A/N: Some things I want to make clear to make sure you have as little doubts as possible. First, since it is after the D-Reaper business things have gone back to how they used to be, everyone goes to the same school, etc. Now, I have made it a Rukato and even though at the beginning it may not seem so, I am basing myself on information given in ep. 49 and that it is grammatically correct. Anyway, let me tell you this, everything will be explained in due time.


(Here we find our characters in the classroom we all know)

"Three months have gone by, however nothing has changed, compared to what changed in the past time before these three. To many all this time might have gone by as any ordinary months that come and go do. You see, what happened 3 months ago does not happen to many, but many know about it. Now, I'm making a tongue-twister out of this, what I'm talking about is that phenomenon that occurred in Shinjuku when those eight brave warriors, US. . ."

Up to this point Kazu had been happily narrating to all that would listen, Takato had been hearing him for the most of his speech occasionally eying Jury who was situated to his right. She seemed to be oblivious about this as she simply chatted to her sock puppet and little group of friends. Was there something still there?

"Oh, peh-leese, Kazu you barely sat on tankmon and watched the others fighting and saving. . . whatever it was they were saving" one of the listeners blurted out, some of the gathered students agreed with him.

"That's what you think, huh?! You and your poor little ignorant mind! If you did not know I helped the Ryo Akimaya, that's right, saved him when he digivolved with cyberdramon you should 'of seen it, he was soooo cool! And I saved him, and he thanked me and. . . ." He never finished his sentence when a short woman with braided hair and BIG THICK eyeglasses entered the room, quite suddenly.

"Class, attention please. . . thank you, I am Mrs. Wagabula, your current teacher couldn't make it today" she spoke in a soft and even wise voice. "We will start by studying the amazing and interesting world of.MATHEMATHICS" A groan extended itself throughout the class, except for some rare student(s) that were going somewhere in life and thought 'Good we're gonna learn!'

"Now if I have a number and I..." The rest was a monotonous blur that sounded like a foreign language. Takato looked down at his open notebook and remembered when it was once full of sketches of his best friend. . . Guilmon, it had been three months, just like Kazu had said.

After class and the detention he received for forgetting what class he was in, Takato decided to go for a walk in the park. Actually, It wasn't really a walk; it was a dash to Guilmon's old hideout. As he rose through the rocky steps he heard a twig crack behind him, but when he turned around he saw no one. Deciding to ignore it and continuing towards the cemented shed Takato noticed a radiance coming from the hole he once used to get to the digital world 'It can't be' he thought as he leaned over it. . .

"Who are you?" A very familiar voice asked. As Takato turned around he confronted a boy about his age, his same eye color. . . and hair. . . it. . . he was identical "You. . ." The boy pointed at Takato, this caused Takato to loose balance, which caused him to fall back, which eventually caused him to fall in the hole. The 'other' Takato popped his head in the hole as it got smaller and smaller. . .


It wasn't long 'till he landed flat on his face.

Soon the only sensation he could feel was pain, yes, it was unbearable, it extended throughout his body like a wildfire, as well. As he tried to move he realized he was on a wooden floor, a very dusty wooden floor to be precise. And, as Takato opened his eyes he also took notice that his face was on a paper, a paper with a drawing of a face on it, a very familiar face actually, a hard-rock face, someone not to mess with, he knew that from experience but this was really out of the picture. In a glance the flashed words read 'wanted, half dead or alive'.

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