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A/N: I always wondered what Gilmore Girls would be like if things were a little different. In this story Rory is thirteen, she and Lane are still friends, and Lorelai and Rory are still Luke's diner crazy.

                                                    CHAPTER 2

          Lorelai and Rory walked down the street, heading for Luke's that morning. Rory wore her new sweater and her favorite jeans. Her mother walked next to her babbling on as she usually did. Both of them wore their long brown hair down.

"Thirteen? You know what that reminds me of?" Lorelai asked.

Rory looked at her. "What?"

"Thirteen ghosts."

"You read that book?" Rory was amazed.

"No." Lorelai smiled. "But the movie was excellent."

"Oh, why feel your head with knowledge when you can watch highly paid actors?"

Lorelai put her arm around her. "Now you're getting it. And if the scary ghosts come to our house tonight I'll tell them it's your birthday and maybe they'll sing you a song."

"Mom," Rory laughed amused.

"I'm sure there'll be cake involved. Lots of sticky monster cake with sticky monster feeling."

"And pretty monster candles?" Rory suggested.

"You are definitely my kid," said Lorelai seriously.

They entered the diner then, making the bell go off, and grabbing a couple of seats at the counter.

"I can't wait for the party tonight," said Rory.

"Oh, partying? You finally sound like a normal kid," he mother commented.

"Hey," Luke greeted, walking up to them from behind the counter, notepad in hand. "What can I get you?"

"After all these years he still has to ask," said Lorelai. "I'm feeling pretty insulted."

"Coffee?" Luke asked.

"And donuts. But I want a mix of plain and jelly because no one ever orders plains and it makes them feel... plain."

"The twisted pathways of your mind," Luke shook his head, taking down her order. "What about you, Rory?"

"Chocolate chip muffin and orange juice," Rory replied.

"Out of chocolate chip," Luke told her, looking up.

"Oh." Rory looked a little poignant. "OK. Blueberry then."

"Wait." Luke reached under the counter and pulled out a huge chocolate chip muffin with a thin candle stinking out. Rory formed a huge grin. "I told these waiters to stop stashing food."

"Oh, Luke," Rory exclaimed, as he sat the muffin down. "Thanks."

"Oh, Luke, you're so Mr. Rogers-ish," Lorelai remarked.

"I was up at early this morning baking that thing," Luke told Rory. "You better eat it all."

"You're very Mr. Snickelfritz-ish," Lorelai sighed.

"Thanks again, Luke," Rory smiled.

"Happy birthday," Luke muttered, going off to fulfill their orders.

"You're wearing him down, honey. That guy adores you," said Lorelai. "Pretty soon he'll be cushion-y soft and we can get seventy five percent off on him."

"I think so," Rory nodded. She took a huge bite out of the muffin. "This is really good."

"Can I have a bite?"


"What?" Lorelai looked surprised.

"He said for me to finish it," Rory explained.

"But he never said anything about starving Mommy."

"The donuts will be here soon."

"I want a huge muffin," Lorelai pouted.

"Wait until your birthday."

"I don't want to," Lorelai started to whine.

"Oh, well," Rory shrugged, continuing to eat, taking out the candle.

"You're a little hell-spawn, you know," Lorelai smiled, as Luke set down her coffee in front of her.

"I wonder where she gets that from," said Luke sarcastically.

"I think Michel's been a bad example," Lorelai stated.

"He taught me how to knock over a liquor store last week," Rory joked. "But I wasn't very good."

"You'll do better next time," Lorelai encouraged.

"Oh, God," Luke sighed irritated.

"And I think he's been making me feel horny lately," Rory continued. "But not raging horny, normal horny."

Luke turned to Rory's mom. "Lorelai!"

"What? If he makes her horny then what can I do?"

"I don't believe this," Luke grumbled frustrated. "The kid's like eleven years old."

"Thirteen," Rory corrected.

"That's impossible," said Luke. "You were ten yesterday."

"No, I wasn't."

"She flashed ahead by three years," said Lorelai, taking a sip of her coffee.

Luke leaned in towards Rory's ear. "You might want to ignore your mother for the next eight years."

"I plan to," Rory whispered back with a smile.

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