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Devi was putting on some finishing touches to the painting when the phone rang again.


"Hello Devi. It's Nny."

Devi smiled.

"So, what's up Nny?"

"Not much really..um, Devi?"


"Would you like to..go somewhere with me tonight?"

"Nny, are you asking me on a date?"


"I'd like that. Where are we going?"

"I was thinking of going back up to that cliff we went to on that..first date and just talking."

"I'd really like that Nny. What time?"

"How about now?"

"Sure. That works."

Five minutes later there was a knock on Devi's door. She opened it and Nny was standing there. She smiled at him.

It was a long but pleasant walk up to the overlook cliff. Neither of them were sure why they didn't just take Devi's car.

"I'm still sorry about that first date, Devi."

"It's fine."

They reached the cliff some minutes later and sat down on the little guard rail on the edge to look down on the city.

"It really is beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yes. You almost can't tell what absolute shit that city's full of," Nny said with a sigh. Devi laughed. She hoped she didn't appear to be laughing at him, because she was actually laughing at the way he said it, the matter- of-factness of how everyone in the city as shit.

"You're right," Devi said. You couldn't tell anything bad about the city when you were looking down on it at night. It was an wonderful effect.

"Sometimes I wish people weren't like they are. Then so many people wouldn't have to die," Nny said. Devi shivered slightly at the way he said this, but couldn't deny the good intentions behind his wish.

"Nny, you're an amazing person, you know that? I mean, not many people would be able to get a second chance out of me, and you did worse than any of them ever did," Devi said.

"You're amazing as well, Devi," Nny said, smiling shyly.

"I think you've really got a chance, Nny," Devi said. And then she leaned over and kissed him, before he had time to have any doubts.


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