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A/N: I always wondered what Gilmore Girls would be like if things were a little different. In this story Rory is thirteen, she and Lane are still friends, and Lorelai and Rory are still Luke's diner crazy.

                                                          CHAPTER 1

          Rory Gilmore lay asleep in bed, her digital alarm clock resting on her stand reading eleven fifty nine. Rory moaned sleepily, turning over to face the clock as it turned twelve, still asleep. Her door creaked open slowly, the noise startling Rory's eyes open a little. She turned again to see the door ajar. Rory glanced around the room, which was hard as her eyes were tired. She just shrugged it off as a wind and collapsed her head back onto her pillow.

"Surprise!" Rory nearly jumped out of bed as her mother's head popped up from the side of the bed Rory was facing. "Happy birthday."

"Mom?" Rory moaned. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, like I was going to be the last one to say happy birthday to you." Rory scooted over, allowing Lorelai to climb in the bed. "Saying happy birthday last is for the mail man, or a pet, or—"

"Mom," Rory interrupted.

"Or the town loner," Lorelai continued. "Or the guy that sells those hats with the frill and the sparkles. You know those hats? They're all... frilly and sparkly and—"

"Mom!" Rory interposed again nearly laughing.


"Mom, I live here, with you. I wake up here, with you. I eat breakfast here, with you. So who do you think will get to say happy birthday to me first?"

"Luke," Lorelai replied simply.


"Yeah. We eat breakfast at the diner, remember that?"

Rory shrugged. "Major oversight." She sighed dreamily. "How old do I look?"

Lorelai thought for a minute. "You're sporting thirty. But when you wake up and get all pretty you can probably decrease it by two years."

Rory smiled. "Oh, Mom." She snuggled up to Lorelai.

"You really have to realize something this," said Lorelai, playing with Rory's hair.

"What's that?"

"You're the best kid ever made so all of the other kids are inferior because God used all the good stuff on you and made the others all pimply faced and dorky. Especially the little girls from the Cosby show. Don't get me started there."

"Yes, but I'm a personal fan of Raven Symone myself."

"You know what's the best thing about turning thirteen?"

"Being pushed around by eight graders?"

"Yeah. You know it was my idea to stuff you in that locker last week."

"I so knew you were behind that." Rory laughed a little, falling asleep on her mother's stomach.

          Lorelai continued to stroke Rory's long, soft brown hair. Rory seemed to look so adorable and sweet when she was asleep not that she didn't always seem to look that way. Her cheeks were rosy pink, her baby-like face making her look younger than she really was. Rory was the one thing Lorelai never doubted, never regretted. She made all of Lorelai's mistakes seem worth it.

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