Chp 3.2

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Using wild Magic to speak

"normal speech"

author's useless side comment


"I, I..." Daine stuttered, her heart felt like it literally stopped. Looking at his pleading dark eyes, she found it impossible to look away. Tried as she might, she just simply could not wretch her eyes away. oohh... remember Numair's conversation with Keladry about a mage being able to catch the attention of someone with his eyes? and the following conversation is about to sound awfully familiar...

"Please Daine, I simply must have to meet her again," Numair pleaded.

"W-w-whhhyyy?" Daine stuttered. "Why do you want to see her again? I-I, I don't want to see her get hurt by a playboy like you. Once you've finished your business here, you'll soon be scurrying off somewhere the moment you had your way with her!"

"Daine! Is that what you think I want? Sex?" He stared at her in shock. "Don't be ridiculous! I wouldn't be going through all this trouble to look for her if it's just for that."

Daine blinked, "Then what is it? Love?"

Numair turned crimson red. "That is not the topic under discussion."

"What are we talking about then? Canoodling?" Daine demanded.

"No! I, well..." Numair took a deep breath. "I don't quite know, there's just this something about her. I definitely feel something for her, but I can't quite put my finger on it yet. That's why I have to see her!"

Daine softened as his words and blushed. She couldn't believe that Numair was this taken in by her, her, imagine that, the hag of Jehuin! Her heart melted like butter in the sun. "She's a close friend of mine, just visiting for the fair," Daine finally supplied.

"Where can I find her?" Numair asked urgently.

"I'm not going to tell you that! I only have your word for it and I don't know if she finds you as some, crazy stalker guy thing!" Daine quickly said.

"Alright then," Numair suspiciously acquiescenced. "Just help me tell her that I want to see her again. I'm now lodging at Mama Em's inn."

Daine nodded.

"Alternatively, you can tell me her answer when I visit you for your next lesson," Numair continued.

Daine nodded.

"Wait a second," Daine yelped, suddenly realising what she had agreed to. "What lesson? There are no lessons between you and me!"

Numair cupped Daine's cheek. "You know what I appreciate most about you is your intelligence. So don't ruin my impression and turn me down. As I said, there's no harm trying out. If I'm that bad, you can push me in the pond again."

#Stock man is right you know,# Cloud suddenly interrupted.

Daine snorted, #the crazy lunatic who was swimming in the pond!#

#Maybe this is why the Badger wanted you to meet him. To take lessons from him. So far, the only guidance you ever received for Wild Magic was from the Badger. Maybe Numair can better help you explore and control your powers. Perhaps even get rid of those wierd dreams you always have.# Cloud pointed out logically.

#Hmmm...# Daine mulled. Numair kept quiet, letting Diane stew for a while, sensing near victory at hand.

"Alright," Daine said. "I still think it sounds crazy, but I'll try."

Numair patted her shoulder in approval.

"Oh wait, I hired on with Lisa for the summer-" Daine said.

"That isn't a problem," Numair interrupted. "Lisa said it was alright. Besides, the lessons won't take too long. No time like the present to begin."

He slung his arm around her shoulders, leading her back towards the living room, causing her heart to beat uncomfortably in her chest. "Let's sit down and you can tell me more about your powers. Then we know what to do from there."

Daine turned red and shrugged off his arm. "Don't touch me!" she snapped. "Men," she muttered.

Numair raised his eyebrows, and watched Daine stomp off towards the chairs. "Women," Numair muttered under his breath in reply.


Don't know if you recognised a familiar conversations. Our infamous scene between D/N when Daine got Numair to treat her wounds after she fell off the cliff in ROTG and the scene where Jon manages to persuade Daine to take on lessons with Numair in WM. hee hee hee...