Alrighty, try this again. This arose from a game that myself and Remy Shall Kill Belladonna were playing. We took turns creating the story. We began to have too much fun. Anyway, nuff with that, here's the story. Oh, btw, neither of us own X-Men, or anything else that's mentioned in this story, except maybe the pack of cards…Nope. Not even that. How sad…

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*********************starting game****************

Remy leaned against a tree shuffling a pack of cards.

Rogue exited the Institute, angry. Kitty was once playing boy-band music, and it had sent Rogue up the wall. She noticed the swamp-rat sitting by a tree. She walked over and leaned against the tree, grumbling about Kitty.

"Wat wrong chere?" Remy looked up at her.

Rogue answered Remy with a glare, and growled something that sounded very much like 'Kitty'.

Remy patted the patch of grass next to him, "sit." he said simply. Rogue slid down the tree, landing in the spot. She still looked angry.  "'Ey, chere, wanna play a card game?" He held out his playing cards.

"Why? So ya can give me another exploding card again?" Rogue glared and ignored the cards

"Non, I jus' wanted t' know if ya wanted t' play go fish wit meh." He laid the cards on the ground, "see, dey don' explode chere."

Rogue eyed the cards on the ground. Sure they looked innocent enough, but so did Tabitha, just before she tossed out half a dozen of those little bombs. She picked the cards up. They weren't glowing, only slightly warm because the swamp-rat had been holding them for so long.  "Fine, but Ah deal."

"No cheatin'," he smiled charmingly at her as she dealt. Once she was done he asked, "got any queens?"

"The same goes fer you swamp-rat, and no, Ah don't."

 *******later in the game***********

 "Got any Kings?"

Rogue threw down the last card, and yes, it was a King. She then returned to grumbling about Kitty, adding in occasional off colour comments about a Cajun Card Shark.

 Remy smiled and gathered up the cards, "I din' cheat if dats wat ya sayin' chere."

"Ah'm not sayin' ya cheated, I'm sayin' that if this is how you cheer people up, by beating them in card games, ya might want to rethink your strategies." Rogue glared some more, got up and began to walk away.

 Remy got up and followed her, "wanna go grab a bit t' eat chere?"

Rogue looked upward, she really needed to vent her anger, but at the same time, her stomach was growling. Louder than Logan. "Fine." She said, avoiding eye contact.

 Remy led her to the garage and sat on his bike, giving her his helmet.

"What are ya going to do for a helmet?" Rogue shifted uncomfortably on the bike. Any other time she had been this close to someone, she had drained their memories.

 "I c'n live witout one chere." He smiled at her.

Rogue shook her head. "Even Logan ain't stupid enough to ride without one. An' he can walk away from most accidents."

 "Oui, but chere, if ya git hurt, I woul' neva forgive myself."

"Wear Logan's. Ah ain't goin' nowhere otherwise." Rogue crossed her arms, and looked at Remy pointedly.

 Remy took Logan's and put it on, pouting as he did so. "Betta? Now where ya wanna go?"

Rogue shrugged in response. "Somewhere where there's food."


"Why not. We could go to McDonald's, as long as we get to eat."

"I like Denny's." He started his bike. "Hold tight chere!"

"Ah'm sure ya say that to every girl who gets on this thing." Rogue muttered to no one in particular.

"Non, I jus' don' wan' ya t' fly off!"

Rogue snorted derisively, and then gripped Remy tightly as he peeled out of the garage. He popped a wheelie when they got out of the gates. Rogue would have screamed, except she was busy biting her tongue to stop herself. Tasting blood, she released her tongue and kept her mouth shut instead. Remy, at a stop light, looked down at his stomch, "uh, chere, I t'ink ya drew blood..."

"Slow down then Swamp-Rat!" If looks could kill, and had Remy turned around, he'd be dead.

"Sorry, it jus' hard not t' go fast when ya have a Harley."

"Well, ya can tell that to the officah that's behind ya!"

Remy looked behind him, and past Rogue, and there, as she said, was a police officer. "Um, sorry officer?"  Rogue suppressed an evil smile as the officer got out to issue Remy a warning. Remy sighed in relief and drove off, at the speed limit. Rogue grinned and loosened her grip, grateful to not have to worry about road rash.

"So, Mr. Swamp Rat Speed Demon, doing your best to impersonate Quiksilver?"

"Non, I jus' like de adrenaline" He looked back at her at a stop light.

"Well, that 'adrenaline rush' nearly got ya a $75 speeding ticket."

"But ya hafta admit dat ya liked too." He raised an eyebrow at her.

Rogue ignored his question and pointed at the now green light. "Go."

He smiled and drove into a Denny's. He got off and took off his helmet. He shook his hair our like a super model. Rogue laughed (she doesn't do that often though) and pulled Remy's helmet off her head, and caught sight of herself in a glass window. She had some serious helmet hair. Struggling to smooth it out, she only succeeded in charging it with static electricity. The two white streaks were nearly standing up on end, making her look more punk than goth.

Remy smiled at her, "dat's why I did dat."

"What? Shake yore head like a dog?" She glared at the smiling Cajun.

"Non, shakin' it like a super model." He laughed lightly.

She grumbled some more and put a gloved hand on her hair, flattening it. 'Why did I ever agree to go with him?' She wondered. He smiled and started walking to the entrance. Rogue followed him into the crowded restaurant, amazed at how many people ate at...she glanced at her watch. Oh...six.

Remy smiled as they sat down, "so, erm, how ya doin'?"

Rogue stared, was that a pick-up line? And had she heard him stumble over his words? She looked away quickly, hoping that he hadn't noticed her staring. "Ah'm hungry..."

He smiled, "how long ya been a mutant?"

"Well, Ah've actually been a mutant all mah life."

Remy sighed, what was he supposed to say? "Uh, um, well, erm, uh... ya like dis place?"

Seeing Remy fumble to respond to her answer, Rogue decided to clear things up a bit. "What Ah meant was that I was always a mutant, but my...powers only emerged about six months ago." She pulled off on of her gloves, looking down at her hand.

"Well I always 'ad dese eyes." He pointed to his red-on-black eyes, smiling.

"Ah guess we don't have it as bad as some of the others...Ah mean, look at Kurt, he's had facial hair since the day he was born!" Rogue smiled as she thought about her brother.

 Remy smiled too, he 'accidently', rubbed his leg against hers. Rogue recoiled suddenly at the physical contact, she knew that her leggings prevented her from draining him of his memories and abilities, but still, she had avoided nearly all contact ever since that one night...

"Wat wrong?" He asked kinda stupidly.

"It's just that, well, ya know, Ah haven't really touched anyone much, not even with mah gloves on and stuff." Rogue looked down and quickly pulled her glove back on.

He sighed, "sorry."

"Not yore fault..." She mumbled, looking down, only to hear her stomach growl some more.

They got their food and Remy indulged. "Aint ya gonna eat?" Rogue toyed with the food on her plate. Today had not been a good day. First Kitty and her music, then the swamp-rat with his cards, motorbike, and finally this stuff. Remembering how hungry she was, she began to eat.

They were silent for a while, and Remy finally asked, "dessert?"

Rogue shook her head. Most of the other girls at the Institute were big on eating sweet stuff when they were down and out, but Rogue knew happiness wasn't in the bottom of an ice cream bowl. She looked up again.

"Okay, do ya jus' wanna go 'ome after dis, or do ya wanna do sumthin' else?"

Rogue looked around, there were all these families in Denny's. All eating happily. Seeing one kid starting into a piece of cake with a sparkler, she got an idea. She turned back towards Remy. "D'ya wanna play a prank on Kurt?" She asked, a smile tugging at her lips.

He leaned in closer, "'m interested."

"See that kid over there? The one with the sparkler on his cake? What would happen if the sparkler were one of Jubilee's fireworks, and it was inside the cake?" She waited for Remy to piece the image together in his mind.

Remy started laughing, "perfect."

"We'll need to stop and pick up some cake, it's that or trying to make it ourselves..." Rogue looked up from her musings.

"I make a mean cake," he rubbed his leg against hers again. But that time, it was really an accident.

Rogue nearly retreated back into her shell, but she was really getting into the prank making. She looked at Remy. "Ya can cook?" She was caught off-guard to say the least.

"Oui, one o' de best damn cooks in N'Awlins."

"Well, we got ta talk to Jubilee, and keep Kitty outta yore way." Rogue put as much emphasis as she could on your. She and Remy began to walk out of the Denny's.

A waiter came after them, "you didn't pay!" Rogue and Remy both began to fumble for their money. Rogue pulled a ten from who knows where.

Remy pulled out a spider! "ACK!"

Rogue took the spider before Remy could do any harm to it. 'At least he doesn't scream like a girl' she thought as she played with the tiny arachnid, leaving Remy to carefully investigate his remaining pockets.

Remy pulled out a five and got her 10, he gave it to the waiter and said, "keep de change..."

"So," Rogue continued with the details of the prank as she took one of the helmets, and sat on the Harley. "You'll make the cake, Ah'll talk to Jubilee, and then we'll give it to Kurt."

"Dat's de plan chere." Before she put on the helmet, he kissed the top of her head.

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