— — — — — — — — — — —

He folded his hands in frustration and cast his gaze downwards. No matter how hard he tried, he

couldn't remember her face. He remembered she was short and she had yellow hair, but he

couldn't remember her face. He looked back at his canvas. Every other figure in it had a face,

except for the smallest. He stared intently at this figure, hoping, somehow, her face would just

appear. It had never occurred to him that protecting her would include forgetting her.

He stood up and stretched, frowning. His hands pressed against the ceiling. How long had it

been? A year? A year and a half? It'd been too long either way. Since then he had done many

things he was not proud of. Things that not many people would be proud of. Would she stll love

him after everything that happened since he left? After everything he'd done?

"No." He shook his head. Nobody would. His brow furrowed. Was it worth it? Was guaranteeing

her protection worth losing her love and respect? If push came to shove, it really wasn't.

He scratched his head. He had made up his mind. He reached under his bed and pulled out a

suitcase. He started throwing his clothes into it, trying to be as quick as he possibly could. He

reached for his coat and walked out the door. It was the day everything would change. It was the

day Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin walked out of the Acolytes

— — — — — — — — — — —

It was a drizzly day outside. The streets were reflecting the lights of passing cars. This was when

the Russian entered the scene. When the last rays of light were trying their hardest to penetrate

the clouds, but only succeeded in making them greyer. He looked back at the suburban house

that had been serving as the Acolyte's Head Quarters for the past few months, for a split-second.

He was done with Elsmere, Delaware. He never wanted to see that house again. Peter continued

on his way down the street, keeping an eye out for any ominous looking spheres.

He eventually reached the Elsmere bus station. He looked into his wallet and sighed. He didn't

have nearly enough to get all the way back to Russia. He needed desperately to get home. Soon

the Master of Magnetism would discover he had gone A-wall. Even if he managed to hide from

Magneto, the mutant could easily find his family. And who knew what he could do to them?

Peter sat on the bench and put his head in his hands in dispair.

Ten minutes passed. He hadn't moved. Suddenly, his head jerked up with a realization. Didn't

the X-Men have a jet? And hadn't Wolverine invited him to fight with them? He smiled and

looked back at his wallet. Yes, he did have just enough to get to upstate New York. There was a

way to save his family, after all.

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