It was a normal busy day at the division, that day though CD and Nate both got off work at the same time. On their way out going to their cars CD offered to stop and grab then some dinner. They both agreed on pizza and CD set out in the way of their favorite pizza place and Nate in the way of their apartment to get the table set. Arriving at the pizza place CD cursed her luck of their being no parking place in the 2 blocks around the shop. So she drove until she found a spot about 4 blocks away. She got out of the car, locked it and walked to the pizza place. After waiting 10 minutes for their pizza she started out back towards the car. When she got about 2 blocks from her car she became aware of someone watching her. From where she didn't know but she pulled out her cell phone and started to call Nate hoping he would calm her down. She got half way though dialing when someone grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming. He pulled her into an empty alley sinking all of her hopes of getting help from someone around her. The more she struggled the rougher he got with her, he was throwing her around, using her stomach as a punching bag, and making small cuts on her arms wit ha sharp choker type piece of jewelry he had wrapped around his arm. He pushed her down on the ground and undid the top of her pants and pulled them down along with her underwear. He then proceeded to remove her shirt and tear her bra off leaving her lying there naked. All the while she was begging for him to stop and just to let her go. He finally got upset enough at her and he punched her in the eye and told her if she didn't keep quiet he would kill her. He then proceeded to get one top of her and lean in to kiss her. She has started to silently cry and pray for help. Still squirming under him he punched her in the chest and knocked the wind out of her. She stopped squirming under him after the most recent punch. He smiled at his success and he pulled his penis out of his pants and raped her. After he finally finished forcing himself on her he gave her another kiss, told her she was a 'slut' and left her there.

At home Nate was wondering where CD was. He called her cell and became worried when she didn't answer. The phone ringing shocked CD back into reality enough to know that she needed to get dressed and get herself help. She forced herself to get up and dress herself even though the pain was almost unbearable, she then picked up her cell and called 911 and then the division. Magda and Jinny were meeting her at the hospital. Then she only had to call Nate. After a few minutes she worked up the courage to call him but she only had the heart to tell him she had been attacked and asked him to meet her at the hospital and that Mag and Jin were coming to take her report. When she hung up she could hear the ambulance in the distances. Sitting on the ground crying and in pain she wondered how she would ever be able to tell Nate what really happened and how she would deal with everything. She pulled herself together to go to the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital Magda and Jinny were waiting for her. She was wheeled into an exam room where she had to wait for the doctor to come in and Jinny patiently started to ask her the questions to take her report while Mag held her hand.

"Mag, can you go outside and wait for Nate and tell him what's up?"

"CD, I can't tell him you were raped you have to do that"

"No, I couldn't ask you to do that, I know I have to, I meant could you tell him I am ok and you'll come and get him in awhile?"

"Yah sure"

After Magda left Jinny asked "Do you wanna keep going?" CD nodded and Jinny continued asking CD the required questions finishing just as the doctor came in.

"Pleas stay, I don't want to go through this alone" CD whispered to Jinny.

"I'm not going anywhere until the exam's over." Jinny said as she moved over to the seat Magda had previously occupied and reached out to hold CD's hand. The doctor had introduced herself and started the exam. "Thank You so much Jin..." CD whispered and after a pause she whispered even softer something only meant for herself "I don't know how to deal with this again."

The last thing CD said caught Jinny's attention and she turned to look at CD closer. "Shit" muttered CD and Jinny decided to drop it for now because CD was already going through so much right then and she wasn't completely sure that she heard what she thought she heard. At that moment Magda walked in and walked around to the other side of the bed and picked up CD's other hand. "Nate is out there..he said that he loves you"

"'s he doing?" CD whispered wincing from the pain of the exam

"He's holding up ok for what he knows" Magda replied. CD winced once again from the pain of the exam. "Don't be afraid to squeeze my hand if it hurts" Jinny told her and CD gripped her hand even harder. Mag and Jinny both stayed with her till the exam was over and she could get dressed in some scrubs the hospital provided and she could take some pills and leave. Mag and Jinny have both left to give her some privacy a few minutes after they left there was a knock at the door and she heard "Its Nate, can I come in?"

"Just a sec ok?" she said as she finished pulling on the top and quickly took the pills and walked over to the door to let him in and she went back and sat on the bed. Nate sat down on the chair next too the bed and reached out for her hands she allowed him to pick up her hands and she moved over and sat down on the edge of his chair allowing herself to fall back into the safety of his lap and lean against him. "Sweetie..are you ok?" he asked.

"No.Nate I really need to tell you something" CD replied almost in a whisper looking down at her hands which were intertwined with his. "Sure honey..tell me anything." He replied giving her a reassuring smile and squeezing her hands, she looked up at him and seeing the total sincerity in his eyes she felt reassured that she was making the right choice in telling him now. "Nate.the reason I am here is because when I was walking out of the pizza place and to the car someone grabbed me." she trailed off and a few tears started to trace their way down her cheeks and she took a deep breath to continue "he dragged me into an alley and he..he raped me" she said as the tears started to come more freely. Nate pulled her into a hug and whispered re-assuring words to her and held her till the crying subsided. That moment the doctor knocked on the door and re-entered the room and told her that she was free to go. Nate helped her up off his lap and for the first time saw the extent of the bruising on her arms, and neck. He gently put an arm around her back and she leaned into him and they walked out of the exam room. Magda and Jinny were just getting ready to leave and they slowed down to meet up with their two friends. Before they reached the door they stopped in and open area to talk.

"They had a lot of evidence CD and you have a good description, we are going to have you come in and look at some mug books tomorrow or whenever you feel ready, you know the drill" Magda told her and then she pulled Nate aside "Jin, I don't know if you heard what I said in there" Jinny nodded "Can you keep this between us for now, I'll explain sometime" CD finished "Sure..and only when YOU'RE ready" Jinny replied as Mag and Nate walked back towards her. Mag reached out to CD to hug her and whispered "If you need anything call me, don't worry about the time." When Jinny hugged her she said the same. Getting ready to leave CD thanked Mag and Jin and as they all turned to leave Mag turned around and said "Don't worry CD we will catch him, this isn't any case it's a special one."

When they got back to their apartment CD silently headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower while Nate went into the kitchen to make them something to eat. When CD got out of the shower after scrubbing until her skin was raw and using the hottest water she could stand she but on the thickest Pajamas she had and headed out to the kitchen area to find Nate. When she came out she saw Nate taking something off the stove and she walked over to the kitchen and sat down at a chair at the table watching him. When he turned around he had two plates with grilled cheese and he set one down in front of her and one at the place across from her for him. When he sat down he dug into his sandwich and she picked hers up and took a few small bites but when she took a larger bite she gagged and had to spit it out into her napkin. By then Nate was done and watching her actions trying to read her eyes. She got up and walked away and curled up on the couch leaving Nate to clear the table. After he cleared the table he went out to the couch and kneeled down in front of it and asked "Do you need anything?"

"Um.can you get me a blanket I am freezing?" She replied. When he came back and spread the blanket over her he asked her "Anything else?"

"Yah..can you hold me for awhile?" she whispered.

"Definitely" he replied sitting down on the couch in the space she made for him. She let herself lay back into the safety of his arms and savored the one moment where she felt safe. Nate reached over and turned on the TV and they both turned their attention to the weather channel. After a few minutes of watching in silence CD broke the silence by turning to Nate "I will understand if you want to leave" she said to him. "Baby, I never want to leave you. I don't care what you have been through, what you are going through now and whatever you are going to go through in the future all I care is that you are with me and I am with you." He told her. "Nate, I love you so much but with everything that is happening are you sure."

"More sure than ever before, I could have lost you tonight CD and that just makes me realize how much more I really love you and nothing will ever change that." He replied. "Thank You, I just don't want to pressure you to have to deal with all of my crap, before all of this I came with enough baggage to sink a small ship and now I am adding more to that" she said. "CD, I love you more than anything else on the planet and I would give anything to make this pain go away for you if I could and if there is anything you need just tell me and I will do it" he said. CD yawned and Nate sat up "I think it is bed time. I will sleep out here on the couch and you can have the bed if you want." He offered. "No, we can share the bed, I really need you right now, but I don't know if I will be able to fall asleep." She replied.

"If your sure you are ok with that, if you change your mind I will move." He said. She walked into the room and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Nate took this chance to change into some pajamas. When CD left the bathroom he went in to brush his teeth and give her a chance to get in bed. When Nate left the bathroom he found CD curled up in bed under all of the covers and a quilt on top of that. Nate laid down in the bed next to her. "Nate, can you hold me?" CD asked. "Sure" he replied moving into a position where she was snuggled safely into his arms, "Is tat ok?" he asked knowing that she needed to fell safe and protected. "MMHUM" she replied snuggling up to him. "I love you CD" he said. "I love you too Nate," she said hoping she would fall asleep. Finally feeling her relax in his arms Nate smiled and let himself fall asleep.