Tomorrow Never Comes

A PSIV Fanfiction By:

Black Waltz 0

A/N: Rune says something he probably shouldn't have, and is in deep, deep doggy shit. I don't own Phantasy Star, or it's characters, I just like to torment them, that's all. Plus, there's a NUDIE SHOWER SCENE!


Rune mused in his beer. Well, not literally, but he was getting pretty close to dipping his hair in it. Rune Walsh was supposed to be celebrating, for he, through many hours of the most refined physical and mental exertion, had finally mastered the ancient technique, Megid. That was indeed a cause for celebration, in the confidence that Rune would never have to use it. His mission as Lutz still continued, but he decided this was a good a time as any to break it off for a little while and relax. However, Rune's idea of 'relax' was a trip to the Aiedo Pao-Pao and drink up a storm. He had lost count of how many glasses he had emptied.

By now, Rune was in his fairly self-aware sullen part of drunkenness, pushing a little peanut he had found on the table around and thinking. He had all this free time now and he had no idea what to do with it, except to think about it. Rune snorted, he had been thinking way too much recently. There was only one cure for that! Rune took another deep draught of his beer.

It was at this time that a tiny little Noah with feathery angel wings and a halo chose to alight himself on Rune's shoulder, his face ethereal. "You know, I think you've had enough," He harped, plucking a few chords on his golden lyre, "It certainly would not do to have the Lutz in such a state."

"Hmm?" Rune asked, wondering why he was beginning to see things, particularly small incarnations of himself.

Angel Noah wiggled his wings at Rune, "After all, you are a representation of esperkind in Algo, it wouldn't look right to have one with a hangover, now would it? What if a Biomonster attacked? Would you be able to focus?"

"Blah." Answered Rune, stubborn enough to know that Noah was right, but not admit it. He settled on a non-committal noise instead. Angel Noah sighed and rolled his eyes, aware that this was how Rune usually acted when he was questioned. Sometimes he wondered if the Lutz legacy was degrading in the capacity upstairs.

"Perhaps you should call it a night." He advised. His advice was well looked up to, I mean, he was Noah, but Rune didn't seem to care. Rune hiccuped once and was silent. "Listen to-" Angel Noah continued before a rock was thrown at his head, hitting him square in the eyes and knocking him off his perch on Rune's shoulder.

There was a puff of acrid smoke, and another figure appeared on Rune's other shoulder, grinning like a maniac. Little Devil Noah, in a deep red cloak, horns, pitchfork and a pointy tail settled down on the light blue fabric. He tossed a small rock up in the air, catching it again. "Don't listen to that pansy!" He proclaimed, waving his pitchfork around for emphasis, "He's nothing but a retard! If you want my opinion, I think you should keep up the party! I mean, how many guys can say they know Megid? That blonde shorty for one, but who cares about him? Take a load off, and get wasted!"

"You'll regret it tomorrow." Warned Angel Noah, his voice just a small squeak, lying crumpled on the floor.

Devil Noah smiled like he knew every mystery in the world, "Tomorrow never comes!" He announced with glee. Rune considered this wise council, for tomorrow was always a day ahead of him.

"Hey!" Angel Noah yelled, swooping up from the ground, "Rune listens to me! Not you!"

Devil Noah stuck out his tongue, "Since when?"

"Since I say so!" Argued the angel, glowering in a ver un-angel-like way.

Devil Noah pointed to the table in front of him. "You wanna come here and say that?!"

Angel Noah tossed his lyre up in the air, it transforming into a golden bow and arrow as he caught it again. "Anytime!" The two Noahs then jumped down on the table, and proceeded to knock each other's lights out. Rune became a spectator in a very unusual duel, sipping his drink and not interfering. Absently he thought that he should lay off eating the mushrooms for a while, 'specially seeing he didn't know where they came from.

"Hey look! Neifirst!" Shouted Angel Noah after awhile, pointing.

"Where?!" Screeched Devil Noah, whirling around to try and see the non-existent Numan. When he did this, Angel Noah took the opportunity to shoot his adversary in the butt with an arrow.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" Devil Noah ran around like a loony, clawing at the arrow. Angel Noah laughed all the while. Suddenly the Devil had a revelation, and stared up at Rune with big watery puppy dog eyes. "Help me, please?" He begged. Rune didn't think he could say 'no' to that face, even if it was stuck on a Devil. He slammed his fist down on the Angel Noah, reducing him to vapor. Devil Noah grinned.

But on the dissipation of the vapor, Rune faintly heard a voice;

Without me, you'll be sor-ry!

Devil Noah shrugged nonchalantly, flicking his pointed tail from side to side. "Forget that loser, he's gone." He looked around the table with a mischievous look in his eye. "So, my good esper, how many pints can you drink without falling over?"

"A… lot." Answered Rune, to anybody passing by it would have seemed like he was talking to himself.

"Let's see, shall we?"

"…Yeah." Rune signaled for a waitress, wanting another round of drinks. All he thought he'd get from this would be a monster hangover in the morning, that's all. He could handle that well enough. It's not as if anything worse could happen…

He was so very, very wrong.



Rune giggled to himself like a schoolgirl, he had successfully managed to drink himself under the table. He held onto the floor tightly, because he had the sense that he would fall off it if he did. The law of gravity was screwing around with him again. Devil Noah swung his legs off the rim off an empty pint glass, still as maniacal as ever. If Rune had been in his right mind, listening to devils might not have been on his agenda.

The Pao-Pao was closing, finally. That meant that Rune would have to leave, or kill all it's staff and run off with the booze. Rune was not that far gone to settle on the latter, so he let the little Devil crawl back on his shoulder, and stagger out of the building. He knew the Inn was nearby somewhere, left, right, up, down… He had a feeling it was up, but he kept falling over as he jumped for the sky. On the pavement he saw a path, and decided to follow it. That path soon became a wall, and he rammed into it, falling back on his behind.

"Damnit, stop being so three dimensional!" He slurred loudly to the town, wanting to get into his nice, soft, fluffy, warm hotel bed, wherever it may be. The world was spinning, or maybe it was him? Those clouds looked peculiar…

"Man, you are so wasted!" Devil Noah pointed out.

"Yesh." Agreed Rune, struggling to stand up.

"You know whose fault it is?" Devil Noah queried, about to do something extra nasty.

"..?" Said Rune.

"The Great Light, of course. Blame him." Lied the little Devil.

For some stupid and ambiguous reason, Rune actually believed the Devil's words. He stood up straight, neck craned up to glare at the sky, and did the most idiotic thing he would ever do in his entire life, including the lives of his previous incarnations, even surpassing the time Lutz had used the Neisword as a toothpick. He said some nasty things, very nasty things about the Great Light, mostly things about its mother. Even the Devil winced at bit at some of the statements, as Rune had four generations of vocabulary stored away inside him somewhere. He finished it up with flipping the bird, then his drunkenness took over and he said 'Hi' to the ground once more.

Le Roof had told Rune that the Great Light was very far away, in another galaxy altogether. However, by an evil twist of fate, it was visiting the Gumbious Temple for a time, and was in 'earshot' of Rune's words. Let me tell you, the Great Light was, well, light… But it did not take insults very well, especially the ones about his mother (Even though it didn't have one). In one nothingth of a second, over one nothingth of a mile, suddenly Rune had a very pissed-off looking Great Light staring him right in the face. This sobered him up pretty much, the look on his face was absolutely priceless. If Chaz had been there, he would have taken a Polaroid and had it framed neatly on his mantelpiece, there for him to laugh at for all eternity. The little Devil Noah snickered quietly for a bit, then disappeared to wherever he had come from, abandoning Rune. His work here was done.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" It boomed.

"Err, uh… um, heheh…" Stuttered Rune, at a loss for words.

The Great Light frowned. It was Rune. If it had been anyone else, he would not have hesitated to do unspeakably cruel things to anyone who insulted him, but this was one of the Protectors, the Lutz, no less, so he guessed he owed him a teensy bit. Very well, the Great Light would punish Rune, but only indirectly. It needed a plan, and there was only one place to go for a plan.

"YOU'LL GET YOURS!" The Great Light rumbled before vanishing, leaving a clueless esper questioning his sanity.

The Light headed for Rykros.


Great Light met up with Le Roof in the Silence tower. As always, Le Roof was doing what he did best, other than tell the secret of Algo's genesis, he was also damn good at making doilies. Unluckily, he had nothing to place on them, so he dumped them on a small shuttlecraft, in the futile hopes that they may someday be salvaged by another species and have their secrets unlocked. That had not happened yet, so Le Roof continued to make doilies, never stopping. The Great Light thought that Le Roof should really get a life, or at least, a new hobby.

"Greetings," Said Le Roof, "Did you come to observe my new design? Look, it is shaped like a snowflake." He held up the piece of cloth for the Great Light to see.

"Very nice, Pierre," Replied the light (Pierre was Le Roof's nickname, the great light called him that), "But I really came here to help plan revenge on a certain individual."

"And who might that be?" Asked Pierre.

"Rune Walsh, the fifth incarnation of Lutz."

"Ah, yes. I met him once, here, on Rykros. Bossy chap with blue hair, right?" Pierre mused, putting his craft work down. "And you want your revenge on him for some reason?" The Great Light nodded. "Well, it seems to me, that if your really want to make him think about his actions, you should…"

Pierre whispered his plan to the Great light, the light's face brightening (Excuse the pun) as the plan was explained. The light began to laugh, and it was not happy laughter either.

"Ingenious!" He waved his hands around and pure white light was expelled from them, racing off to its destinations, Motavia, Dezolis and Zelan. The beam of light split into eight smaller beams of light, and each found it's respective target, each effect different on each Protector, save Rune. This was indirect revenge in its finest form.

The Great Light conjured up a white screen image, projecting a picture on it. In a few hours, Algo would awaken, and so would its inhabitants. That was when the fireworks would begin. The Light was patient, and if he played his cards right, this would be a show not to be missed. Pierre started work on a new doily, passing time.

Rune would pay.


The fifth incarnation of Lutz woke up with the biggest migraine known to any living race in existence. He could almost hear a small demon laughing evilly at him. In addition to that, and a huge subtraction to his dignity, he was also upside down in a tree, without his pants.

Rune grumbled to himself as he tried to untangle himself from the multitude of branches that were restraining him. He had no idea how he got up there, but he could only conclude that he never got back to the Inn. And where the heck did his pants go anyway?

The esper dropped to the ground, then pounded his fist on the grass when he realized exactly where he was. He was under the tree next to the Inn, near the window of his own room, no less. His nice, warm, fluffy (well, you get the idea) bed was only a few feet away. He looked up, his pants were on the roof. Great. He called forth a small Hewn blast and blew his pants back down to terra firma, really, really wishing his head didn't feel like it had Wren doing jumping jacks on it. He put his pants back on, glad it was only early morning and nobody had seen him yet, and wandered into the Inn, needing a cold shower and about a million cups of coffee. He did not recall a single thing about what had happened last night. Was it a good thing?

Perhaps not.


"Operation 'Puppetmaster' ready to begin!" Declared the Great Light, munching on some popcorn as the screen flickered to life. The first of the altered Protectors was about to regain consciousness.

"Shorty, shorty, shorty! Meow, meow, meow!" Sung Pierre.


It was a warm, sunny, happy morning in Aiedo. The birds were buzzing, the bees were singing (Wait, its the other way around!) and people were frolicking, particularly the hunters, because they were never out of work. Mr. Chaz Ashley reluctantly woke up in this environment, unaware that his life was going to change immensely today. He pulled the covers over his head, knowing he was going to be forced out of bed like every other morning by his lovely wife, Rika. He wanted to sleep in.

He was a little surprised that it did not happen, the usual situation where he was beaten to near death by a sugar-high Numan with a feather pillow. He rolled over, expecting to at least feel a warmth in the bed that was Rika. He felt nothing, so he rolled over again, and again, and again, and again. He kind of thought that this wasn't working right when he got to the edge of the bed and fell off. He fell for a long time, and landed on the carpeting. Had he landed on wood or linoleum, he might have broken something. Since when was his bed so tall?

Wait a second.

Since when was he so short?!

Chaz yelled. He yelled even louder than when he was four and he thought he saw the bogeyman. Chaz was three inches tall!

Was this a dream? Chaz pinched himself. Owch! Nope, not a dream. Then what the hell was going on?

"Rika!" He called, then put his hand over his mouth. It sounded like he had been breathing in helium. He shrugged it off and called again. "Rika!"

"Chaz?" Chaz heard Rika's voice, but it came from very near him, although he could not see the owner. The he had a fear of being squished, if Rika was still at her average height. No, the source of the voice was coming from… behind him?

"Rika? Where are you?" Chaz wondered, scratching his head.

"I'm under the bed!" Rika replied. Chaz could now easily fit under the bed, in his new state, but unless Rika shared the same fate as himself, it would be impossible that she was under there. Still, he looked, squinting into the shadows that terrified so many small children.

"Rika, come out of there! I can't see you!"

"My gosh, Chaz! You're tiny! So it got you as well." Rika said in the darkness.

"Don't tell me you're the same." Chaz said sadly.

"No. I got it worse. Meow." Rika came out from under the bed. Chaz's eyes widened in surprise, and he thought he had it bad. Poor Rika was a musk cat, a bright pink one.

"What happened?" Chaz asked.

"I don't know. I woke up like this, but I couldn't wake you up. So I hid under the bed. You were fine when I woke up."

"Not anymore." Chaz shook his head sadly.

"This must be some kind of weird magic, directed at us. Meow." Rika thought, whiskers twitching. Then she wondered something out loud. "Chaz?"


"How did your pajamas shrink as well?"

"That's a… good question."


Pierre and the Great Light were laughing like idiots and throwing popcorn at the screen, so much like little girls at a slumber party. At least they weren't giving each other makeovers.

"Phase two of operation 'Puppetmaster' begin!" Said the Great Light between giggles.

"The naked truth!" Added Pierre.


Hahn stepped into the shower, turning the hot water on to full and finding his favorite sponge. The steam permeated through the air, fogging up the mirror and windows. Hahn was spending the semester spring break back in Krup with his wife, Saya, and trying his best to reconcile with his estranged father. The only downside was that there still were little kids running all over the place, drawing smiley faces in his textbooks and basically being a nuisance. There was a good reason why Hahn chose to work at the university other than the fact that he would be able to learn much more from them, was that he couldn't stand too many kids all at one time. Honestly, he didn't know how in Algo Saya managed it, she truly was a capable woman, one of the many reasons he adored her.

Hahn dropped the soap, the elusive soap. He picked it up and then dropped it again. Giving up on it, he began to shampoo his hair, thankfully, refraining from singing stereotypically. At the beginning of this marvelous spring day, he felt a little funny for a while, but dismissed it as bad vibes from his dad. He didn't need to think about it right now.

After a few more minutes of scrubbing the grime from his skin, Hahn turned off the water and reached for his towel, drying himself. He had a big day ahead of him, he was actually going to prove his worth to his dad and try out a bit of blacksmithing, at least to humor the old man. He hoped he wouldn't do anything wrong and have an accident, from what he'd heard, stuff like that was extra dangerous. But hey, he was a protector, he could handle it.

Hahn pulled on some fairly old clothes, seeing he would probably get a bit dirty, even though all his clothes were white anyway. Saya was out running some errands, so he was alone in the house. He walked into the living room, but then noticed something.

His clothes had disappeared!

There he was, standing starker in the middle of his living room. Hahn turned the deepest shade of red and dashed back to his room, hastily putting on another set of clothes.

They disappeared too.

"What the…? What's going on?" He said, confused beyond all thought.

Every time he put on new clothes, they disappeared within five seconds. This was a bad joke. Soon, all his clothes had disappeared, and Hahn was left with nothing but his birthday suit. Magic. The scholar sensed magic, coming from somewhere. Somehow, he knew that he had been enchanted. He had to go and find out what was wrong with him. All he could think of was going and seeing Rune, he was supposed to be in Aiedo, the esper would have an idea on what to do. There was only one problem.

How in the world could he get to Aiedo with no clothes?

Hahn was not a happy camper.

He wracked his large, scholarly brain and thought up a crude, yet workable plan. He hated to do it, and it would indeed be awkward if he met any Biomonsters along the way, but it was the only way to get to Aiedo and find Rune.

Hahn exited out the living room window, landing in a bush, careful to evade the view of any other people up early. This was so degrading. He scanned the perimeter for people, finding none. He began his plan.

The scholar streaked all the way down south to the machine center.

No Biomonsters were as cruel to attack him, he saw some Locusta along the way, but all they did was point and snicker to themselves. Hahn guessed he should be grateful for that, but somehow he couldn't be.

It was a good thing that Hahn knew how to work the landrover, walking all the way to Aiedo would just be impossible. He climbed into the driver's seat and found the keys in the ignition, where Chaz had left them. He started up the landrover and off he went, hoping that the windshield was tinted enough so nobody could see him inside.

Hahn passed Molcum soon, the town was being rebuilt by the Motavian population and although it was small, it was admirable how fast a new place could rise from the ashes of an old one. The scholar pressed down on the gas pedal, not wanting to linger in any inhabited area for too long.

Then he saw something.

A figure in green was jumping up and down and waving his arms wildly, trying to get Hahn's attention. He put on the brakes, and wondered why in the world he was stopping to pick up hitchhikers when he was in serious trouble. But this wasn't just any ordinary hitchhiker, Hahn knew, it was his old pal, Gryz.

A little embarrassed, Hahn opened the door, letting the Motavian inside. Gryz was wearing his old green getup, but in addition he was also wearing long gloves and a hood that obscured his face.

"Hahn, I think only resorts allow that." Said Gryz, being decent enough not to look straight at him.

"Oh quiet. I'm enchanted or something. Every time I put on clothes, they disappear!" Explained Hahn, blushing.

"Well, you're not the only one." Gryz admitted mysteriously, tugging on one of his gloves. "See, look." Gryz pushed back his hood.

"Wow. So that's what you look like without all that fur, interesting." Said Hahn, observing the shaved Motavian.

"It's horrible!" Moaned Gryz, "How immoral is that?! To shave a defenseless Motavian while they sleep, some people have no honor!"

"Actually, I think that you might be enchanted, like me. I doubt that anyone would have anything better to do then go around and shave random Motavians." Said Hahn.

"So I'm guessing you're going to see Rune." Guessed Gryz.


"I'm coming too."


The landrover sped on.


"Oh light," Laughed Pierre, "You really are nasty."

"I'm not finished yet!" Said the Great Light, "Phase three of operation 'Puppetmaster' begin!"

"Some people should watch their mouth!" Informed Pierre.


Far away, on the artificial satellite, Zelan, Wren reactivated himself, ready for another day of monitoring Algo. Today would be different, no doubt about that, but for the moment, Wren had no idea of the trial that awaited him. He walked over to the door, expecting it to open automatically, but it didn't so he walked straight into it. Raising an eyebrow, Wren put a hand over the door's opening mechanism, and the door pulled away, as if Wren's touch had short circuited it.

He didn't know what had happened, but he thought he'd fix it later. He went to the central part of Zelan to go and find Demi.

He couldn't find her anywhere. It was almost as if the android had disappeared from the face of the satellite. He activated his vocal synthesizer so he could call out for her, but something was missing.

His voice. Wren was mute.

"…!" Exclaimed Wren, "!!"

All the programming that governed his ability to speak was gone, as if it had never been there in the first place.

"..?" Wondered Wren, he thought he had heard something there for a second. A high-speed invisible mass slammed into him, knocking him down. He felt something on him, even though he could not see it at all.

"Oh gods!" Said Demi, on top of Wren, "There you are! I was searching for you."

"…" Replied Wren, prying the female android off him. He was curious to know why in Algo he could not see her.

"Master Wren, Look, look! I seem to be incapable of visual manifestation… No Master, I'm over here, on your left." Demi waved to get his attention, but realized that it was rather pointless because he could not see her. Wren guessed her location and poked her, she was solid, just invisible.

Wren shrugged, then pointed to his throat and shook his head, trying to get his predicament across.

"I do not understand." Demi confessed.

Frustrated, Wren repeated his actions, adding a; '!' at the end.

"You want to play… charades?" Guessed Demi, misunderstanding.

Wren banged his head against the wall a few times, venting out his exasperation. Then he had an idea. AN IDEA. He went over to a nearby computer and switched on a word processor, typing up a message;

I AM MUTE It read.

The computer exploded.

Its pitiful remains writhed in agony as its electrical current ceased to exist. Wren had an 'I didn't do it' look on his face.

"Master, I know you and the computer had an argument the other day, but that was no reason to destroy it." Said Demi.

For an android, Wren thought that Demi was being incredibly stupid.

"In any case," Continued Demi, "There is no technology available to remove the physical appearance of an organism, so I can only conclude that its source is esperine."

Wren nodded.

"Therefore, I suggest that we contact the Esper Mansion for more information."

Wren nodded again.

Zelan had three different radio uplinks that could converse with Motavia, Dezolis and Kuran. Thanks to Rune and Kyra, Demi was able to install a small machine that allowed contact with Zelan in the Esper mansion. All they had to do was to activate the uplink. It was a grand misfortune that Wren decided that he was the one to do it. He picked up the receiver, and sparks suddenly flew from it, an ambient screeching sound tearing through the air before the machine imploded.

If Wren was capable of cursing, he would have.

"Not our day, is it?" Said Demi, "For some reason, any machine you touch, err, commits suicide."

"…" Sighed Wren, he didn't think he was that difficult to live with, was he?

"A case like this has been recorded before, but never with an android. It is sort of like a contradiction in terms, if you get my meaning. So it appears that I am not the only one who has changed." Demi touched Wren's arm, but didn't feel any different. She concluded that it only affected non-sentient machines. "I'm going to call Motavia, perhaps Rune knows what is going on, provided that the cause is esperine." Demi pointed to the center of the room. "Master, for Zelan's safety, please go stand over there and don't touch anything."

".." Wren felt himself slipping into a bad mood.


One of the many little gizmos that encrusted the dashboard of the landrover beeped loudly, catching Hahn's attention. Gryz had stretched himself out over three different seats, taking a light nap, for lack of anything else to do. Moreover, he was depressed right now, and didn't want to be conscious. Hahn feared this, because from experience when he traveled to help rescue Demi back when darkness was rampant, he learnt one important fact about his Motavian friend. Gryz SNORED! He barely heard the beeping over the din.

Knowing not what else to do, he pressed the bright red button on the gizmo.

"Hello, this is Zelan to rover, Zelan to rover, over."

"Um, hi?" Said Hahn uncertainly. Why would Zelan be trying to contact him?

"Hahn? Is that you?"

Gryz rolled over and fell off his makeshift bed. He hit the floor loudly, but continued snoring. "Yes." Answered Hahn.

"Darn. I was hoping it was Rune."

"Nice to hear you too." Hahn said, a little irritated.

"Oh sorry, don't take it the wrong way, we're just having a little… predicament up here."

"Ditto." Hahn replied.

For a few seconds the voice cut off, but Hahn still heard a hushed monologue ending in; 'Geez, don't touch that… now look what you did!'

"Is everything alright?" The scholar asked.

"Nooo… You see, I'm invisible and Wren can't seem to speak."

Hahn did not expect to hear that coming from Demi. "Perhaps you should go see Rune. He's in Aiedo right now and Gryz and I are on our way over there."

"That seems like wise council. Okay then." Demi's voice cut off again just as Hahn heard a faint explosion in the background, followed by Demi saying; 'No you don't, I'm flying!'

Hahn moved to turn off the uplink, but Demi gave one last transmission.

"Hahn, close the landrover's door so the sand doesn't come in."

"That's not a sandstorm, that's just Gryz snoring."



The Great Light was happy. Revenge was a dish best served cold… and this one would be absolutely delicious. They were almost getting to the good bit, the best part of the plan.

"Hullo." Said the Profound Darkness.

"Hi." Said The Great Light.

"What'cha doing?" Asked the Profound Darkness.

"Playing puppetmaster." Replied the Great Light.

"Can I watch?"

"Sure." The Great Light waved his arms, "Phase four of operation 'Puppetmaster' begin!"

"Two heads are better than one!" Chanted Pierre.


Raja worked feverishly to ready the shuttlecraft for departure. Every few moments he checked a piece of paper with scribbled down instructions, bloody half-scared to death. He had just cause.

"Hey, hurry up! You're as slow as a wet week!" Yelled Raja I.

"Shut up!" Answered Raja II.

Right now, at this moment, Raja was a walking, talking freak show. Raja, the only two-headed Dezolisian in Algo!

Yep, he was definitely scared to death.

Kyra was pacing behind him, wringing his hands nervously. His, you may ask? You heard right, HIS! "This is INSANE!" He declared.

"Tell us about it!" Both of Raja's heads agreed.

Well, it wasn't as bad as it could be, at least Kyra didn't suffer the same fate as Raja. But, having to shave every morning was not a lifelong aspiration for her/him, and he wanted this weird esper spell undone! She asked every esper she had come across in the mansion about what to do, but they all just scratched their heads and went 'Uhhhhhhhh…' for a while. There was only one other option, and that was to find the great, venerable Lutz. Little did he know that the great, venerable Lutz had just spent the last night upside down in a tree without his pants, but if he did, would his opinion of Rune lessen? Only the Great Light would know (And the Great Light was watching him right now, spooky!).

Kyra met Raja just outside Tyler, and when he did, they all screamed consecutively for about fifteen minutes straight. They got over it, eventually, and joined forces to figure out how the hell a shuttlecraft operated. A boring lecture from one of the androids would really have been handy right now.

"You're not supposed to touch that!" Declared Raja II.

"And how would you know?!" Ranted Raja I.

"I do!" Proclaimed Raja II.

"Yeah right!"

"Gods, you're giving me a migraine!" Said Kyra, rubbing her temples.

"It's his fault!" Both Rajas said to each other.

Kyra could not take it anymore. He grabbed Raja's priest robe by the small of the back, and cast the strongest type of RYUKA he could muster, hoping that it was strong enough for inter-planetary travel. He got lucky, very lucky. He locked on to the capital of Motavia, not Paseo, sorry, doesn't exist anymore, Aiedo.

All the Protectors were heading for Motavia, their target; Rune.

Our favorite little esper was completely unaware of the situation.

And the Great Light laughed.