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Remy rubbed his hand together, "hehehe..."

"We better move fore they're all out cold..." Remy started to run, and shoved the door open. (Actually, he blew the door up, but we can say that the staff is really fast to replace it.) Rogue followed, running all out. Remy stopped after a while, panting.

Rogue stopped just a bit behind him, only slightly winded. "Magneto's not very tough in trainin' ya, is he?"

"Non, not really..."

"Ya'd never survive a session with Logan."

He shrugged, "neva 'ad t' do one yet..." (he's with the x-men, isn't he?)

(Sure, we are the authors after all ^_) "Yore gonna be in big trouble. C'mon! Let's keep movin'!" Remy panted for a little while longer, and started running again.

It took awhile, but they made it back to the Institute. Remy entered his code for the gate, and it swung open. "We need a camera...or something similar..." Rogue was talking absently to herself.

"Like dis?" Remy pulled out a digital camera.

"Isn't that Scott's?" Rogue tried to examine the camera closely.

"mebe," Remy smiled innocently.

"Never mind, Ah don't really wanna know. C'mon, Ah think they're still in the kitchen..." Remy silently crept into the house, and into the kitchen. Rogue followed, and saw, that in addition to the Institute adults, Mystique was inside the kitchen. Remy took a few pictures. Rogue watched as Mystique and Wolverine tangoed across the floor. Beast had picked up the Professor, and they were waltzing.

"Dis kinda scary..." Remy said as he took more pics.

"Scary doesn't quite describe it..." Rogue continued to watch, as the tangoing Mystique and Logan tripped over Ororo, who was currently colouring the floor with bright and vibrant colours...

Remy shook his head. "$300 a picture..."

"Ya thinking too small..." Rogue watched as Hank then left the Professor sitting on the table, and stole the wheelchair. "We could sell these to some of the others...and make more on that, plus being able ta still use 'em as blackmail."Remy nodded, and previewed some of the pictures on the little screen. Rogue couldn't stop watching what was going on in the kitchen. Hank was pulling wheelies in the Prof's chair. Remy showed Rogue one of the pictures. Rogue laughed, Ororo had a look of extreme concentration, and still couldn't colour in the lines.

"De green don' really match..."

"No, it doesn't, and is that...lipstick?" Rogue lifted her head, and looked again at Ororo.

"Oui..." Rogue looked at the kitchen again, a strange look crossing her face. "Wat wrong chere?"

"Ah wanna know two things. First, whose lipstick that is...and two, whether they were sane when they bought it."

"I t'ink it Tabby's..."

"That would answer both mah questions."

"'Ey, whose brigh' blue lipstick is dat? It aint in Tabby's collestion..."

"An' since when do ya know what lipsticks Tabitha has?" Rogue gave Remy a pointed look.

"I snoop, so kill meh."

"Then Ah guess ya know whose underwear Logan has on his head." Rogue pointed to the shorts, which had the Seven Dwarves printed on them.

"Scott's" Remy smiled.

Rogue's eyes widened. "Scott has Disney underwear? Ah wonder if Jean knows tha-wait! Ya've been snooping in Scott's underwear drawer?"

"Non, I went snoopin' in Jean's room fo' de answers t' 'omework an' dere wa' Scott undies.." He paused. "I know dis 'cause it's labeled, 'Scott's'"

'Well, that makes a bit more sense' Rogue thought to herself. She returned to the show in the kitchen. Mystique had managed to place herself inside the fridge, and was passing out cans of beer anytime the door opened. Remy reached for a stray beer when Rogue swatted his hand away.

"No drinkin', let's see if we can't find any more 'homework answers' in Jean's room. Be nice to get a little blackmail for everyone."

"I wan' beer!" He whined.

"If we find any in Bobby's room ya can have it." Remy smiled, took one last picture, and walked away.

The two walked up the stairs, and entered the first room. Jean's room... Remy looked around, and found a note. It said, 'Remember to pick up birth tests...'

Rogue took the note. "Looks like Scott's been a busy boy..."

"Wait," Remy took a picture.  Rogue continued searching the room. It was surprisingly messy. There were seven objects on the floor. Rogue hadn't expected to see anything. "Wat else ya got chere?"

Rogue held up the object. "Ah think it's Scott's, at least, Ah HOPE it's Scott's..." Remy wrinkled his nose, and took a picture. Rogue placed it back down on the floor, motioning Remy to take another picture.

"sorry..." He took another picture.

"Delete the first one, and let's get outta here, we've got nuff stuff to make them do anything we want."

"Ok..." He deleted said first one, and walked out of the room.

"Who next?" Rogue mused, looking at the dozen or so doors in the hallway.

"Kurt?" Rogue nodded and led the way.

Remy slowly opened the door. "OH GOD! Wat de hell is dat smell!?"

Rogue held her nose. "What did he do? Kill someone and stash the body here?"

Remy shook his head. "I aint goin' in dere!" Rogue edged her way into the room, and saw what it was that was making the smell. There was HUGE piles of socks in the middle of the room.

"Does he never do his laundry?" Rogue made a face.

"I don' know... Find some blackmail stuff. QUICK!"

Rogue started searching the room, as quickly as she could. Then she found it. The Holy Grail of blackmailers. What contains every single most, embarrassing thing in a person's life. Their...diary!

Remy smiled, "Kurty pie 'as a diary..."

Rogue's face split into an evil grin. "This, we keep..."


Rogue opened the little book, and read the first few lines on the page.

"Wat it say?" Asked Remy, unable to read his writing.

"Lieber Tagebuch, habe, ich das heute entdeckt- It's all in German!" Rogue said, slightly miffed. Remy slightly growled. Even though his journal was in French... "Well...Ah guess someone could always translate these words..." Rogue shrugged, and kept hold of the diary.

"Ok... Any ot'er blackmail crap?"

"For Kurt? Only if ya go in there to get it! Ah ain't goin' in there again!"

"Neva mind den... Who next?"

Rogue looked in the next room. "Bobby and Sam."

"Dey don' 'ave anyting intrestin'... Do dey?"

"Let's find out..." Rogue started into the room, which looked like a tornado, with a hurricane, and tidal wave on its tail, had swept through.

Remy cocked his head to the side. "Where de floor? Do dey even 'ave a floor?"

"Ah think they traded their floor with Jamie, and he gave them this mess..."

"dat not a very goo' trade." Remy said, taking a cautious step in the room.

"Ya tell them that, and they'll give half a dozen reasons why it was an excellent trade. Remy just stood in the middle and looked around, not finding anything. "Ya know, for a thief, you're not very good at looking for stuff."

He shrugged. "'m lazy... Simple explanation."

Rogue shrugged. "Well, Ah'm not gonna be finding anything in this." She gestured to the three inch layer of 'mess'. "Ah wonder what we can get on Rahne?"

Remy nodded, and tripped trying to get out of the room. He dropped the camera. Rogue dived after it, trying to retrieve it before it was swallowed by the mess.

Remy sighed, and held out his arm. "'Elp meh up?"

"Got it!" Rogue raised the camera over her head. "Ah'm holdin' on to this now," she walked through the door, leaving Remy, flat out on the floor, and then turned and grabbed his arm.

He pulled her down next to him. "Ya fell fo' it 'gain chere..."

'How is it that he manages to pull the same stunt twice in one day?' Rogue thought to herself, remembering the pool. Remy smiled at her. Rogue rolled her eyes, just a little. Remy kept smiling his goofy smile. Rogue tried to look serious, or even annoyed, but failed, miserably. Remy kissed her on the top of her head. Rogue sighed.

(lol, well the position they are in is... Remy has rolled over on his back and she is on her stomach... so yeah...) Remy poked her, he was bored... Rogue flipped onto her back, and poked Remy back. Remy poked her again, but harder. Rogue retaliated with two pokes. Remy poked her three times, and then straddled her waist, a goofy grin on his face. Rogue smiled back, and pushed at Remy. He didn't move, and started tickling. Rogue began to giggle, and pushed Remy even harder.

Remy fell off her, and landed in the pile of stuff. "C'mon, lets git more blackmail..." Rogue nodded, trying to stop her laughter. Remy smiled at her, and tried to stand up, but fell back down.

Rogue shook her head. "This is how ya get up Swamp-Rat." She tried to get to her feet, but fell back down because she was still laughing.

Remy smiled, "it a pit, dere no way in hell we gettin' out..."

"It's quickmess."


"Now it's got us, an' we're never gonna get out." Rogue made a face.

"Yeah... I t'ink dey 'ave nough' foo' t' last fo'eva dough..." Rogue made a face as she spotted a half eaten bowl of KD. Remy lifted up his hand, and a piece of pizza was stuck to it. "AHHH!" He shook his hand and it flew across the "pit".

"We might be in a touch of trouble..." Rogue looked around, spotting several sandwiches, all at various points of molding. Remy looked gross, and tried to get up again. Rogue sat and watched, as he slipped on an old banana peel.

'Well, at least we now know where all the cockroaches are comin' from...'

Remy landed on his back. "Ow."

"Ah think we're gonna need a slightly different approach." Rogue looked towards the open door, and saw all the adults on Xavier's wheelchair, racing through the hall. Remy smiled. Rogue shook the image from her head, and tried to get up, standing only on...items...that looked steady. Remy finally stood up, and now tried to get to the door. Rogue made it out into the hallway, and turned to see how Remy was progressing. His torso was in the hall and his waist down was still in the pit.

"Need some help?" Rogue asked, smiling sweetly.

He gave her a mock sweet smile, and attempted to pull himself out.

Rogue leaned against the back wall, watching with an amused smile on her face.

"Shall we continue?"

He nodded, and attempted to close the door. "Ah screw it!"

"Ah think there's a betting pool on when Logan makes a danger room session outta that room."

"Yeah, I 'eard dat too..."

"Ya mean yore not the one who started it?" Rogue seemed surprised.

He shrugged.

Rogue gave him an odd look, and then cautiously opened the next door.

"Now who's room dis?"

"Amara and Tabitha's." Rogue pointed to various burn marks all over the room.

"At least it halfway neat..."

"The floor's visible..."

Remy nodded, and walked in fully. Rogue followed, scanning the room, spotting Tabby's huge collection of nail polish.

Remy sheilded his eyes. "IT BURNS!!!!"

Rogue looked at Remy. "Ya know, you and Tabby would prob'ly get along great."

He raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Yore both kleptos, that's why."

Remy stuck his tounge out at her. Rogue shook her head, and turned to Amara's half.

"It neat... too neat..."

"Ya should see Scott's room. Hello..." Rogue picked up a stack of pictures.

"Ohhh..." Remy walked over to her.

Rogue flipped through the photos. "Wonder why Evan's in all of these?"

Remy looked at one. "AHHHHH!!!"

"Ah don' wanna know how she got this one!" Rogue flipped to the next picture quickly.

Remy shuddered.

"These would explain why she was kissing Evan in Hell..."

"Yeah..." Rogue took photos of the photos, and then returned to searching Tabby's side of the room.

Remy picked up Playgirl, and wrinkled his nose. "Dis goo' 'nough?"

Rogue took pictures. 'So THAT'S where Kitty gets them.' She thought to herself.

"I mean I 'ave a subsciption t' Playboy, but Tabby 'as Playgirl!?" He shuddered.

"Wonder how she get's them past Logan...Wait, you subscribe to Playboy?"


Rogue gave him a 'look'. He smiled. Rogue left the room, opening the next door.

Remy took the magazine, and looked trough it. "I look betta den all dese guys..." He whispered to himself as he walked out.

Rogue continued on, pretending not to hear what Remy had said.

"Wat de next room chere?"

"Rahne and Jubes."

"Coul' be interestin'…"

"Ya have no idea..."

"I don'?"

"No, you don't."

"Ok..." He walked in the room to see...

A large dog bed. "Rahne says it's more comfortable than a regular bed." Rogue shrugged.

Remy sat in it. "It is soft..."

Rogue glanced over. "An' yore in trouble. She'll be able to smell ya on it." Remy shrugged.

Rogue shrugged. Remy was getting really good at ticking people off.

He stood up. "So wat we got fo' blackmail?"

"Hmmm..." Rogue bent down by Jubilee's bed, and stuck her hand underneath.

"Wat unda dere?" Rogue pulled out a handful of...fireworks. "She stole dose from meh!"

Rogue gave Remy another 'look'. Shaking her head, she again stuck her hand underneath Jubilee's bed. Remy reached under and grabbed them. "Mine!"

"Fine! Take 'em, but let's try and find something else, and don't charge 'em either."


Rogue continue digging, this time pulling out a small furry animal.

"Wat dat?"

"It bit me!" Rogue pulled her hand out, and her finger was bleeding.

(through the glove?) Remy looked at it.

(yes, if the furry's teeth can break the skin, it can get through cloth. Night night) Rogue pulled off her glove, and there was a deep bite.  Remy touched it.

"Ah really wish ya'd stop doin' that, even if nothing happened."

Remy smiled, and started looking for the fuzzy thing.

" bites, whatever it is..."

Remy came back up and his hand wasn't there. "AHHHHH!!!!! DE PAIIIIIIIIN!!!!"

Rogue gave another 'look', and pulled down Remy's trenchcoat sleeve. Remy gave another goofy smile, and started looking for it again. Rogue stood up, and walked over to Rahne's side of the room. There were the box of dog treats, some chew toys, pictures, stuff you'd expect from a girl.

"Wat she got ova dere?" Remy drug the thing out by its tail.

Rogue stuck her hand under the over-large dog bed, and pulled out a few cans. "Cat food?"

Remy laughed, and held the 'thing' an arms length away from him.

"So much for the Prof's 'no pets' rule..."

"Is dis de cat?"

Rogue looked at the scraggly mangy creature. "Fuuny how Logan hasn't sniffed it out yet..."

Remy dropped it when it swiped for him. "Ah!" Rogue took a picture, just as the cat dove back under the bed.

Remy looked at his fingers. "Ow!"

"Now we're both bleedin'." Rogue observed.

"Oui, we are..."

Rogue pulled her glove back on, and noticed the small tear. "Let's keep going..."


Rogue exited, and waited for Remy. "You choose the next room.


Again Rogue led the way. She opened Scott's door, and was amazed at how spotless the room was.

Remy walked over to his dresser and pulled out three things. One, his Spiderman underwear, two, panties, and three, a bra.

"Scott has Spiderman underwear?" Rogue asked. The bra didn't surprise her, nor did the panties after what had been found in Jean's room.

Remy nodded, and put them on the floor.

Rogue took several pics, and scanned the room for any other items...

Remy reached under the bed and found Playboy.

"Seriously, how do ya get these past Logan?"

"Oh! Dey *are* Logan's..."

"Even the Playgirls?"

"Proffessor's..." Remy said simply and walked out.

"Too much information." Rogue said, following Remy.

"Who next, who next?"

"How about...Jamie."


"Lead the way"

He lead the way. Rogue followed, and the two entered Mutiple's room. "What a mess..."

"Not as bad as de ot'ers dough..."

Sounds of a struggle reached Rogue's ears, she turned to the closet. "Better not be skeletons..." she said under her breath.

Remy opened the door, and there was Ororo

Ororo sniffed. "The guys locked me in here and wouldn't let me back out!" Rogue looked at Remy.

Remy closed the door again, and started to walk away. Rogue followed, and led the way into one of the two remaining rooms. Ray and Roberto's.

"Do we really wanna go in dere?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Is poor Remy afraid?" Rogue asked mockingly.

He nodded.

"Aw, c'mon ya big baby."

"Ya c'n go chere..." He backed away.

Rogue shook her head, opened the door, and screamed.

What did Rogue see? What did Rogue see? Like I said before, I looooove cliffhangers!! And I looooove one of Roberto's only lines…cuz I looooove icing! I'll stop now, even though I looooove annoying people!