Back to the Future

A Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fic by Yami Yuugi

YY: Hello, Yami Yuugi here. And welcome to my 3rd Yu-Gi-Oh Project called Back to the Future. Ok your wondering when will Dark Duelist or the FBI Bible have the next chapters. Well I can tell you soon. I'm thinking of Ideas. So Enjoy this one. Note this is Rated PG-13 for following the Manga. Yes no censoring of Guns, Curses or anything. Good old fashion YGO.

Preface: The Past can't be undone or can it?

Domino City July 19th 2020

"We are all gathered here to morn the lost of Yugi Motou. Beloved friend to all and duelist of all trades. I'm glad to see all his friends and family have come out to pay their final respects to Yugi." The Priest said. It was all a flash of light, who would of seen this coming. I wouldn't. Ok, your wondering who I am well my name is Dr. Future and well I feel like I'm responsible for Young Yugi's death. See I was testing out time travel to undo a broken heart for myself when Yugi came to my door. He showed me a card. It was Death, he told me that I shouldn't be trying to bring back what was already done. I invited him in and he was looking around my lab. While I was keeping with my studies with Time Travel, I did not see Yugi head to where I kept my Time machine. He got in. I think he was trying to undo something himself but then a flash of light and he was gone. Without a trace that was the last time I saw Yugi. Then 3 days later the police found him dead next to a 1967 Shelby GT 500. That was my time machine. I couldn't believe my eyes. Yugi traveled three days into the future and well the machine was destroyed and they found his lifeless body. I saw this and I knew what I must do. I must save Yugi and make sure this doesn't happen. But when I when to his grave he spoke to me. "You must save me, only then you will know the truth"

Yugi Motou

Beloved Friend

Feb 12th 1997 – July 16th 2020