sea, floated over the deck of the ship and was breathed in by a refreshed Will Turner. He closed his eyes and let the breeze float over him, and he felt comforted.

Ten years he had been a pirate, living his life on the sea. But it had also been ten years since his Elizabeth had left, and he had been left alone.

He sighed, and turned back to the wheel of the ship. Jack was still asleep like normal, as last night they had plundered a village in Bermuda. Most of the men were still below deck, trying to sleep off hangovers and enjoy their new found possessions.

Will never really partook in the ravaging of villages and such. It was what a real pirate would do, he supposed, but he never derived enjoyment of such things. If a battle called for his attention, he would certainly fight, and fight hard. But other pirate activities were not those that Will quite believed in.

He gazed out to sea, and to his surprise, spotted a ship on the far horizon. He quickly grabbed his small telescope and focused onto the ship. Tall flags showing the colours of the British Navy waved in the wind.

Quickly Will ran down from the helm and threw open the doors to the hold. "Navy ship on the horizon! All hands on deck!"

Groans followed Will's order, and the men soon emerged from the hold, taking their various positions on the Black Pearl. He left Anamarie at the helm, and went to the Captain's quarters to rouse Jack.

The pirate captain lay sprawled out on his bed, one hand clutching a gold crown, the other a near-empty bottle of rum.

"Jack. Wake up." called Will to his friend, shaking the older man's shoulder slightly.


Will sighed. He did not feel like getting the water this morning. "Jack!" he said again, louder this time.

Again nothing.

Damn. //Bucket it is.// thought Will.

He soon returned with his bucket, filled with cold sea water, and proceeded to pour over his friend's head. Jack woke up sputtering, jumping up immediately. Unfortunately for him, the action was performed too quickly after waking up, and his legs collapsed, leaving the man soaked and on the floor.

"Damnit Will! Ya coulda just shaken me!"

"I did." replied Will smugly, and with a smile. "It's not my fault that you didn't wake up, Jack."

The other man looked up from the ground and scowled. "That's Captain Jack Sparrow to you, matey. Now where did I put my hat..."

Will held it up in one of his hands and smiled. "Get up, Jack."

The half-sober captain grumbled and got up grudgingly, grabbing his tri-cornered hat from his friend's hand.

He stepped out of his quarters, and noticed his crew all at their stations. He paused in mid-step. "What's going on?"

Will came up behind him, and made the captain jump when he began to speak. "A navy ship, off of the starboard side."

"Which one?" asked Jack.

"A new one. I've never seen it before, so it must be on it's maiden voyage, coming over from England." replied his first mate.

"Hmm." was Jack's only response.

He took the helm over from Anamarie, with a smile and a "Good Mornin' lass.". She scowled at him, and stepped down to the main deck. No, their relationship certainly hadn't improved over the years, remarked Will with a grin.

The British ship had grown closer now, and Captain Sparrow's men began to prepare themselves for a fight. The Black Pearl had been challenged many times in the last ten years, and never that they lost a battle.

There was activity on the Naval boat as well, and while Will watched, they did something very curious. A white flag was pulled out and placed on the flagpost. It was then slowly risen until it flew along side the British flag.

"Ha!" laughed Jack. "Has it become that the Navy is so afraid of us that they do not dare to fight us anymore?"

"I don't think so, Jack." replied Will.

"Oh. Well, I'll drink to that anyways." said Jack pulling out a flask of rum. He took a long swallow of it, then proceeded to address the crew.

"The British ship is surrendering!"

Cheers of joy came from the crew as they stood at their stations. With some of them still half drunk (like their captain), they felt in no condition to fight a battle at the moment.

As soon as it drew near enough, a British officer shouted across to the Black Pearl. "We wish to speak with Will Turner!" he yelled.

//Me?// questioned Will in his mind.

Jack looked across to him. "What did they say?"

"They want to talk to me."

"Are you going to?"

Will ran it over in his mind for moment, pondering what was the worst they could do to them. That in mind, he realized that they must have a pretty good reason to want to only speak to a pirate, and not capture him.

Then again, they could do that after they talked to him.

He turned his attention back to Jack. "I guess so."

Jack gave him a look that said plainly Are you insane?, but Will shrugged it off and commanded that his crew lay a plank over to the other ship. They too, gave him the same look, but he ignored them and crossed over.

Two solemn looking officers led him over to the captain's quarters on the main deck, and showed him in. They then turned and left, leaving Will with two men that eerily looked like Commodore Norrington and Governor Weatherby Swann...