Chapter 4; Fireplaces and four posters.

One or the other; the son or the brother

Bloodline thought dead, found alive.

Blood calls to Blood, flesh calls to flesh;

and Passions are not so easily denied.

One way or the other, The son or the brother.

She will be a Dragon's bride..

Aemond tapped his fingers on his desk as he read his sister's words again. He had been reading the same lines repeatedly over the last hour.

He didn't know if he felt vindicated because his suspicions of his sister being a Dreamer were confirmed or angered because of the words themselves. He had asked her to repeat them, wrote them down, then talked to her about her words and her dreams.

It seemed like he was asking about them seemed to have opened a dam inside Helena, because everything came flooding out. She's been having these 'Dreams' for as far back as she could remember.

She knew about his eye, knew about her wedding to Aegon being unavoidable, and knew that the succession crisis was on its way. He asked her about her dreams and how she had them, to which she simply replied.

"I see choices and certainties…"

When he asked her to clarify, she explained; "An earthquake, a storm, and winter snow are Certainties. They are sure to come, so I will see them. Choices are made and once made, can't be unmade, so I can see those as well. But if someone hasn't made a choice, it's harder to see. If they narrow it down to a few choices, it's easier to see."

"… Do you see Father changing his mind?... Naming Aegon Heir?..." Heleana just shook her head.

"No… I don't." She replied sadly. Aemond was not surprised. "But I see Grandsire trying to name him heir anyway… With the Lannisters, The sept, the meisters, and oldtown behind them. Maybe the Stormlands, too."

That was information Aemond had not known at all. The next morning, while carefully watching their interactions with one another at the small council meeting, He believed it.

Now, this led to fear that was creeping up his neck and him pouring over her words the past few hours.

Bloodline thought dead, found alive. That would be his ñuha dōna and her family. Was there a lost line somewhere? A Lost Valyrian family he knew nothing of? Maybe someone lost from inside their own family? He'd have to investigate it. Maybe that would help him find her…

Blood calls to Blood, Flesh calls to flesh… He knew she was his twin flame. Their dragon dreams proved that and more…

One way or the other, The son or the brother.

She will be a Dragon's bride..

This… This burned him. This enraged him in ways he hadn't been enraged in years. Not since his eye was taken.

The son or the brother?... He knew what that meant, he didn't know how to handle the hate and fury that built in him as the thought started festering in his head. Someone was going to try to take his twin flame from him. Someone was going to try and wed his ñuha dōna, not caring that they were meant to burn together.

Without having to read the words twice, he knew already who it would be… who would DARE to even try it.

One of the Strong boys. One his half-sisters' bastards.

One who had brought and drawn a knife on him, and the other who had used that same knife to take his eye.

The warning was clear, at least to him. He knew that if his half-sister wished it and asked his father, he would not refuse her. He would lose his ñuha dōna to one of her sons.

No… Aemond thought fiercely. His fist was turning shades of red and white from the force he was using to clench it. I won't stand for it…

He finally felt he had something of his own. After having been neglected, mistreated, bullied and more his entire life he finally had something he could look forward to. Something in his life that was good. Something of his own. Now, this. A warning that someone was going to try to take her from him.

MY ñuha dōna was meant to be MY wife, MY love, the mother of MY children…

I will not lose her to one of those strong boys.

No… They had already taken far too much from me already.

I won't lose her, too…

She bought the armor…

Okay, Dragonscale robes, but seriously, it might as well be armor. She didn't even consider how much she was willing to pay for it, until the store owner gave her the price. She bought it anyway with no regrets.

For some reason, she was sure that her 'Dream man' would absolutely love it… It was meant for him; She was sure of it.

She storied it away safely in her magical chest and spent the next few days cuddling, playing, doing tummy time and coddling Teddy. Who was still as tiny and precious as ever, but now less wrinkly… and who, at the end of the trip in Norway, smiled the tiniest smile for the first time ever. It. Was. Adorable.

In the magical districts in the magical hotels and inns, she didn't have to hide his hair in caps and beanies. She didn't have to hide her magic and could fly freely whenever she wanted. She loved that, and the feeling of freedom that came with it.

She and Teddy bonded and seemed to flourish from just being allowed to be themselves.

Airy's heart was so light and so full it was fit to burst. She didn't think she'd ever been happier.

She realized she was dreaming a moment before the soft light of a fireplace started to flicker.

She was in a beautiful castle room made of red stone and covered in drapes and tapestries in beautiful reds and blacks…

A wooden desk, end tables and some more furniture were barely visible given that the dim light from the fireplace was the only light she was getting. She took a moment to look over the room, trying to spot any clues to tell her where he might be. Her peeping went unrewarded as she only found a small stack of important looking books on a table by a chair and a few dressers one would find in a normal bedroom on top of what she had already found…

She turned her attention to look at the other side of the room only to freeze, her body nearly locking up with nervousness and anxiety….

A bed…

A four-poster bed, with satin-looking bright green sheets…

A four-poster bed itself didn't look at all like the four poster beds at Hogwarts.

His body heat behind her announced his presence as he pressed himself against her back. His nose lightly nudging itself into her hair as he breathed in slowly, as if he was smelling his favorite dessert or a rare flower.

One of his hands then gripped the right side of her hip, and his other hand went under her arm to hold her neck and chin still from the front. He claimed her mouth right after he tilted her head back, and the passion blazed in her just as it had before. She almost felt like she couldn't move, even though she was sure she could.

There was something different about his touch today…

Surprise ran though her, as he had never done this before. He seemed somehow… more possessive and forceful. Before, his hands were drifting all over, touching any skin he could, now it seemed he was zeroing in on her. Focusing on only the kiss and holding her tight to him. But that thought was washed away quickly as he broke the kiss only to turn her head so he could whisper heatedly into her right ear.

"Ao sytilībagon naejot nyke; ao gīmigon skoros ȳdra daor ao?" He said, the words spoken in a growl. Unconsciously, her back arched into him, and her legs trembled… Merlin, the things his words did to her… This seemed to egg him on even more, as his hands started to swiftly move the thin fabric of her gown up, allowing his hand to slip easily between her thighs. His mouth attached itself to the soft of her neck and her clavicle at the same time, and she was lost.

Even though he had a hold of her, she moved it more to the side, baring more of her neck to him. He quickly covered those areas with his mouth and claimed those as well. His hand still working at rubbing the mount between her legs, much to the pleasure and enjoyment of the rest of her body.

He then slowly started walking with her, moving her closer to the bed. A part of her was nervous, a little panicked, the other part tried to reason that it was still a dream, no matter what else… and it felt to good for her to want to stop now.

Sooner then she realized and quicker than she thought, they were at the bed. He swiftly spun and her around and landed her on her back on top of the blankets.

Then he slowly, carefully crawled up on top of her… Like a predator that had already caught its prey just savoring the last few moments before they devoured it.

It was then that she not only noticed his tall, muscled frame… She also noticed the long, soft, pure white hair… Pure white hair that as he leaned closer, draped them both as it fell around both of their faces.

Both stayed there in the dim light breathing hard as they were almost nose to nose with one another. She wished she could see more of his face instead of just the outline of the shadows.

"You are mine, and I am yours… Do you understand me?" He said, his voice no longer a growl, but still just as firm. "From this day to our last day… NO ONE else. Just me… and you. Understood?"

"Yes…" Aradia said and was quickly meet with another kiss.

Followed by the feeling of being tossed back into her skin once again…

Tossed completely out of her dream.

Left hot, bother, and aching… And alone.

She punched the space next to her three times in her bed in what could only be called a small frustrated fit.

"Ao sytilībagon naejot nyke; ao gīmigon skoros ȳdra daor ao?" - You belong to me; you know what don't you?

Panicking, possessive Aemond: F*&$ promises, I want VOWS. NOW! SHE'S MINE!