Description: Inuyasha and company find out exactly what is behind the well that brought Kagome to their time, and find out just how strong the bonds of friendship really go. Will they be able to balance out the scales of the timeless battle between good and evil, or will they fall for the evil plots threatening to destroy them all.

Rating – PG-13 (although may change at a later date to R...I don't know yet for.) for Inuyasha language (geeze, go figure) Fighting (now that is unusual for Inuyasha right?) and all that other stuffs.

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The Whispers of a Well and The Fate of Them All

Chapter One ~ Whispers in the Mind

Sengoku Jidai

"Geeze, what is taking that wench so long? Always making us wait, while she goes off to her own time. Doesn't she realize we need to find those shards? We can't do that when she isn't here. It isn't the same when she isn't here. Besides, Shippou, Sango, Miroku seem to miss her when she is gone." 'Then again so do … damn it.' Inuyasha gives a quick growl and lowers his ears. 'What am I thinking? She is the reason why we are on this damn journey in the first place. If it wasn't for here stupidity when she broke the Jewel. I wouldn't be stuck following her around. I wouldn't have these damn beads around my neck. I wouldn't have to put up with the others. I wouldn't of learned the meaning of not being alone anymore. I wouldn't of learned that there are those who accept you for who you are.' Softly sighing, he looks up to the sky from the tree branch.

'Lets face it. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't of learned a lot of nice things.' "Ramen being one of them," giving a quick a smirk with his "Feh". Crossing his arms over his chest quickly he suddenly feels a sharp pain on his ear. Growling again, he reaches grabs the kit by the tail and looks at him. Eyes narrowing to slight golden slits, "What Shippou?"

The fox kit suddenly crosses his arms in the same defiant move, even though he is held by his tail, and he closes his eyes and turns his head away. "You should go get her if all you are doing is mopping around here. I mean we all know that it is your fault for her going over there in the first place. What did you do this time? I bet you made her cry too. I don't know why she is still nice to you…" WHAM!

With a sudden scowl Shippou finds himself up against the tree. Growling even more then before Inuyasha barks, "Listen twerp, I didn't MAKE HER CRY! If it was up to me we would be hunting shards, but she kept going on about some final test or something." "Twerp?" Shippou looks back at him, "What's a Twerp?" Testing the unfamiliar word on his mouth. "I heard Kagome call her younger brother it when she was yelling at him. It seemed to fit perfectly for you too," Inuyasha responds.

"Well, damn it why don't you just go see her. Not like your any fun here when she is gone to her time anyways." The little fox was tired of his mood when his adopted mom was not around. He was always a bit of a jerk anyways but he was more so when she was gone.

"Quit telling me what to do damn it. I will not be told what to do by a damn kit." Growling just for good measure, although the thought of going to her time and forcing that wench to get back here and look for more jewel shards wasn't a half bad idea. If she refused he could always toss her over his shoulder and make her get her come. But then again, maybe if he was nice he could get some romen first and then drag her back home.

That it, yes, he will be 'nice' to get the ramen and then make her come home, and with a slight sneer on his lips he looked at Shippou. "I'll be back in a bit, tell the others I went to get the wench back here." Shippou looked at him with a little worried look, he knew that Inuyasha was up to something but he didn't know what or if he even wanted to know what. "Don't you hurt Kagome, you Baka!" he replied.

"I am not going to hurt her you baka! After all it was your suggestion that I go in the first place now wasn't it." He replied with a slight glare in his eye. Shippou suddenly wish he never told him to go see her. 'She will be mad at me if she finds out he hurt her because of anything I suggested to the dumb idiot. I hope she will be ok' he thought.

Giving Shippou no more then a passing wave he jumped off the God Tree and headed towards the well. He was oddly out of place when she wasn't around. Due to being alone for so long, now that he had a mismatched 'pack' he wasn't sure how to act. Snorting suddenly at the term 'pack' he shakes his head. Granted they all had a common goal, seeing the end of Naraku, for various reasons. Miroku, the lecher monk to break his family curse; Sango, the demon hunter to avenge her village and save her younger brothers soul, him to avenge the death of the Miko Priestess Kikyou, and Kagome, the Miko from another time, to reform the sacred jewel. Along the way they also gained the orphaned kitsune Shippou who lost his family when stronger youkai came to claim the jewel shards his father had.

Each had in some way been affected by Naraku or the jewel shards, and none of them in a good way. Maybe the Shikon no Tama was truly a curse, but it didn't stop him from wanting to use it to become a full demon. That way no one could look at him with contempt or think anything less of him. Being a hanyou (half-demon) always brought trouble to him because he was not human nor youkai, both looked at him with distrust and hate. He saw it growing up when his mother was mistreated and he saw it from the many youkai he fought along the way. 'Once we found all the shards he would be come a full youkai and then no one will trouble him again' he thought.

But then something crept into his mind. A passing comment made to him one night by the lecher, if he becomes a full demon, will he keep his mind, or would he end up like that bloodthirsty demon he once became? Would he end up not knowing his own mind and in his minds absence hurt Kagome or even worse, kill her? "Bah, I wouldn't do that" he replied to his own thoughts. Besides I swore I would protect her so why would it be any different?

Stopping at the well, he suddenly realized something. Damn, I also swore to go to hell with Kikyou too. Why did I think of the promise I made to Kagome before the promise I made to Kikyou? When did she become more to me then a promise? Shrugging off the thoughts that have been running rampant on his mind he jumps into the well. The faint bluish light softly shines while time passes in but a matter on the back of his mind he hears a whisper from a source he can't find:

"Bring the others, time grows short, and questions linger…
Currents shifting, and the timeless battle ensues…
But the power is shifting, scales are tipping…
Balance is needed, the key needs guidance..."

Suddenly he finds himself at the shrine in her time. 'What the hell was that, I never heard someone talking before in the well.' Looking back into the well he ponders what had just happened but suddenly is broken out of his thoughts.

Having his special 'qualities' he smells Kagome coming closer and hears here muttering to herself. Something about having feelings for someone, and that she felt helpless. That puzzled him for he wondered who she was talking about. But when she muttered the word shard-detector, he instantly knew whom she meant.

Modern Time

Kagome walks out the door with a heavy backpack. (And a lot of Ramen for doggie boy due to her being away longer then she said she would.) 'Geeze, I know he is going to be ticked off when I get back. Why can't he understand that I must continue my life here too? I mean it isn't like he would want me to stay with him after we get all the jewel shards anyways…. ACK! What am I thinking!'

Kagome drops her head down while proceeding to the well, deep in thought. 'I mean come on, he loves Kikyou, and has even said that he will follow her to hell after he gets his revenge from Naraku. Silently she sighs inwardly and wonders what to do. 'If only he would look at me like he does her… ACK, I mean if only some guy would look at me like that. Geeze, it isn't like I am waiting in the wings for him to realize that life is for the living and not for the dead.'

Blushing badly she shakes her head. "Come on girl, just who are you trying to kid. You know darn well you have feelings for him and you want him to return those feelings." Another sigh escapes her lips as she goes to open the shrine into the well. "I feel so darn helpless at times. I wish I could be strong like him so that way he could see me as more then just a stupid 'shard detector'. Maybe then…" She lets the sentence drop before she lets he head really know what her heart is feeling.

Suddenly she goes to open the door of the shrine and walk in and without paying much attention walks right into someone wearing a red kimono. "ACK!", she suddenly tenses up. Slowly looking up towards the golden eyes that stare down at hers. 'Always hard to read his eyes when he is like this, so deep and so masked.' she thought, 'much easier to read his ears'. Looking quickly at his ears, she noticed that they where down in a slight depressed manor. 'Well, maybe he isn't so mad at me... maybe something is wrong.'

"Inuyasha, what is it... what is wrong?" She asks with a smaller voice then what is normal for her. "Nothing, I, um, that is, I was bored, cause the Baba is going to be gone and Sango, Shippou, and Miroku are gone with her cause there has been a bit of demon activity around the village she is going to. Besides, you where longer then expected!" 'Better add a little bit of force to the last sentence so she doesn't think anything is wrong. I don't trust this voice and until I can talk to the others it is better to make it seem like nothing happened.'

"Oh, *ahem* sure, no problem. I was on my way back but I don't see why not. I know Souta will be happy to see you." 'Why he thinks of you as his hero is beyond me but such is the ways of a little brother.' "Let me tell my mom we will be having an extra guest for dinner though." Kagome quickly runs off hoping that he didn't hear anything she said earlier. He didn't seem to have heard, so maybe he wasn't paying attention. Running into the house, removing her shoes while dumping her pack, she runs into the kitchen. "Hey mom, Inuyasha is going to stay for dinner ok?"

"Sure, hon.," replies Mrs. Higurashi. "It is going to be a few hours before dinner though, and I need a few items from the store. Would you mind being a dear and getting them for me." "But mom, what about Inuyasha, we can't just let him wander around." "Well, why don't you take him with you? His clothes are a bit out of place, but your father's clothes are still in the attic, maybe you can find something that fits him. This way he gets to see more of this world besides just the shrine."

"I'll ask him, although I don't know what he will say," replies Kagome.

"Ask me what?" comes from the male voice behind her, sniffing the kitchen.

I smell ramen, and Kagome, both a good thing to smell. I wandered into the house hearing something about a store and clothes in the attic. Coming up behind Kagome I peek over her shoulder to see if her mother has any food.

Kagome, turns around quickly, "Would you like to go to the store with me to get some supplies that mom needs for dinner? There is a store up the road, but we would have to get you a change of clothes. That way you get to see more around here then just the shrine."

"What's wrong with the ones I have on?" I ask? 'I don't see what the big deal is, they are comfortable and good protection.' Kagome, quickly points out, "You wouldn't quite blend in here if you walked around in a Fire Rat outfit. Oh, and one other thing. You would have to leave Tetsusaiga here."

"Forget it wench! I'm not going anywhere with out it!" I almost yell. Darn if she is going to have me leave my father's sword here.

Mrs. Higurashi suddenly speaks up, "Inuyasha, I will not tolerate that type of language in this house. Is that understood young man?" Giving a look to make Inuyasha suddenly realize where Kagome gets her temper and actions from.

"Feh", while drooping the ears slightly the boy replies, while looking away.

Kagome trying to ease his discomfort suddenly speaks up. "But there isn't any need, we are just going up to the store. You can leave the sword up in my room. It will be safe there," rolling her eyes with her hands on her hips. "No argument!" With that she stormed up the stairs and started searching for her fathers old clothes and in hopes that he has at least one hat.

Suddenly alone in the kitchen with Kagome's mom, he looks at her and shrugs his shoulders with one of his normal "Feh" and walks off to follow her.

Once up in the attic he finds Kagome sifting through boxes and suddenly the dust makes his nose twitch. "Found it!" she exclaims asking for him to bring it down to her room so they can find anything for him to wear. Mumbling about not being a packhorse he goes and takes the box downstairs.

After another 20 minutes, 3 sits, and a large headache she finally waits for him outside the hall ready to help if he asks. 'Although it will be probably a cold day in hell before he would do that' she giggles.

Suddenly the door swings open, "What's so funny?" Barking with a bit of annoyance and a touch of nervousness.

Slowly Kagome looks him up and down, black muscle shirt with the prayer beads over top, black boot cut jeans, bare foot. "Wow" she replies softly. 'Gods what a sight! I knew he was built but with that darn loose outfit, you can't see a thing. I got to get him here more often… Not to mention get a picture to show Sango.'

Shifting from foot to foot he is nervous but he doesn't know exactly why. 'Why she staring at me like that?' Deciding he doesn't like the silence he says, "Wow what?"

Broken out of her sudden blushing silence, "You look really, um, ah, hot!" Blushing about 4 shades more than she already was. "Oh, one thing, lets tie back your hair cause that is the way boys with long hair usually wear it around here, okay?"

"Feh, listen wen... err you, I don't see why I have to tie my hair back. It is bad enough I am wearing this get up." Her previous statement coming back to his mind, "and what the hell do you mean by hot?"

Realizing her mistake, she suddenly gets even more red, without looking up (because the carpet suddenly looks just so darn interesting) she mumbles, "hot means attractive, or hansom."

Slightly taking back with this, "Oh… you think I am hot?" 'But I am just hanyou, how can anyone actually think that about a hanyou.' Still not looking up she nods her head. 'I don't understand.' "Feh, come on lets get these things your mom needs already."

After going to the market and answering what had to be about 30 thousand questions and stopping his attack on more then one poor car, they finally return back to the shrine with the acquired items. "Thanks hon., dinner will be ready shortly. Why don't you go show Inuyasha where to freshen up before dinner." "Alright mom," tugging on his sleeve, "I'll get you a washcloth." Dragging the hanyou up the stairs towards the bathroom with him mumbling what he needs to wash up for.

With a smile on both her lips and eyes she watches her daughter walk up dragging Inuyasha. 'For one who acts so tough, he is sure a push over when it comes to her. I know he protects her while in the past, but I think that he needs her more then just to find the shards. He has been hurt so much in his life. I just pray that she can help him heal the scars that don't show.' And with that, she turns back towards the kitchen in order to finish dinner.

To be continued...

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