By Kaitourei


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Kaiba found himself staring into the ceiling. The covers were thrashed off and over his lithe body and there was a fresh breeze blowing through the open window. It was summer again. He let another gust of cool air billow through the curtains, revealing a pale moon, before he pushed himself up.

The house was dark and cold, but its halls were warmer than those at Hogwarts. Kaiba shook his head. Hogwarts was over.

…After all, he had been expelled. It wasn't long after his strange encounter at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place that he had been called to Dumbledore's office. A fog-faced woman, introduced as "Umbridge", was waiting for him. Apparently they he had been spotted a little ways outside King's Crossing by a cab driver. The word had spread quickly that Seto Kaiba was in London. The Ministry was immediately informed…

Kaiba stepped into the bathroom. I was immaculate, down to the black marble sinks. He took off his bedclothes and then proceeds to step into the shower. The warm water met his skin.

…The Ministry had interrogated him. They had asked if anyone else was with him. Of course, he had denied this. If he was to have the glory of being the first student expelled in under two months, why should he let the Potter squad share that glory. Seto Kaiba always set records, atleast this one no one in the "real world" would know this record.

Mokuba had been left in the care of Yugi and Yami – but not Yami Bakura. Kaiba knew Yugi cared for Mokuba and visa versa. The Bakura boy was another problem, though. Atleast the spirit of the puzzle seemed to be protective of the boy.

After leaving Hogwarts he's taken Mokuba and left. The Yamis stayed in London, though. Something about a magical imbalance was mentioned. Kaiba didn't care.

Domino, as he found, was the turning point. Upon return he had discovered Jounouchi, Mazaki Anzu, and Hiroto Honda missing. The authorities were baffled by the mysterious burn marks adorning the walls of each victim's house. Only Kaiba recognized them as hex marks. It meant only one thing.

This new revelation had sent him straight to Dumbledore. Kaiba brought another record to the school. He was the first student to successful fly a helicopter onto Hogwarts grounds. The laptop Dumbledore had charmed wasn't only able to block spells. When interfaced with the helicopter guidance and GPS system, the whole machine, from blades to belly, was able to land perfectly on the enchanted school's grounds.

Dumbledore, predictably, wasn't happy. In fact, he was quite shocked and even more so when Kaiba pointed his favorite handgun in the headmaster's aged face, demanding to know what exactly was going on and why people he knew were constantly disappearing. Mokuba didn't remember much of his whole ordeal but was able to describe a man with a reptilian face. (Mokuba, at that moment, was hidden away deep within the Kaiba Corps building behind a state of the art security system.)

The students were shock at Kaiba return, but even more so shocked that he wasn't carted off to Saint Mungo's. A large majority of the Professors also believed the same should be done – everyone but Dumbledore, who had just been physically threatened. Instead of Saint Mungo's, Kaiba was sent with Snape to Egypt. They had been informed that Egypt was the location of Voldemort's new stronghold. Voldemort had taken an interest in Kaiba, or to be more precise, the High Priest Seito. The High Priest was rumored to have betrayed the Pharaoh and succeeded him.

Of course, Kaiba didn't believe a word of the stupid prophecy. Isis Ishtar had been trying to shove it down his throat all through Battle City. He knew she was wrong. He knew the prophecy was wrong.

They had been given a meager amount of supplies, including a golden time turner Dumbledore insisted they would need. As they had been instructed they met with an operative, a member of the Order of the Phoenix – a secret organization against Voldemort. Snape had been shock to find that the operative was none other than Sirius Black. Sirius was shocked to see Snape, but not Kaiba.

Egypt, for Kaiba, was grueling. The desert was hot and the tempers both his older comrades possessed were worse. Their constant bickering nearly sent Kaiba over the edge. As they tracked lowly Deatheaters across the blazing desert Kaiba was forced, more than once, to stop an argument between the two, saving their hides. From then on he had decided that he would never have children, due to the one out of a billion chance they might end up like Snape or Black.

It was almost a week without success before they found the stronghold. It was nested in the ancient ruins of a jail or holding chamber of some type – directly under Luxor. Kaiba had surprised them (and himself) all by knowing what passages lead where and the existence of a football sized room with a seemingly bottomless pit directly in the middle.

Good luck was short that day as they found themselves under attack. Snape had managed to escape without being seen. Kaiba and Sirius were captured, regrettably…

Kaiba stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. The sun was beginning to peak over the trees and myriad buildings.

…Voldemort had been pleased Kaiba was captured. He struck Kaiba as a fool. He was arrogant and dominating – both of which Kaiba was. But Kaiba wasn't careless; a trait that was displayed many times in the Dark Lord's past actions and would be displayed once again.

The time turner was hiding neatly somewhere above Kaiba's heart. Voldemort didn't know that Kaiba was also a month in the past rescuing his brother. The Dark Lord had failed to procure everything Kaiba needed for an escape. After all a wand was a useful as a stick in Kaiba's case…

Kaiba dressed. It was the usual formal black turtleneck, black pants, and trench coat. He looked in the mirror. His was still young, thin framed, and sullen – exactly the same. An outsider could never guess what he had witnessed and experienced in the past months.

…He had gone back in time. The figures of people raced past him at unbelievable speeds. The world was on rewind. He found himself in the dark. There were voices above him, loud rowdy voices. He immediately took off. His brother was easy to locate. At first Kaiba had been horrified to see Mokuba's arm protruding from the cell, but the boy was merely asleep and unhurt. The lock wasn't magicked and easy to pick. Kaiba had no problem.

He passed more cells. One held the Ishtars but there wasn't enough time to save them. Kaiba knew they would survive until he reached them with Black and Snape. He had no doubt that the Yamis were also hot on his trail. They would be coming soon.

Escaping was difficult. Mokuba woke with a start while Kaiba was attempting to hide in the darkness. They made it into the topside of Luxor by morning. Sirius was located and Dumbledore contacted. They agreed upon leaving Mokuba at the Order's Headquarters. Kaiba decided to contact himself. Through Sirius he was able to sent a warning letter, stating that Mokuba was safe and he should remain at Hogwarts.

It was a load of shit. He knew he would come to find Mokuba. So Dumbledore sent a message, through Lucius Malfoy, to Kaiba, Harry, Ron, and Hermione on the night of the Chess Club granting them access to number twelve.

Kaiba met himself there. Doing so was incredibly dangerous, but all seemed fine. No information regarding the future was exchanged due to the consequences it could bring. In truth, Kaiba was curious. How many times in a lifetime could you stand next to yourself and converse? Not many.

Kaiba had returned to Egypt soon after his past self hid Mokuba with the Yamis…

Birds outside Kaiba's window were singing again. He closed it the window and proceeded to comb his wet hair. He would be going to school today. His senior year and Japanese school traditionally didn't have long summer breaks like Hogwarts. He would see all of them again, the Yugi-tachi. But they wouldn't remember what had happened in the sands of Egypt. It was a secret shared between the Yamis, the Ishtars, Wizarding World, and himself.

…The Yugi-tachi was the only reason he had agreed to perform the ceremony from the Book. Voldemort needed three sorcerers to perform the creating of the Sennen Items. Kaiba and the Ishtars were his subjects. The Ishtars were expendable, but Kaiba was powerful in the sense that he had dared to face the Pharaoh.

Kaiba had agreed to the ceremony as long as Mazaki, Jounouchi, Honda, and Black were spared. The Dark Lord assented.

Kaiba wasn't aware, however, of the fact that ninety-nine lives were to be sacrificed to fulfill the ceremony. These ninety-nine were none other than the ninety-nine members of Lucius Malfoy's Chess Club. This also included one Draco Malfoy. They were taken by portkey straight into the heart of Voldemort's stronghold.

Kaiba and the Ishtars were brought to an ancient room deep within the earth. Inside there were vats and billowing fires, all models of ancient Egypt's exceptional alchemy.

All would have been lost if not for a tricolor haired boy and his insane white-haired "friend". The strength of Egypt's architecture was tested as Yami no Bakura, using Shadow "powers", blast his way into the compound, quite unhappy that he had such shameful competition for world domination. Yami Yugi was the one who confronted the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, Yami was not as aware of the Wizarding world's power as Yami Bakura. The Pharaoh was knocked back by a stunning spell, via Pettigrew.

Somewhere behind the back of the Deatheaters, the students were freed. Kaiba wasn't sure how or even who. His only guess was that somehow a deatheater was disarmed and a wand procured. There were only four people among the ninety-nine who could have thought straight enough to do such a thing: Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, or Draco Malfoy (whose fear of death was a great incentive).

Needless to say, the crowd broke free and chaos ascended. While the guards were preoccupied Kaiba freed Black. In turn, Black freed Yugi-tachi, who were beyond hysteric.

A plan was quickly formulated. Black was to take the Book of Millennium Magic, return to the past and destroy it. In return, for protecting Mokuba, Kaiba was to protect Harry Potter. It was simple and should have been successful. Black failed to notice the crack in the time turner, as did he fail to return to present day. (It wasn't until Kaiba's History class months later at Domino High, when he was rifling through an ancient pottery book, did he realize that the engraving under an urn of Pharaoh Ka's read in hieroglyphics: "Star of the Dog". Around the Pharaoh's neck hung a broken hourglass and to his right sat a great black dog.)

Kaiba had found Potter, Yami Bakura, and Voldemort in an intense standoff. They were in the alchemy chamber, next to a large sarcophagus lid containing the mold for each Sennen item. Each once was bent on destroying the others, as it seemed.

To complicate the situation, Yami also reappeared and attempted to interfere. The dark energy was so great abound them that Kaiba feared something, perhaps and imbalance, would occur and obliterate them all. Yami no Game had grown and the Shadow Magic was beginning to take root. Kaiba joined the battle…

Kaiba opened his door and stepped into the hall. His footfalls were muffled under the plush carpet. He stopped shortly at Mokuba's doorway and peaked in, his brother was asleep. Safe and asleep. He let a smile grace his features once before turning away and heading toward down the hall.

…Kaiba did the only thing he could do. He cast a spell, a simple levitating charm, between the four opponents. The scrap of cloak hovered in the air before exploding into pieces. The familiar black and purple mist issued from the center and few outward, knocking the four opponents back. Potter had enough time to issue a stunning spell to Voldemort's chest before the Dark Lord rose again. Kaiba was attempting to stop the impending Yami no Game between Yami and Bakura.

Snape it seemed had not betrayed Black and Kaiba. The caverns began to fill with scarlet and azure caped wizards – all Aurors. Later he heard for Dumbledore that Severus had tipped off the Ministry, who panicked and sent a boatload of Aurors into the desert. Snape had left "breadcrumbs" for the Aurors to follow, leading them to the ruins.

The sarcophagus lid Voldemort had attempted to create new Items from vanished, as Kaiba was told. Snape was ranting about a turbaned man, just loud enough for Kaiba to hear him through the Headmaster's door. The Yamis had fled before the Ministry could question them, taking Mazaki, Jounouchi, and Honda with them. The Ishtars were returned to their home. Malik, it seemed, had convinced the Ministry not to erase his or his sister's mind. Kaiba suspected it involved the Sennen Rod, which was not recovered at the stronghold.

Voldemort was not defected, soon after the Aurors appearance he disappeared shouting something concerning a prophecy at Potter. (Potter was quick to question Dumbledore.) Furthermore, a hoard of Deatheaters who had been run over by stampeding students, were arrested. They included none other than Lucius Malfoy, who was solely responsible for transporting the ninety-nine Hogwarts students, including his son, through an illegal portkey.

Needless to say, nothing substantial had changed.

Of course, he had been thanked dearly for helping the resistance. He was offered another try at Hogwarts, or any other Wizarding school of his choice. Harry Potter thanked him, though he knew the boy resented him for sending his Godfather, Black, to a different millennium. Fudge thanked him and the Umbridge woman who smiled a toad-like smile, was fired for expelling such an "exquisite" student "unjustly".

His powers were mediocre, as he found out soon after. He possessed little magic and cared less for it. It seemed that what power he had, diminished with the disappearing tablet. Yami later told him that Shadi, some guardian, had restored the balance.

After his experience in the Wizarding world, Kaiba did not return the complements. Instead he left Hogwarts, ridiculed the Minister, and purchased a large cauldron making company, which he dismantled; leaving the Ministry to deal with the shortage and the unemployed. He returned to Domino, returned to school, and returned to his brother and company…

Kaiba let himself fall into a seat at the table. There was a fresh vase of flowers, iris o be exact, on the table and the fresh aroma of coffee was floating through the kitchen. He inhaled deeply and sighed, rubbing his eyes. It was another normal day. School, work, Mokuba… Somehow it was all he could ever ask for.

Sleepily he reached for his familiar coffee mug. It was usually on the counter across from the table, just in his arm's length. Today it wasn't, though. Kaiba looked up and spotted it farther down the counter. He frowned; the maid must have moved it. Kaiba reached into the iris bouquet and pulled out a long wooden stick.

He pointed his wand at the mug.


The End.

Author's Notes:

Ah, yes. I believe it's time for me to explain.

Well, what can I say? I'm a very impatient person and when I have a project that I can't finish before another "ingenious" idea hits me I tend to loose interest. So, that is (or was) the sad fate of this fic.

Now, please, please, please don't take this personally. I love you all. Reviewers are one of the two reasons for my writing fanfiction. (The other reason being that fanfiction is like a little escape from reality for me.) I was so tempted to just declare this fic "discontinued" but I couldn't. I thought of pushing myself to continue, but I had no real will to, the chapters would be lame and the updates would be scarce. I didn't want to put you through that either.

Finally, I decided to end the fic. That way wouldn't have to discontinue it and you would have some answers.

And so, "Turmoil" ends here.

I'm not quite sure when I'll be returning to I'm contemplating on releasing a graphic novel/manga I'm collaborating with my sister on and I have many ideas for novel length stories of my own. Fanfiction was a great start for me but I'm staring to loose interest in it. Perhaps I'm not a real "fanfictionist", or perhaps I'm going through a phase. I'm not sure, but I may not write any more fics for a long time.

So, until next time, I bid you all goodbye and good luck.

And thank you all so much.