Nate drove home in silence, when they got back to her apt they both sat down on the couch and CD leaned back into Nate's arms enjoying the safety she felt in his arms. She closed her eyes and sighed. "You ok?" Nate asked.
"Just upset, I can't close my eyes without seeing him and what happened last night and it hurts so bad." She said and a few tears slid down her cheek which Nate whipped off gently and pulled her closer to him and said "I promise I will never let anyone hurt you again."
"Thank you..what did I ever do to deserve you?" she wondered. "Sometimes I wonder the same thing." He said. "I seriously think I am the luckiest women in the world sometimes, you always here for me and you put up with all my crap." CD said.
They spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch Nate holding CD watching TV, and enjoying being with each other. When it got close to dinner time Nate tried to get up he found CD was fast asleep in his arms. Not knowing when she was going to get good sleep n the future he left her sleep and grabbed his cell and called Jin asking her if she could stop and get them some fast food explaining that CD had fallen asleep and he didn't have the heart to wake her . When she asked what to get he said "Anything but pizza."
When he hung up he turned his attention back to the TV. Around 5:45 he again called Jin and told her that the door was open and to feel free to come in. At 6 when Jin got there with burgers CD was still asleep. He got up and made sure CD stayed asleep, he then grabbed his burger and gave Jin the money for their food. "I though about waking her before you got here but I don't know the next time she'll get this much sleep. Hopefully she'll wake up soon, sorry if this kinda messes up the plan."
"It's ok, she needs sleep anyway, I'll let her sleep, you should go meet Jack downstairs and go out and have some fun, we'll be fun." Jin told him. Nate wrote CD a quick note and then he left to go meet up with Jack. Jin grabbed a magazine off the end table and started reading. She was about halfway through when she noticed CD was waking up. When she finally was awake she looked scared that Nate wasn't holding her. "Jin what are you doing here?" she asked. "We had plans remember, we were going to hang out here." Jin informed her. "Where is Nate?" "He went out with Jack for awhile." Jin told her. "What time is it?" CD asked. "Its about 7:45." "Geeze, I've been asleep since probably around 2 or 3 o clock."
"Nate said so but he didn't want to wake you up." Jin told her. "He seriously sat here till you got here? I'm surprised you pried him away." She replied.