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Chapter Two

Day two: Awakening

It was still dark, and Inuyasha and Kagome were traveling on foot. They had only been away from camp for about thirty minutes, and they were already tired. They sat side by side on the ground, and Inuyasha noticed some strange happenings.

He could hear all sorts of sounds that were close and far away. He could smell everything around him. The scent of the trees was strong, and the sounds of the crickets were so loud that he almost wanted to cover his ears. Inuyasha could see an animal creeping through the forest at least a few feet away. How were his so acute, when just this morning, everything he had heard or seen or smelled all seemed to be muddled? Why all of sudden this burst of sensitivity to everything around him? Why did he feel like he was awakening from a long sleep, and finally his body was starting to work again? And why did he have the urge to run as fast as he could through the forest?

"Are you ready to go?" Inuyasha could just barely hear her soft voice in his ears. So caught up with his own thoughts that he didn't hear her. His ears swiveled toward her, but his eyes remained forward. Kagome looked at him strangely for a second, and then repeated herself. " I said, are you ready to go?"

"Oh fine lets go." He said as he squatted on his knees, and looked like he was waiting for something. Kagome just stared at her insane shard detector. Was this a future thing, or had he been in the sun too long? After a few moments, Inuyasha lost his patience, "What are you waiting on? Get on my back, so we can go."

"Why?" She said, truly bewildered. "You can't possibly be thinking of carrying me, on foot, all the way back to the village. It's almost ten miles!" He has lost it.

"Just do it." He growled. And Kagome just shrugged her shoulders, and climbed on to his back. Her hands went loosely around his neck, and she noticed that his tie was a lose, so she tied it, and he stood there patiently. For a second the awkwardness of the situation kicked in, and Inuyasha was unable to move, because all he could think off was the closeness of Kagome's body to his. He blushed slightly, but quickly recovered.

It occurred to him that he had no idea why he had insisted on carrying her. She was right after all, ten miles was well ten miles. Then, something inside told him to run, and that he did. He ran so fast that he even surprised himself. The scenery could barely be seen, from where Kagome sat, and his speed so tremendous that all the human eye would only see a streak of silver go past them.

Inuyasha didn't stop running, until he was on Kaede's doorstep. It was still to early in the morning for the two to bother Kaede with their questions, but not to early for Kagome to give Inuyasha the third degree.

"How did you do that? One minute we were standing there, and the next we are here! Since when can you run like that?"


The light from the clay pot made the dark room glow. Jagan could see everything going on inside the world of Kagome and Inuyasha. He had seen the moment Inuyasha woke up, up until now. What great fun this was turning out to be.

Jagan smiled as he saw the look of untainted bewilderment on the hanyou's face. He had just smelled his first scent, which was by no accident, Kagome. The powerful sorcerer knew that putting this little spell on the couple would prove to be quite entertaining. He had been so bored in the last couple of centuries. Working for ungrateful kings was starting to get old, but now he had found his new calling.

When he had seen the two bickering two days before, he knew that they would prove to be great fun. He had positively turned blue with laughter, when he had seen sweet Kagome drenched in soup. And, know that he had given Inuyasha his powers back; the fun was only going to increase.

//////////////////////////// ________________________________________________

The room was silent. No one said a word. The only sounds that could be heard were the comings and goings of the village people. The men were hurrying to the fields, children were playing their games, and women were doing what needed to be done. The sun had risen hours ago, and everyone was starting his or her routine. This was all outside Kaede's hut; in there it was completely still.

"Well? What do you think?" Inuyasha asked as he had been waiting for the old woman's analyze. He had told her everything about the last couple of hours, and she hadn't said anything.

"It seems to me that you are coming into your demonic powers. I don't know why they would chose to come know, but there must be a reason. Perhaps it is just time for you to have them. I suspect that over the next few weeks that your body may do some rather strange things, so for the most part just go about your regular routine." Both the miko and the half- demon thought that to make sense.

"Well, I guess you won't be totally useless in a fight now!" Kagome said, laughing as she did.

"Wha-? Hey!" And thus started their usual war of words. Kaede laughed the awkward couple's banter.

Kagome was about to say something in response to Inuyasha's comment, but stopped dead when she sensed something. It was a demon, a very powerful one. Coming towards them. She shot up from her place beside the hanyou, and ran out of the door. The healer and the hanyou exchanged confused looks, until a scent wafted up into Inuyasha's nose. It smelled somewhat like his own scent, only more powerful, and much colder. He shuddered from both the smell and the anger of why Kagome had been in such a hurry. The smell belonged to man that was Kagome's first love and he was also the man that he was supposedly reincarnated from, Sesshomaru.

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