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Summary- Inuyasha is always complaining that Kagome is weak, and is always having to save her. Kagome complains that he is a jerk, and needs her to detect jewel shards. What if their roles were reversed?


Chapter One

Prologue- The Wish

Inuyasha and the rest of his team were exhausted. They had been traveling non-stop since earlier that morning. It had been a day that  no one had much to say, and everyone was caught up with there own thoughts.  The group silently came upon a good place to sleep, and quietly set up camp. They ate in solace, and then went off to bed. Kagome absently patted the place where Shippou should be. The toddler like fox had stayed in Kaede's village.

At midnight, when everyone was sleeping, a cat demon crept through the forest. Kagome's senses aroused her from her sleep, and she called out that there was a demon with jewel shards coming their way. All of her companions instantly woke up, and ran to meet the demon.

Kagome led the tired group to a dense patch of foliage. Even with the moon giving them light, it was still difficult to see. They could barely see the outline of an enormous cat like creature. The cat raced around the team, until it had made a complete circle, and it continued to race around them. All of the humans got dizzy trying to keep up with where the cat demon was going. Inuyasha knew that the cat was trying to confuse them, so that when it finally did decided to strike at its "prey" that they would have enough time to strike back, but Inuyasha wasn't fooled. He closed his eyes, and let his ears follow the youkai; he could sense that it was slowing down and would attack soon.

The feline was circling, and then abruptly changed course, and faced the group. It didn't give them time to react, and immediately struck a deadly paw at Sango. She deflected the attack by holding her boomerang in front of her, and then started to swing the large weapon at the demon.  Miroku pulled off his prayer beads, and let his wind tunnel loose, but the cat used his strong tail to make the monk collide with ground. He was knocked unconscious instantly, and Kagome ran over to him. She dragged him away from the fight, and sat his head in her lap. Kagome wished she could help, but her bow and arrow were conveniently left at the campsite.

 Sango was still shooting her boomerang, but it missed the youkai, and the cat took the chance to use his tail, and knock the exterminator to the ground. Inuyasha stepped into the fight as the others left it. He unsheathed his sword, but he didn't know where to hit the other demon, because of the darkness. The hanyou struck blindly at the youkai , and fortunately hit him in the right places. The cat demon took its attention from Sango to the dog demon, and used his claws to fight back.

Kagome again dragged another person to the safe location she had found. She asked Sango if she was all right, and luckily the demon exterminator just had the wind knocked out of her, and a few sore spots. Sango wanted to get back in the fight, but Kagome forbade it, so they watched the two demons fight in the dim light.

"Where are the shards located, Kagome?" Inuyasha screamed out. Kagome was so tired that she couldn't get the exact location of the shards, from the sidelines. She crept up closer to the battle, till she was only a few feet away.

"There! There's one in each of his paws!" The feline become distracted at the sound of her voice, and again changed direction, this time towards the young miko. Kagome screamed and ran, but the youkai followed.  Inuyasha cursed under his breath, and chased the two. Sango tried to get up, but was too weak to do so.

The half-demon was right behind the cat youkai and took the opportunity to cut his tail off with the Tetsusiaga. The cat howled in pain, but Inuyasha kept attacking, and finally cut off both of his paws. The cat was struggling to stay alive, but Inuyasha took no mercy on his fellow demon, and cut his head off, and then the miko collected the shards.

The boy re-sheathed his sword, but abruptly collapsed from wounds and exhaustion. Kagome went over to him, and tried to help him up, but the hanyou pushed away. Kagome watched him stagger back to camp, and she felt hurt and confused. She shrugged it off, and  went to help the others.

The next day tension hung in the air like a thick fog. After hours of the cold-shoulder from the dog demon, Kagome grabbed his arm, and tried to pull him off into the woods. "What do you want woman?" He barked.

"I need to talk to you alone. NOW!" The mad demon looked down at the upset girl, and allowed himself to be dragged off, not wanting to get sat. She pulled off into an unknown destination. When the two hadn't come back after ten minutes, the rest of the group searched for them. They heard angry voices, and saw the two arguing, and heard bits of the conversation. After they listened for a second or two,and they got tired of listening and went back to where they had come.


"You know what Inuyasha? You just don't understand how hard I work for you! I'm doing all of this for YOU!

"Well, you just don't get how hard it is for me! I'm always having to save you, AND kill a demon at the same time!"

"You know what? I wish you knew what it was like for me!" The two yelled at the same time. At that moment a fierce wind picked up, and Kagome was being pulled in the direction of the wind. Inuyasha grabbed her, and held her close, all thoughts of the argument forgotten. The couple were pulled into the air by the wind, and carried to a secluded clearing.

"Hello, Fine day. Too fine a day to waste it fighting." A little man with graying hair and merry green eyes appeared. His outfit was a pink tunic, and there were bells sewn all over the ensemble. At his appearance, the wind died down to a gentle breeze.

Inuyasha smirked at the old man. "What are you supposed to be?" He asked, before bursting out into laughter.

Kagome would have sat him, but she was currently in his arms, and of course would have gone down with him. Instead, she settled for hitting him on the head. "Inuyasha! Don't be rude! We've really got to work on your people skills!"

"What's that supposed to mean, wench? My people skills are just fine!"

"I beg to differ!"

"Oh Yeah?" He asked angrily. He growled and showed his killer fangs.

Kagome got scared and yelled, "SIT!" The two fell into the dirt, and continued to argue.

 The strange man sighed, and became rather annoyed. He saw that these two were in dire need of help, and he was just the person to help, and so finally he cut in, before Kagome could throw another sit into the fight. "I'm Jagan, and I just happened to over hear your conversation, and thought I help you with your situation."

"What are you babbling about?" Inuyasha snapped, still thoroughly pissed off.

Jagan ignored the hanyou, and finished his statement. "I will grant the wish you made. For one month, the two of you will literally switch lives. You won't remember your old life, until the thirty- first day. One that day it will be as if the past month had never happened, but the two of you will remember."

Now both the young priestess and the half-demon thought the old man was insane, but both were to shocked to say anything, as the old man started saying words that were foreign to their ears. Then the fierce wind started again, and Inuyasha held onto the miko, until a strange blackness befell the both of them…


DAY: one

Inuyasha woke to the sound of his alarm clock blaring out a song that he hated. He searched for the snooze button, and pressed it hard. The boy was about to roll over and sleep for another hour, but he heard a loud voice booming his name. He shakily fell out of bed, and his skull collided with the hard wood floor. He growled in pain, and rubbed his aching head. "Hurry Up! You're going to be late for school! Do you want to get ANOTHER detention?" His mother yelled. He wished she wouldn't yell that way it hurt his ears.

Inuyasha scurried to the bathroom and did his morning ritual, take a shower, brush his teeth, and try to find his school uniform, which for some reason always seemed to vanish in the mornings…He dashed down the stairs, and quickly ate his breakfast. Inuyasha was about to run out the door when, "Aren't you forgetting something?" Mrs. Higurashi asked. The silver-haired boy turned around, to see his mother holding his book bag. He sheepishly took it from her hands, while she fixed his tie that he had left untied, once finished she admired her handsome boy in his red blazer.


The bell rang, just as Inuyasha sat in his chair. He let out a sigh of relief, and faced the front to listen to the teacher drone on about the Feudal Era, as if he didn't get a "hands-on" learning experience every time he got the chance. He ignored the teacher's ramblings and dozed off until the bell rang.


Inuyasha was about to walk home, but his friends came around to see him, before he could leave. "Hey, Inu! I'm glad you got over bronchitis so quickly. It has got to suck, getting twice in the same year." One of his friends, Ashitaka said. Inuyasha growled inwardly, Grandpa!

"Yeah, it's medical miracle." He muttered sarcastically. None of his friends seemed to catch his sarcasm, and continued to praise his fast recovery, and proceed to fill him in on all the things that had happened, while he was away. All of the chatter stopped, when someone wrapped her arms around Inuyasha's waist.

"Hey, Inu. Glad to know you're okay. How about you and me go see a movie later?" Kashino Rea whispered in his dog-like ear.

"Uh...that'd be nice, but I have something to do this weekend, so maybe some other time?" He stuttered. He liked Rea, but he wished she'd just leave him alone. He wasn't interested in her, or at least not in that way. Inuyasha hated lying to her, but he did have something to do, only trying to tell Rea that he was traveling back in time, probably wouldn't go over well.

"Well if you ever get some free time, call me." With that she sauntered away, over to that Hobo guy. The moment she was out of hearing distance, all of his friends attacked him at once.

"Why did you do that? She's the prettiest girl in school."

"Are you sick or something?"

"Go after her."

Inuyasha flattened his ears to his head, because of all the shouting. "I have something to do this weekend!" He snapped. His friends stopped talking, and processed his last statement, then all at once yelled, "So?!"


Inuyasha closed the front door, and closed his golden eyes. He could still hear his friend's faint voices, arguing, as they left his house. Finally, he could have some peace. "Bad day at school, sonny?" His grandpa asked as he came down the stairs.

"The usual, Grandpa." His grandfather nodded then patted him on the head.

"It'll be alright, sonny-boy! Are you almost ready to go to the other side?"



Inuyasha threw his backpack over the edge of the well, and then climbed over himself. A beautiful girl, sitting on the well's edge, greeted him. Her arms were crossed, and her face was set in a scowl. "Where have you been? I thought you were coming back, yesterday. We could have been looking for jewel shards!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! I had a test to take! Excuse me, next time I'll just let the teacher give me an F!"


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