Blood calls to Blood.

"You have a week, Aradia. That's it." Hermione said, her face so serious it was almost painful.

"Are you… Are you for real right now?! You must be joking…" Aradia stuttered out, still half in disbelief.

Aradia Rose Potter; The red-haired green-eyed girl-who-lived. Who was apparently about to be betrayed by the adults and authorities in her life her YET AGAIN.

"Yes, Airy; I'm VERY serious." Hermione snapped, narrowing her eyes at her. "They know you have claimed all the Hallows, you refused to become a Auror, and they fear you… Fear your power, Fear the people supporting you more they are supporting the Wizgomont... And for good reason."

"I told them I just wanted some time off; I was going to join the Aurors next year! Teddy is 3 months old… I have no intention to use the Hallows, ether!" she said, sounding exasperated.

"I know that! THEY don't care! Please just LISTEN TO ME…" Hermione screamed at her, nearly in panic in fear for her best friend. "They don't care… They don't just fear the 'idea' of a new Dark lord, they fear YOU. They think you will be the one to gather people against them. They WILL gather for you if you ask it! I know it's ridiculous, but it's what they believe! They don't want to allow you the chance."

"They will raid your house next week. They plan to lock you away and toss away the key. Then they will lay claim to all your family's items and gold. They are already talking about using everything they take to repair the damages from the war… Take Teddy away and do merlin knows what with him since he's the son of a werewolf."

Aradia's eyes went wide as she eyes looked behind her to the newborn baby boy lying peacefully in his moses basket, down for his nap. Her godson. Her remaining link to Remus and Tonks. She loved that little boy. It had taken her forever to talk Andromeda into letting her take Teddy full-time into her care… If she learned that he was in danger, she would never let Aradia see him again, let alone raise him on her own.

Now that she knew that Teddy and herself were both in danger, her whole life plan needed to change. She needed to talk to Andy, the Goblins, maybe even stop off at Hogwarts…

"A week, Airy… You've got a week. Then you need to be gone." Was the last thing Hermione said, tears in her eyes, as she turned her heel and popped away.

Six Days Later

Aradia Rose Potter sighed as she dragged her tired body (but full stomach) into her muggle hotel room. She used her wand to instantly set up Teddy's travel crib and placed the half-asleep baby inside of it, then gave him his 7pm bottle. After he had been fed and burped, he fell softly into a contented milk-drunk sleep.

It may have taken 6 of her 7 days, but she had done it. She had gone to the goblins to collect all of her AND Teddy's gold, jewels, and magic items. Went to the room of requirement and raided it for gold, rare items she knew were safe, and tomes. Lots of them. She also sold all 3 houses that belonged to them (Number 12, Godrick's hallow, and a cabin house) and went through the items there with her elfs. She kept portraits, Heirlooms, and every book that did not have a double.

She had them stored into 4 different magical chests the Black and Potter family owned. One with gold and jewels, one with heirlooms and magic items, the third a sort of standing magic library that now carried every Tome the two of them now owned. The fourth was where personal items like clothes, photobooks, everything they needed for the day-to-day and more were kept.

These were put into a special chest that opened with two keys. One key would open to the regular chest where there were clothes for them both. The other opened a staircase that went down into a magic space that had been remodeled into a comfortable 3-bedroom living space. This would make traveling a lot easier.

She had a small, secret farewell party at the Burrow and said her goodbyes to all those that mattered to her. She'd rest here tonight with Teddy, and tomorrow she'd be on her way to Ireland.

She'd hop around some more before landing in the US. She'd holiday it a bit and sightsee until New York, where there was a large magic population that she could vanish into. Even if someone came looking for her, they would have a very hard time finding her. She sighed as she opened up and put her hands into her chest with her magic items and heirlooms, intending to take out her Foe glass. As she did, she pulled out a strange ring with it.

She peered into the Foe glass just long enough to make sure any and all ill-meaning people were far away, then put it back in the chest. She then turned her attention to the ring.

It was a rather interesting ring to be sure. A signet ring almost; made of some kind of black steel that she had never seen before. On its top was a figure of a red three-headed dragon that was surrounded and encrusted with rubies. Only it was smaller and more petite than normal signet rings were. A fair bit prettier as well.

It was a truly lovely ring, with Feminine curves and swirls in the black steel that looked almost looked like… leaves? Maybe vines?

Black and Red. Steel and Rubies. This Ring called to her more than it should have. Called to her even more then the death stone that was on her middle finger called when she first placed it on. Though, the Death stone did like silence.

She wondered if this came from the Potter line, or the Black family line… She was sure she had never seen the ring before. Nor the family crest that was on it. Not that she had studied the old magic family crests at Hogwarts at all...

She spun the beautiful ring in her hands as she carefully assessed it. What was that Black steel? Not a goblin metal, that was for sure, she had seen plenty of Goblin made metals. It was still Magical, though. She spun the ring to her left, her eyes following the pattern of the ring all the way around. Not leaves, not vines, not just swirls… unless… Her eyes and her mind finally made the connection.

Fire. It was supposed to be a fire.

She spun it around in her hands one more time with this information foremost in her mind. Yep. It depicted the lick of flames and billows of smoke, all the way around, then hugging the signet, keeping it in place.

The call seemed to get loader and loader in her head as she focused on the ring. It was such a beautiful thing. Lovely in a dark and mysterious way. Something about the ring just felt… Right.

She slipped it on her ring finger.

She held out her hand, turning her palm slowly as she admired it.

It really was lovely, and it fit her finger perfectly. And it felt… Warm? As if she had already been wearing it. It felt almost like it was made for her. So, she'd wear it tonight, just to get a feel for it.

The goblins had already checked all the magic items, and none of them had curses and hexes, so she knew it was safe.

So, she checked on Teddy one more time, then allowed herself to fall asleep as well.

There was nothing but pitch darkness in the room around her.

No way for her to see. Nothing in the air to smell. Nothing to hear, at least not yet.

Nothing to touch until she felt a set of hands gently and slowly trail their way up the sides of her body. As if she was the most precious thing. Caressing her like one would a crystal vase, a glass figurine, a porcelain doll. Something to be treasured. Loved. Adored.

She had some kind of fabric over her. A thin fabric, but still fabric. It was the only thing between her and that touch.

It started as the hands spanning just below her waistline, then softly started to move up her sides… now they were smoothly brushing pass her ribcage. Lifting the fabric with it as they moved. Leaving goosebumps behind in their wake and lighting a hot coil between her legs.

"Skoriot emagon ao issare, ñuha dōna?" A voice spoke from right in front of her. The man touching her. Even if she didn't understand the words, the tone made her studder. He chuckled as he felt her quake, then pressed his body right up against hers. It felt like he was the only thing holding her up.

She brough her arms around his neck, trying to steady herself in this dark, dark room with just them. His hands held her tighter but stayed on her ribcage. Pulling her even more flush against him.

"Ziry iksos jēda syt ao naejot māzigon kesīr ser, Darling..." He breathed gently into her ear. He must have realized the effect his words had on her; because there was no way he wasn't doing this on purpose. Her knees became weak. The fire between her legs was starting to get painful, nearly matching her heartbeat.

"I'll be waiting for you…"

Aradia jolted awake from her dream, her heart racing, and breath deep.

What… What the Hell was THAT?! She had 'dreams' like that before, but that dream?...

Way too real, and very intense. So much so, it made her uncomfortable.

She shook her head as she started to bring herself back to reality. She looked over to make sure Teddy was still safe and sleeping in his crib, then shook her head one more time for good measure.

Perhaps… Perhaps a cold shower would do her well.

When she grabbed the covers and tossed them off her, she missed the small flash of magical light that came from her new ring.

Far across the multiverse in an entirely different plane of existence, in his own bed, a Prince with the blood of the dragon in his veins also jolted awake. His heart also pounding and his body also burning.


"Where have you been hiding, my sweet?" - "Skoriot emagon ao issare, ñuha dōna?"

"It's time for you to come here now, Darling… " - "Ziry iksos jēda syt ao naejot māzigon kesīr ser, Darling..."