In a warm, sunny hospital room, Elizabeth's Swann's eyes fluttered upon. Groggily, he took in her surroundings, recognized the familiar features of Port Royal's own medical offices. She sat up stiffly, noticing with pain that her muscles were, in fact, VERY sore. Her right arm was wrapped up, and a cloth sling held it in place against her chest.

She had barely enough time to look around once more when a small figure bounded into the room and jumped onto the bed, wrapping its arms around Elizabeth's neck and narrowly missing the broken arm.

"Mother!" cried Willow, still clinging to Elizabeth's neck. "You're awake!"

The girl's mother gently pried her daughter's hands off from around her neck, and looked warmly into the familiar eyes of her beautiful daughter. The young girl looked none the worse for wear, and was as happy as ever. All the memories of the past few days came rushing back now, and Elizabeth realized that her daughter should be dead.

Tears of joy sprang to Elizabeth's eyes as she realized what was happening. "Willow... you're alive?" she choked out, now reaching forwards and practically crushing her daughter against her. "H-how? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

It was Willow's turn now to pry herself out of her mother's arms. She smiled at her sobbing mother, who, contrary to the tears, was smiling the biggest grin that Willow had ever seen.

"It was father. He saved me from the water." replied Willow simply, in the way that only a child could.

Elizabeth suppressed a gasp. Will. His face danced in her head, as it had in her recent, half-conscious dreams, and she realized that he had been the one that had saved her from that cave. She had thought it all a dream, a figment of her imagination conjured up in her time of pain.

Her Will had come to save her.

And just like out of one of her dreams, her husband walked in, clean-shaven and locks of brown hair down from their usual ponytail. She had forgotten how truly handsome he was.

Willow smiled at her father, and it finally all clicked into place for Elizabeth. Her Willow and her Will had finally met. Now they could be a family... if Will wished it to be so.

"Elizabeth." he said, but it sounded so good to her. So magical, so loving, so.. sensuous.

Willow smiled once more at her parents, and left the room silently, unnoticed, as Will and Elizabeth just stared at each other for what seemed an eternity, just lost in each other's eyes. Finally, one of them broke their connection, thought neither knew who.

Elizabeth looked down at her left hand, the one that wasn't in a sling. "So, where's Jack and William? Did they make it out okay?"

Will looked down the floor, and Elizabeth could have sworn she saw moisture glittering in the corner of his eyes. "Jack... Jack made it out fine, he was the one that got you out safely. William, my father..." he broke off there, and Elizabeth knew.

"Oh, Will." she breathed. "I'm so sorry." She reached up and touched his shoulder softly, as he raised his focus back up and they found themselves looking back into each other's eyes.

"And-and how did we get off of the island?" she asked softly, still gazing into those deep brown eyes.

Will shifted his focus abruptly, turning back to his favourite spot on the floor. "Jack and I fought them off, and after Barbossa was dead, the rest of them scattered. Anamaria got a rowboat out to us, we brought you back to Port Royal, and here we are now."

An awkward silence follow, one that seemed to span an eternity, before Will spoke.

"Elizabeth, I..." he broke off abruptly, and cleared his throat. " I wanted to ask you, why didn't you tell me about Willow? I... I would've cared for her, y'know. I just don't understand why you left." At his own words, a single tear slipped down his cheek, and Elizabeth's heart broke for the second time in ten years.

Her tears joined his and she struggled to speak. "You-you were meant for the sea, Will, and I didn't want to be the one that kept you from it. I saw the longing in your eyes, and I knew that you wouldn't be fulfilled without it. And I'm sorry for keeping Willow from you, but I know that it was the best thing and I-"

Her babbling was cut off by a hand laid across her mouth. Her eyes, without realized it, had drifted down to the same place that Will's had gone, and she looked up only to stare right into those familiar brown eyes.

"Elizabeth..." he whispered, his voice as soft the wind, "I-I still love you."

His hand dropped down to his side, and his estranged wife could only look forwards with shock. Uncomfortable, he got up swiftly and took long strides towards the door. His hand was on the knob when he heard her whisper behind him:

"I still love you too."

The next thing he knew his lips were pressed against hers in a long-overdue kiss, and he held her to her for the first time in what seemed a millennia, and he knew that everything would be alright.


Willow Jaclyn Turner ran down the beach, giggling as she went. "Watch me!" the twelve year-old exclaimed, as she danced in the sand, twirling as she went.

Will and Elizabeth, waling hand in hand, smiled as they watched their daughter. They looked to each other, their eyes met, and the felt the tingle that was ever-present when their gazes held each other.

The moment was broken when they heard a small voice cry out. "Wait fo' me, Wiwow!"

Elizabeth grinned even wider as she watched her two year-old son move his small legs as fast as he could to catch up to his sister.

"Willow! Wait for James!" Will called out, as his daughter turned and swooped up her little brother, twirling him in the air, much to his delight.

The small boy, James William Turner, was named for both James Norrington and the pseudonym that William Turner had been known under. Both her and Will had decided that William the Third would be pushing it.

"Come on now, children, we have to head on home. Uncle Jack is coming to visit!" said Elizabeth, eliciting squeals of joy from her James and Willow.

"Unka Jack! Unka Jack!" exclaimed James as he ran back towards his mother. Elizabeth scooped him up into her arms and tickled him lightly. He giggled with laughter even as he tried not to smile.

"No tickles, Mama, no tickles!"

Willow, meanwhile, had joined hands with her father, and they both smiled at the antics of mother and son.

"Now, come on Mother, we have to go!" grinned Willow.

"I know, I know." replied Elizabeth, settling James into her left arm, and joined hands with Will with her right one.

The family of four started their walk back to their home, in the bustling town of Port Royal, and as Elizabeth stole one last glance at Will, she knew that everything was alright.


*Well, that is in fact the end of Willow. I had said that there would be TWO final chapters, but in fact complied the two together to make one UBER chapter.


I have an idea for another PoTC story (if you guys can handle that), but I don't know if I'm going to write it or not.

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