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. . . . . . .A few paces later she was met by Renamon who was in one of her famous poses with her eyes closed, and as she opened them she made one of the worst questions possible.


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Ch.3- Kidnapped by Mistake

"So, I disappeared?"

"Yep, about a month ago, we thought you were gone for good"

"Without you, we were way outnumbered by the Digimon Queen and her gang, until Ryo came along and since then they haven't won a single battle" Jury assured, Ryo just nodded.

"But, why do they attack you?" Takato had that question in his mind for a long time.

'Well she has nerve! After what she did, accusing us, and still wanting to steal our cards!' Was pretty much engraved in everyone's minds (well, except Takato's who has absolutely no idea about anything). "Who knows? That Digimon Queen, quite fearless, but I think she has a few things wrong" Jury responded with a sigh.

"Well as aggressive as Rika is, I don't think she would just go around attacking people randomly" Now everyone was really staring at him weirdly.

"Ri...???" Ryo started but Henry covered his mouth hastily.

"Well, for now that's all. We better get some sleep, tomorrow we must be ready for an attack!" Henry broke in with a nervous laugh and still clasping Ryo's mouth both exited. Jury stayed behind as Ryo made the co-coo sight pointing at Takato.

A smile spread through Juri's face "I'm glad you're back" and she stepped close and hugged him, this caused Takato's cheeks to grow red, she then released him, turned around and sped out the door without looking back. Takato just stared a bit dumbfounded, things couldn't be that bad

Muahahaha, If only he knew... that night a red creature eating bread haunted his dreams, but all memories of this erased the next morning...

Next Day (Around 3:50 AM)

A long-lasting sigh escaped Kazu, as he stared at rivaling town. He was soooo sleepy; he and Kenta were just fine until Rika had poured a bucket full of freezing-cold water on them.


"Come on useless! It's already late!" to this they bolted up unhappily.

"LATE, IT'S DAWN, NO, BEFORE DAWN!!!!...huh...oh, it's you boss-o...he, he" Kazu realized to whom he was talking to.

Rika didn't look so happy (-- unhappiness is becoming common when referring to Rika). They hastily "got up'n'ready to roll"(I KNOW lame phase sorry for trying), Kazu got on tankmon, and Rika mounted a now digivolved Kubimon followed by Kenta that got on behind her.

End Flashback

"All right losers, do yourselves a favor and don't screw-up... again"

Back to our nummem'n'bandana city (W00T, lot's of lame goen' on 2-day!)

Takato was sleeping heavily in a very dusty inn offered by Henry (as you can guess run by a nummemon), that is, until some tremendous ruckus outside woke him up. He could hear some voices in the distance. Putting on his shoes, and securing his trustworthy goggles on his head, which were the only things he took off before going to bed (he utterly refused to use that red-woolen 'pajama'), he decided to go check it out.

As he exited the inn, he noticed some commotion far to the north of town. Some people riding a...he couldn't make it out in the distance It... looked like a giant fox because of a bushy tail...?... But it was hard to tell. On top of it, a thick shape was flying, both were running away from Henry and the others (he told them those p.j.'s were ridiculous) and towards where he was. Suddenly, the giant fox got covered by nummemons and dropped down, but the rider was fast and jumped off it before it hit the ground. He noticed this rider carried a bag under one arm and was covered in dark clothing except for his red bandana.

"Hey you big fellow!!" A nummemon squeaked up to Takato.

As Takato looked down, the tired-stricken nummemon handed him some handcuffs as he panted heavily. He was one of the ones who tackled and was blown off the creature, and it didn't seem to be an easy task. Jumping back to reality Takato took the handcuffs and hurried to meet the mysterious runner.

He tackled him and to make sure he wouldn't escape, he hastily tied one side of the handcuff to the rider's hand and one to his own.

"What's your problem?!" the struggling runner jerked his head, to reveal, he wasn't a he, he was a...she (well, you get the picture) and not just any she...

"RIKA!!!!" Taketo jumped up pulling her too because of the handcuffs, revealing her spiky ponytail, as her hat was throw back.

"Don't call me that! My name is the Digimon Queen and I am to be feared!" Rika bragged out proudly pointing at him. She was surprised to see that Takato didn't seem too afraid. She raised an eyebrow, in fact, he was looking at her as if they were long-lost friends. He chuckled; she gazed at him, no one reacted like that in front of her. Immediately a Tankmon landed next to them, quickly Rika threw the bag to the rider.

"Take it! Where's the Egghead?" Rika asked as she tore her eyes towards Kazu.

"Um...well" Kazu looked back "He'll make it"

"Could you ever be more helpful" she said sarcastically "Just go!!"

Kazu sped off into the rising sun, and Rika followed him dragging Takato behind, who stopped "You...who are you?" she asked trying to continue her escape.

"Why, I'm Takato, you know, your friend??" He answered tiredly, knowing it would be useless, but still searching for at least the slightest bit of the Rika he new in her... he got more that what he asked for.

"A pathetic creep like you wouldn't be my friend"

Kubimon, carrying Kenta, had blasted free and landed next to them before Takato could answer. Kenta was having a hard time as he was partially covered by nummemons. "C'mon chief they're getting on our heels" he stated in a muffled voice as he removed a nummemon that was sticking to his face.

Rika looked back at Henry that was followed by all the other tamers, their Digimon and half the population of nummemons. At this, Rika pulled Kenta off by the collar and got on Kubimon herself... the thing is, Takato hadn't. Kubimon started dashen and, well, Takato started runnen.

"Hey! Wait! What are you doing! Stop! Let me get on!!" Takato screamed being pulled from his wrist by the handcuff and running as fast as he could.

"I ride by myself, thank you" Rika replied coldly.

Trying his luck Takato jumped, and by a miracle was able to launch himself on Kubimon's back. It was rather uncomfortable because of the handcuffs; Rika noticed it too.

"To hell with the keys, I'll have Renamon blast'em and it'll be on your side!!" She said quite frustrated.

Takato accomplished the acrobatic performance of sitting, unfortunately on the wrong side. Trying not to fall down he looked up to see a huge pink bubble and to Takato's relief Kenta was in it with Marineangemon...he seemed knocked out and had a green substance in his glasses.

Then, in a flash of thoughts pumping to his head Takato became aware...what was this place? Who were they...what was going on in this strange location and his REAL tamers? And, for first time he questioned, Guilmon? There certainly was one of him in this world too...right? Now the sun was really beaming. Did they know where Guilmon was?

He sighed in relief when they started to slow down as they got to a group of wooden houses...this was a town. Rika got off and naturally Takato was pulled off too. Kubimon de-digivolved back to Renamon and walked to his side, and Kenta who landed with a 'thud' and crooked glasses was dropped from the bubble.

"Who's this?" Renamon asked sternly pointing at Takato.

"Oh, just an idiot who handcuffed us" Rika responded, not very pleased.

"Shall I destroy him?"

"No!" Kenta barged in, fixing his glasses "You're Matsuki!!!"

"I think we know that" Rika stated quite annoyed.

"No, remember my plan?? Now that we have him we can use it!"

"Aha, and what was your plan again?"

"To return him so that Ryo goes away?"

"Exactly, so, there is no point in returning him! He was already returned, and, did Ryo go away?? NO"

Kenta started rubbing his chin and thinking for a while. Rika sighed and Takato just stood there paralyzed, Renamon was looking at him in a very creepy manner. (-- Perverted people!!!)

"Where's Guilmon?" he asked determined, no one was paying attention to him, he pulled his handcuff, Rika turned to him with a glare.

"What do you want?" she asked as if talking to an annoying little kid.

"Where's Guilmon?" he repeated his question and referred to some evidence "Henry and the others said you had me captive"

"And above all his miss qualities I thought he was honest" Rika mentioned with a small smirk. "Besides...why would I want you? I already have those idiots to cope with"

"AH-HA!!!" Kenta yelled index finger raised his 'idea pose'. "No...that's physically impossible... wouldn't work" Kenta then returned to his 'thinking pose'.

"So you're not the outlaws that kidnapped me?" Takato asked confused. Rika looked at him indignantly "Outlaws?" She than pointed to something Takato should of noticed earlier...a golden star.

"You're a sheriff??"


"Then who are those outlaws, Jeri said that they had ...mentioned me"

"Well, you see, to all of you we are outlaws, but we just said that you must be somewhere in the desert dying from dehydration, or captured by the same people who took that red idiot, I cant believe they bought that ..." A rolled up paper was handed to Takato.

Wanted, the Brainiac and his backstabbing companions

Reward: just get them!

Underneath this all was a very lousy drawing of Henry and next to him were Takato and Jury, behind him was Guilmon. He looked at the picture, one eye was a big black patch and one nostril was five times bigger than the other.

"...but we never got close to him, we just knew he was captured"

"So, you didn't take Guilmon" he wasn't very fond of 'red idiot' "and the people who took Guilmon had me?"

"Yes, but, shouldn't you know? You were the one that was kidnapped?"

"Not technically"

"So you ran away?"

"No...I don't think so...why would he?"

"He? ...You...you areMatsuki aren't you?" Rika asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Ah...yes but no" Takato was thinking of the appropriate words so the weird staring scene wouldn't repeat itself.

"Did you kill him?" She asked with a stern look.

"No! But he pushed me in a hole!!" Takato shot back. Everyone looked at him; it was time for a good long explanation.

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