Cruel Crimson; Bleeding Blue

Series: X-Men Evolution

Genres: Dark, Angst, Action, Suspense, Horror

Warnings: Yaoi (boy x boy), Original Characters, Violence, Language, Dark Themes, Vampirism

Rating: R

Disclaimer: X-Men Evolution is not mine… duh…

Summary: A new student comes to the Xavier Institute; he's got an eye for Kurt and a thirst for blood, but no one seems to be aware of what's going on except for Kurt. Will anyone believe Kurt before it's too late? (male OC x Kurt) (yaoi/slash)

*Final Warning: This is a yaoi fic, if anyone is offended by this; then for Heaven's sake don't read this. I've given ample warning therefore anyone who dares flame me will simply be proving their stupidity for not following directions. To all those who like these kinds of fics, I hope you enjoy and rock on!. ^_^

*Vampire Notes: Vampires are a separate form of mutation, older than the X-gene. Vampires live until killed by destroying the heart or brain. Blood lust is a natural trait since their bodies process nutrients from blood like a mosquito or a leech would. They stop aging between the ages of 15-25 and are not undead but their genes are highly recessive so there's never many of them at a time.

Chapter 2: Organic Fetish

"In my flesh there is a cry for revolution,

The river Styx woven in my veins…

Despite my appearance I'm always smiling, always knowing…

If you don't believe me, peel away my face and see for yourself.

Skulls are always happy."


Next day at school…

            Kurt had felt confident that he wouldn't have to deal with Darc while at school; after all they weren't in the same grade. However, the laws of logic seemed to crumble as soon as Kurt stepped into his third period Advanced Biology class. He was cruelly reminded that juniors and seniors also attended said class and sure as spite, Darc waved at him from the normally unoccupied seat next to Kurt's.

            "Just how did you know where my seat was?" questioned Kurt suspiciously.

            "Simple, I caught your scent here." Darc eyed Kurt up and down and grinned at him. Kurt tried not to show how uncomfortable he was.

            "Fine, whatever but no acting weird!" whispered Kurt as the Biology Professor entered the room.

            "Define weird blue boy."

            Kurt rolled his eyes in annoyance and turned his attention to the class instructor.

            "Today class, we will be dissecting frogs; you are all required to work with a partner due to the limited amount of supplies. You will need to follow the directions on last week's handout, and I hope you all read the assigned chapters." The Professor's declaration was followed by the usual stream of groans, mutterings, and paper rustling.

            Kurt started to rise from his seat in hopes of partnering up with someone other than Darc and preferably on the other side of the classroom. A rather powerful grip on his left wrist, which bore his precious image inducer, made him think twice though.

            "Let me go!" hissed Kurt angrily.

            "You know, if I were to apply just a bit more pressure…"


            "Then the class would be dissecting you today instead of the boring frogs."

            "Is that a threat?" Kurt glared at Darc, just who did this guy think he was?

            "Ha ha ha! I was only kidding! Seriously, I would never be willing to share you with others."

            Darc released Kurt and starred into him as if his gaze were powerful enough to hold Kurt still.

            "Besides, no one here could ever truly appreciate you from the inside out like I would."

            Kurt felt a chill run up his spine; Darc was definitely not someone he trusted. In fact, he was making the Brotherhood look like more desirable company.

            "Mr. Wagner!" scolded the Professor.


            "The class has started, so what are you and your partner waiting for?"

            "Oh uh, sorry."

            "Yeah Mr. Wagner; wouldn't want to keep your partner waiting would you?" whispered Darc playfully.

            "What do you want from me?"

            Darc simply grinned in response.

            "Stop harassing me! I want an answer!"

            "Mr. Wagner!" shouted the Professor angrily.

            "Yes maam?"

            "Unless it's related to the assignment at hand, there is to be no talking! Need I remind you that 15% of your overall grade comes from class participation?"

            "Alright, I'm sorry."

            The professor gave Kurt a skeptical look before leaving him. Kurt flashed another angry glare at Darc, thanks to Darc, Kurt was one step away from detention, and he was considered a good student.

            "Look, enough of your crap, we've both got to get this project finished in less than an hour. So all differences aside, please just work with me alright?"

            Kurt's pleading eyes brought another devious smile to Darc's face; he couldn't get over how charming his new prey was.

            "Very well, in that case I want you to get me some latex before I plunge in."

            Kurt starred at Darc wide-eyed, a cold wave of apprehension built up inside him. Darc was sure the blue boy had actually blushed, this was fun.

            "Come on Kurt." Darc whispered as he inched closer to Kurt. Kurt felt his heart pounding; he was trapped in some awkward state of shock.

             "Please don't!" whispered Kurt, his voice hitched slightly with panic.

            "Don't what?" asked Darc, deliberately feigning innocence, "I just wanted you to pass me the disposable latex gloves so that I could start opening this dead frog up."

            Kurt let out the breath he didn't realize he had been holding and felt a great sense of relief. He immediately passed or rather shoved the box of latex gloves to Darc.

            Biology class had never lasted so long to Kurt. Aside from Darc's ambiguous remarks and leering stares; there was something about the young man that Kurt felt an almost instinctual fear towards. Kurt couldn't help but feel that a new definition for the term weird was necessary when it came to Darc.

            For instance, when it came down to the actual dissecting of the frog, which Kurt wasn't particularly fond of; Darc handled it like he was carving up fruit with an almost euphoric look of glee in his eyes. Watching Darc gut and disembowel the small animal was unnerving to say the least.

            When the class was dismissed, Kurt grabbed his books a made a quick escape into the crowded hallway. Darc watched in amusement as he picked up his journal. He was definitely going to enjoy this game.

"To peel you open layer by layer,

such beautiful crimson wrapping paper.

To gaze upon the jumbled mechanics of your bloody machine,

I long to discover you unique forbidden design.

I want your blueprints."


* * * *

            "Scott! Hey Scott!"

            "Hey Kurt, what's the problem?"

            "Scott! That new guy Darc; he's in my Biology class!"

            "That's great, so he'll have someone to talk to in that class. It sure is rough to be the new kid."

            "No, no, no, no! Listen Scott, he's weird!"

            "Duh Kurt, he's a mutant. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black don't you think?"

            "No Scott, I mean sick weird."

            "How so?"

            "He likes dissecting things!"

            "I would hope so; after all he's taking Biology. It's good to have a positive outlook on your education."

            "No, I mean he really likes dead things!"

            "So what? Todd eats flies."

            "Look Scott! Just listen to me for a second, you aren't getting it!"

            "Stop it Kurt, this isn't funny anymore. Darc's a new student in a new city. He's probably just having a hard time getting adjusted. The last thing he needs is for you to be slandering him behind his back."

            "What!" Kurt couldn't believe how dimwitted Mr. self-righteous Summers could be at a time like this.

            "That's enough Kurt!" Scott had started using his 'big brother of authority' tone as he looked down on the smaller mutant warningly.

            "Hey guys what's up?" quipped Jean as she approached her teammates.

            "Hi Jean!" greeted Scott, his glasses weren't the only things that were red.

            "Kurt what's wrong?" asked Jean as she picked up on his inner distress.

            Kurt chanced a glance at Scott whose glare was no empty threat.

            "Uh, Everything's fine Jean, I just uh, had some bad luck on a lab this morning. Thanks for asking! Bye!"

            Kurt walked away hurriedly to his locker to dump his books before going to lunch. Upon opening the creaking metal door, Kurt gasped and jumped back while dropping his books all over the floor. Inside his locker was what appeared to be frog's heart.

            "What the Hell?" Kurt knew it had to be another one of Darc's disturbing antics, but the fact that it was a heart gave Kurt even more cause for alarm.

            "Yo Nightcreeper!"

            Kurt whirled around quickly just in time to barely miss a Tolinsky Tongue Shot. However, Toad accidentally ended up eating the frog's heart.

            "Hey, that's some good treats you keep in your locker, got any more?" Todd had apparently mistaken his catch for some sort of obscure candy.


            Todd flinched at the outrage in Kurt's voice, and decided to bother him later.

            "Great, I finally had evidence and so Toad comes along and eats it! Yuck!"

            Kurt sighed and proceeded to pick up his books and arrange them in his locker before heading towards the cafeteria to grab lunch and meet his friends.

* * * *

            "Why are you here?" mumbled Kurt in a tone that resembled a growl, as Darc landed into the seat right next to him.

            "Jeez Kurt! So like what's your damage? I've never seen you act like such a jerk before." remarked Kitty.

            "I'm very sorry, I guess I'm being a bother. I'll go eat somewhere else." said Darc solemnly. Kurt inwardly seethed towards the ridiculous performance.

            "No Darc, don't go. We'd all be happy for you to stay… right Kurt?" Scott's tone was clearly obvious.

            "Whatever!" Kurt threw up his hands to emphasize his resentment.       

            For the most part, things went rather normal; Kitty gossiped, Evan talked about skateboarding, Scott gave his input whether it was wanted or not, and Jean focused on her meal while occasionally glancing over to watch Duncan Mathews out on the training field.

            Darc seemed to concentrate on his meal without so much as glancing at Kurt. Kurt ate his own meal with equal indifference, he was mad at Scott; after all, shouldn't Scott have taken his side? Kurt's inner ramblings were soon halted as something brushed his inner thigh under the table. Kurt gave out a sudden yelp of alarm and all eyes turned on him curiously.

            Kurt was about to say something but after his last few attempts at accusing Darc, he decided against it.

            "Kurt what's wrong?" asked Scott.

            "Uh, nothing… must have been a bug or something." Everyone nodded or shrugged and went back to what they had previously been talking about. Kurt cast an angry glare at Darc who presently had a rather smug grin on his face.

            "Don't touch me again!" hissed Kurt between his bared teeth.

            "Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Being here at lunch reminded me of how hungry I am." Kurt turned to see if anyone had noticed his conversation, unfortunately they were all oblivious.

            "This is ridiculous; I've had enough of you!" Kurt turned to face Scott and the others as he started to leave, "I'll meet up with you guys later, bye."

            Kurt wandered through the halls in search of a restroom to hide out in. Darc hadn't seemed to have followed him, but Kurt felt a need to be alone nonetheless.

            Unfortunately, Kurt was too distracted in his thoughts to pay much attention as to where he was going and ended up crashing into one of Bayville High's more brutish thugs.

            "Watch where you're going freak!"

            "Yeah, whatever…"

            "You got something to say to me chicken shit?" The larger boy, also known as Clyde Vargas prevented Kurt's departure and hastily grabbed Kurt by the lapels of his shirt and dragged him into nearby restroom. The two guys that occupied the urinals looked up to see Clyde, also leading champion on the varsity wrestling team, hauling in the German kid.

            "Get out!" barked Clyde; the two previous occupants nearly got caught in their zippers as they scrambled out.

            "Let me go damn it!" Kurt continued to writhe and squirm against the upperclassman's hold on him; oh how he wished he could just port the hell out of there.

            "Looks like they don't teach manners in Germany! Guess I had better bring you up to speed on American ethics!"

            "Just shut up, you probably don't even know where Germany is much less can spell it!"

            "You're asking for it!" Clyde threw Kurt to the hard floor and kicked him in the stomach.

            Kurt rolled away from a second blow and managed to get back on his feet, however, he was rammed into an empty stall by Clyde. Clyde grabbed a fist full of Kurt's ebony hair and slammed his head towards the porcelain seat. Kurt managed to catch himself in time as he gripped the rim of the seat and pushed against the angry bully.

            "I hope you like the taste of shit water you damn freak!"

            Kurt felt his strength waver against the larger boy's persistence when all of a sudden, the grip in his hair disappeared as did the force behind him.

            Kurt got up and looked around to see Clyde's face pale drastically, his eyes gazed into nothing, and his lips uttered wordless cries. Behind him, stood Darc; Darc had latched onto the larger boy's back, his head buried against Clyde's thick neck. At first, Kurt assumed Darc had the jock in some sort of sleeper hold; that was until the jock crumpled lifelessly to Darc's feet and Darc looked up to see Kurt.

            Kurt couldn't contain his gasp of fear at the sight before him; Darc's eyes flashed with insanity, hunger, and lust, Clyde's blood oozed out the corners of Darc's grinning mouth.

            "Mein Gott! What are you?" Kurt backed away as far as he could and ended up sitting on the toilet, gazing up at Darc fearfully.

            "Isn't it obvious? I'm a vampire."

            "A what?"

            "You heard me, now get up, I'm not going to kill you now, I've already eaten."

            "This isn't happening!"

            "Oh but it is Kurt, it's been so long since I've had this much fun. This will be our little secret okay?" Kurt tensed up as Darc ran an elegant finger along Kurt's jaw before leaning down and claiming Kurt's mouth in a ravaging frenzy. Kurt tried to fight back; he could taste it, the blood, human blood, Clyde's blood! Darc held him tight as he continued to pillage Kurt's sweet mouth. Kurt tried to cry out, he couldn't breathe, and there was the blood! He wanted to teleport but was afraid to, judging by Darc's grip, Darc would probably get ported along with him, and who all would see them? Kurt finally did the only thing left that he could think of; he bit Darc and pushed him off of him. Darc tasted his own blood along with the blood of the boy he had just eaten, a wonderful flavor of meaty tissues, copper, and ecstasy. He reached out and caught Kurt's arm and brought him to meet him face to face.

            "It's best you calm down love, no one is going to believe you. Relax, Clyde deserved to die, and I deserved a proper meal."

            "How dare you try to play God!"

            "Who said anything about playing?"

            "Let me go!"

            "When I'm ready."


            "There's something I want from you before I let go of you."

            "What's that?" Kurt's voice was starting to tremble.

            "Your virginity…" Darc seized Kurt's image inducer and crushed it with one hand, he tore the smaller boy's clothes off and had Kurt helplessly pinned down beneath him in a mere matter of moments.

            "No!" Kurt cried out terrified, his body trembled, and he couldn't suppress the tears that soaked through his furry face.


* * * *

            "Yo Kurt! Kurt!"

            Kurt's eyes snapped open, he wasn't naked in the restroom about to be raped by a crazed vampire; instead he was sitting at the table he normally chose to sit at during lunch. Scott and Evan were giving him worried looks and Jean placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

            "Are you alright Kurt?" asked Jean.

            Kurt scanned his surroundings, had everything that had happened after lunch been just a horrible nightmare? He turned to look at Darc who was still sitting next to him, absently sipping his milk through a straw. Darc smiled at him knowingly and gave him a wink. A chill trickled down Kurt's spine but he shook it off and turned back to Jean.

            "I'm fine, really, just had a bit of a nightmare, that's all."

            "Hey man, I've heard of sleeping in class, but what sort of delinquent sleeps during lunch?" joked Evan. Kurt laughed it off, even though his laugh was hollow. He decided not to go anywhere alone for the ret of the day, especially if it meant being alone with Darc.

To Be Continued…

Author's note: There you have it, I made the second chapter longer since I don't update very often. Anyway, I hope you liked it… and I look forward to your reviews ^_^ I'm so happy, yesterday I got my fiendish paws on a copy of the X-Men Evolution graphic novel #1, yay! Nifty artwork, a bit darker than the cartoon, poor Kurt, but I loved it ^_~