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T/W Domestic violence, infertility, and murder...but let's be honest you're reading a fanfic about Alastor, you are probably expecting the latter.

The sizzle of eggs and bacon as it hits the pan. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the house as you danced around the kitchen preparing Frank his meal. Perhaps this morning he would do more than just acknowledge you. You stand at the bottom of the stairs and call up. "Frank honey! Breakfast is ready". You hear the thud of his feet on the bedroom floor followed by more heavy thudding as he makes his way to the bathroom. You grab the daily newspaper off the floor and place it neatly on the table above his plate before heading over to the living room to finish ironing his suit jacket.

Frank takes his seat at the breakfast table as you plate up his food and pour his coffee. "So honey don't forget I start my new job today, but don't worry I'll be back home before you, and get dinner ready on the table at 5. I was thinking perhaps we could go out this evening to celebrate. What do you say ?" You chimed as cheerfully as you could muster. "I'll be tired after my shift, maybe you should go out with some of your friends to celebrate" he grunted back at you. You let out a soft sigh, barely audible but in the quiet of the house he must have heard it as he let out a barely contained sigh of his own. "well honey, your suit is on the ironing board. Put your dishes in the sink and I'll wash them when I get home, okay ?" Still trying to keep your tone cheerful as you slip on your oxford heels and coat but as you look back to the breakfast table you notice that Frank was now too interested in the newspaper to pay you any mind. With a heavy heart, you step outside into the crisp autumn air.

Music fills the streets of New Orleans on your walk to the studio and despite the cheerful atmosphere after the great depression, you find yourself lost in deep thought. You and Frank had been high school sweethearts, married at 21 but by 24 you realised you were incapable of bearing children. A part of you felt that Frank resented you for that but despite that, you remained together. Divorce was often messy and frowned upon even in this day and age. The last 5 years of your life had been loveless, you'd both grown distant and despite your efforts to rekindle the spark. You felt as though Frank wasn't wanting to try, merely tolerating your existence. Originally you'd picked up this job as just a weekend thing, something to avoid the hours of silence stuck in the house with one another. When Frank first suggested moving to a two bed you had held the hope he'd finally reconsider your suggestion of adoption but in reality it was only so you no longer had to share a bedroom. You had not even shared a bed for 5 years and instead shared a twin room with two single beds on opposite sides of the room. The first night you spent alone in your new room, you cried till the small hours of the morning. The following day Frank commented on the noise but showed no signs of comforting you. This only drilled in the disconnect between you both now.

As you reached the studio doors you took in a deep breath. Although this was not technically your first day here, this was your first day working for Alastor. Originally you'd signed up to do a few live songs on a weekend but after your first show, you received a request to work alongside the popular radio host. No longer singing but working as his assistant. You'd been hesitant at first to accept the job, worried your duties as a wife would slip. But upon first meeting Alastor, you found yourself captivated by his charm and charisma. Deep down you wished to decline his offer but his words had an effect on you. A compulsion to do as he requested. Although you'd originally felt anxious upon arriving, the second you heard his velvety voice filling the station, you felt relief.

"Welcome one and all to your daily dose of Alastor. First thing on the agenda! Yet another grizzly murder has taken place!" his voice rang out. You carefully slid into the recording studio and placed a hot coffee on the desk in front of him. Black, one sugar, and just a dash of milk. You however preferred your coffee sweet and creamy. Whilst Alastor was too busy with his voiceover to thank you, he glanced over at you and flashed a smile. You felt your heart skip a beat for a moment. Before the guilt washed over you. Quickly setting yourself to work and sorting out the program for this afternoon's broadcast you lost track of time until something caught your ear. "I'm now joined by our usual weekend chanteuse and Belle of the studio, Lucille! Care to sing us a song, my dear!" He'd caught you off guard but you quickly shot up from the chair and stumbled over to the mic. "Well Alastor, what song would you have me sing for you today?" You inquired trying to compose yourself once more as you leaned into the mic. "Well, I'm quite a fan of 'My Man' by Fanny Brice, That dame certainly knows how to sing". You let out a soft chuckle and quickly flip through the records "Well I'll be sure to give it my best shot" You exclaim, trying to match his enthusiasm. Despite trying to focus on the lyrics of the song, you could not help but notice Alastor's eyes fixated on you. You had noticed that during his time talking, he was very animated. Often doing things such as making jazz hands, a true showman you thought. But now in this moment, as your voice echoed through the room, he, was still.

After you finish singing, Alastor finishes up the broadcast for the morning, allowing Danny to report on the sports over lunch. "Well Belle you certainly put on a good show, are you ready for the afternoon?" Alastor said with his usual elated tone. "Well I don't know, are you going to throw me another curveball like this morning? I didn't realize I'd be singing as well as organizing things". You let out a soft chuckle as you say this trying to pass it off as lighthearted. "Well got to keep you on your toes if you're going to dance with me, my dear." He replied. "And I'm sure you're quite the dancer as well". Upon saying this, he gave a low chuckle as the corners of his mouth curled up into a playful smirk. So teasing in its nature, You could not help but feel warmth radiate to your cheeks. "So I'm wondering what you're doing for lunch Alastor? I see there's a new place downtown that's opened up." You say trying to change the topic, not wanting to let on how on edge it had got you being put on the spot like that. "Well, I did have some plans for lunch...But what is a man to do when a beautiful woman invites him to lunch? Lead the way, My belle!"

Walking down the street you found yourself glancing up at Alastor, his gaze seemed to be a million miles away. A part of you felt guilt towards Frank for inviting another man out for lunch but this was just work, a bit of company whilst you work on the schedule for the afternoon, get to know your responsibilities a bit more so you don't have any more surprises. The truth was, Alastor was everything Frank wasn't. He was smartly dressed, sophisticated, enthusiastic, attentive, charismatic, and charming but most of all he made you feel like you existed. He also had an air of mystery about him, something you couldn't quite place your finger on but the biggest mystery to you is how this man was still single. It wasn't like he didn't bring a lot to the table but there had been rumours around the office that he wasn't interested in the ladies. Lunch itself was uneventful, you made sure to keep to work-related topics, despite Alastor peppering the conversation with the occasional compliment and flattery. You were unsure if this was his natural way with the women or if this was for you. You wanted so desperately to believe the latter but you managed to convince yourself otherwise.

You both arrived back at the studio and got back to work, time seemed to fly by around Alastor, you felt safe and at ease listening to his smooth voice. No matter the topic of conversation you couldn't help but be drawn in. At the end of the shift, Alastor thanked you for your time. "Well what a first day! How did you find it, Belle?" he quired ."Well it was certainly enthralling," you said whilst packing up your bag. "Wonderful!" He exclaimed, "Being boring is the worst offense to our society in the modern day, is it not ?" You couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm, it was contagious. "Well I'd best get home, got to get dinner on the table" you chime and try to hide your hesitation to return there. "Shall I walk you home my dear? After all...there is a killer on the loose." He offered. You agree and hastily gather the last of your belongings.

On the walk home, Alastor inquires about your home life, not wanting to dull the mood, you begin to list off the mundane, day-to-day life, mentioning little of Frank. Maybe it was intentional, maybe you didn't want to allude to your relationship or maybe you just didn't want to let out how depressing your life had become in the last few years. You did however mention you had several garments that you needed to stitch up, as well as get the stains out of Franks's work clothes. Alastor's ears seemed to prick up. "So not just a pretty face" He laughs. "I know it's not in your contract but I don't suppose I could leave a few items of clothing in your capable hands? I seem to have nicked myself a few times shaving". You couldn't help but notice a lack of scratches on his face and neck but brushed it off, only wishing to gain favor with your new boss. "I'd be more than happy to" You reassured him. " How wonderful" He exclaimed once again. "I shall bring them to the studio in the morning". He paused for a moment, his tone now more subdued. "You can say no. Mon chéri. I don't want to take advantage of your talents". You shake your head. "Happy to help where I can, it is the least I can do in return for your delightful company Sir". Quickly you look to the ground, wondering if you'd overstepped the ill-defined boundary but Alastor continued the conversation as normal, putting your worries to rest. As you arrive at your front door, Alastor grabs your hand and bows down to kiss the back of it. "Enchanté. For now. I look forward to seeing your face tomorrow morning, it shall be the highlight of my day" He purred at you.

Heading inside the room was thick with the smell of cigarette smoke. Frank was already home, several bottles by his feet. As you laid eyes upon him his eyes dark and a scowl upon his face. "Hey...honey what's wrong ?" you croaked out as you rushed to his side. "Who the fuck was that!" he bellowed back at you. You took a few steps away, taken aback by his bluntness. Although you hadn't been on good terms for a long time now, he'd never expressed it in anger, it was one of his redeeming qualities. Whenever you'd argued in the past he'd been stoic, choosing to walk away from the situation at hand. Admittedly that had often led to many unresolved issues within the relationship but you always told yourself things could be worse. Friends had been quick to remind you how lucky you were, to have a man who didn't yell and berate you during disagreements or worse, lay hands on you. "That's my boss, Alastor." You meekly replied feeling like you were walking on eggshells in this moment. "He walked me home, there is a killer on the loose and he wanted to make sure I got home safe. I thought you weren't home yet" You remarked but as soon as the words left your lips you knew the mistake you'd made, how that could be taken as you were trying to hide something. Frank lept off the sofa, his hulking torso towering over you. "And so because I'm not home that's fine for you to kiss him!"He howled at you. "Well why don't I go out and you can do whatever you want with him! Hell, I'll go grab him for you myself". Upon saying this Frank made his way to the front door. You grabbed a hold of his shirt and before you knew it, you were on the floor.

Your cheek, searing hot as pain shot through your face, your ear ringing slightly. This was the first time he'd struck you and all you could do was sit there and watch him walk out the door, slamming it as he exited. You'd always considered yourself a strong member of the fairer sex, often telling friends how you'd respond if Frank treated you how some of their partners had treated them, clip them round the ear and tell them what for but as of this moment in time nothing but shock ran through your body. You sat there for several moments just processing what had happened before pulling yourself back onto your feet.

A few moments later a knock at the door echoed through the house. You opened it to be greeted by the concerned face of your neighbor, Milly. "I heard some commotion, are you okay" She said softly, her eyes fixating on what you could only assume to be a large red welt on your cheek. You plastered a smile across your face and nodded. "I'm fine you claimed but not as convincingly as you'd like, As Milly stepped through the threshold she wrapped an arm around you leading you both towards the kitchen. "Let me get us a drink. I take it Frank has had a hard day too" She noted. Milly proceeded to fill you in on the news that her husband had also been let go today, apparently something to do with a company contract falling through and losing the boss a lot of money. Resulting in them having to lay off close to a third of the workforce. Whilst her words explained Frank's reaction, you found no comfort in the matter. In the following week, Frank was unable to find work and his temper grew worse, often spending days at the house doing nothing but drinking, when you'd arrive home from work he'd do nothing but berate you. Making comments on your failure as a woman, unable to bear a child, or how you seemed to act like you wore the trousers being the only one bringing home money. You hoped every time he'd lay hands on you that it'd be the last, but it never was. Your only escape became work, working alongside Alastor always managed to put a smile on your face, and your lunches out together became the highlight of your day. Over one particular meal out Alastor expressed disdain for the lack of good jambalaya that places served. Wanting to repay him for his kindness you decided to cook some for him. Before Milly and William moved next door, a lovely Creole family had lived there and gave you a rather flavourful recipe. The thought of doing this filled your soul with joy. He was always so appreciative of your gestures and it came as a stark contrast to your home life.

Frank had taken to heading out as of a nighttime, this left you free to do as you please. Mend suits, clean shirts, cook and bake small thoughtful gifts for your boss, Knowing Frank would not return until the early hours of the morning, usually after kicking out time. Whilst tending to your extra work activity you decided to sort through Frank's clothing, his best suit had, had a rip for a while. You hoped if he mended it you would perhaps be able to get him back into work and although you knew life wouldn't be perfect it would certainly be an improvement on the current situation. Before getting to work on the suit jacket you emptied the pockets. A couple of notes, a napkin, and a matchbox to which you paid no mind and began to work on stitching up the tear. The grandfather clock had not long chimed 10 pm by the time you were done with all the clothes and now you set yourself to work in the kitchen, prepping the onions, celery, and carrots. Reaching into a draw for the matches you realized the box was empty, you paused for a moment before you recalled the matchbox from Frank's pocket. striking a match you noticed the front of the box was branded for a cabaret club in town. You'd grown to accept his drinking but watching other women was another thing. Anger boiled up inside of you a feeling you'd not felt in many years, you'd always been able to bury such feelings to pretend everything was fine but this felt like the last straw.

You grabbed your coat and slipped on your shoes heading out into the night, tears already streaming down your face. A thick fog had rolled in, and you pulled the fur of your coat up to your face as you braced yourself for the rain that had not long begun to fall. Arriving at the venue, the hazy orange glow of the lights filtered into the darkness, and sounds of music and laughing could be heard from outside. You took a moment to mentally prepare yourself for the confrontation before stepping into the venue. Deep crimson velvet curtains lined the entrance, and the smell of alcohol and smoke invaded your lungs. The room was dimly lit, the main illumination came from the stage lights to which several scantily dressed women were dancing, the room was crowded, and thick billows of smoke hung in the air making it hard to identify anyone in the room. But, from the far side of the room, you could hear a familiar voice followed by the shrilled laughter of several women. You moved through the crowd before you laid eyes upon him, you couldn't believe it. why would he be here? You had part expected it but hoped it wasn't so. But actually seeing him tore you apart. He was sat in a booth, surrounded by 3 younger women, and dancers. You wanted to run over to him but your legs just seemed to fail you as though you were rooted to the spot, you felt weak, you tried to yell in his direction but no sound escaped your lips. You took in a deep breath before yelling his name "FRANK!" You finally yelled out in an explosive manner followed by several unsavoury names. He took one look at you before turning away to avoid eye contact, you felt your world crumble around you. Despite everything these last few years, there was still a part of you that loved him but this hit you harder than he ever had, the realization that there was nothing left to salvage. You turned and ran out, your heart pounding out of your chest as you struggled to regain your breath.

The rain had now picked up as it poured down to the ground, and with every breath caught in your throat, the distant sound of music had now washed out in your world as you tried to process what you had witnessed as you felt yourself fall apart. You didn't notice the sound of footsteps splashing towards you until they were right behind you. Assuming it was Frank's sorry self, you swung your arm out as you spun around but were shocked as you felt a firm grasp upon your wrist. Your eyes blurry from tears it took a moment to realise who had approached you, not Frank but instead...Alastor. "Al..." You managed to choke out. "Lu"... he replied softly before pulling you into him, releasing your wrist and resting one hand upon your back, the other on your head, gently pressing your face into his chest. Your world which had been falling apart meer moments ago, now felt held together in his embrace. You both stood there for what felt like an eternity, his hand gently caressing your back as you could do nothing but sob. The sounds of rain and your sobs are the only things that echo through the night air.

Alastor said nothing, only offering warmth and comfort in that moment, waiting for you to release all of your pain. After several moments you pull yourself from him, muttering apologies at him but still unable to face him. He however placed a finger under your chin to tilt your face to meet his, you didn't want to look at him, not wanting him to see you in such a state yet you found yourself giving no resistance to it. Your gaze meets his, and for a moment you see a flash of pure wrath across his face. Assuming he was angered by the disgrace you'd made of yourself you once again apologize to which his face switches. His features soften as he looks down at you, oh so gently caressing your cheek with his thumb. "No need to apologize, my dear, that PIG! is not deserving of you." He almost snarled the words out but you could only manage to nod in response, all of a sudden feeling drained. "Now allow me to walk you home". This however was not so much an offer. It was a command. And as he linked his arm around yours, you both walked home in silence.

You said your farewells at the door and as soon as you got inside you threw yourself on the sofa, the next thing you knew it was morning. You checked the clock, you still had a few hours before needing to be at the studio. You felt in a haze, wishing to believe last night had been a bad dream but at your core, you knew it hadn't been. You did note however there was no sign of Frank coming home last night, perhaps that was for the best you told yourself as you pulled yourself away from the sofa to get ready for the day. As you look at your reflection in the mirror you notice the deep purplish brown mark on your face, between your tears and the rain, your makeup must have run off. Thinking nothing of it you wash yourself and apply a fresh face being sure to once again cover the repulsive mark. Heading to the kitchen you see the pot of unfinished jambalaya and decide that if there was any reason to thank Alastor for his kindness, this was it.

Arriving at the studio with your best smile you enter the office, to which Alastor greets you with a hug. "How are you doing this morning mon cher". his velvety voice already melting away your worries. "I'm angry and if I'm being completely honest with you..." You stop yourself before you finish. "Well I do appreciate honesty among friends, mon chéri." he directed. "If I'm being completely honest I want to rip his fucking face off". You were in shock at the vulgarity of your own words but what shocked you more was Alastor's reaction, he simply laughed at the statement. Not his usual upbeat showman voice. A deep authentic chuckle that despite the comfort you felt around him, it had still managed to send shivers up your spine. Still...unsure of the context, was it because you were a woman, did he think you were not capable, did he think you were merely joking but the almost unpleasant nature of his laugh made you question if perhaps he enjoyed such an idea, relished in it even. You both spoke nothing more of the night and proceeded to power through the broadcast. Alastor didn't ask you to sing nor invite you to chime in on the topics of discussion today. Perhaps he was considering terminating your employment, had that statement been too much, was your performance last night too unprofessional and did he want to distance himself from you now? Your worries were further added too when lunch rolled around. You'd gone to grab your bag to present him with the jambalaya. But when you returned, he'd already left. You simply placed the Tupperware on his desk and decided to return home and finish the rest of the pot for your lunch. Your walk home had your head spinning, once leaving the studio the illusion of peace was shattered. It was like that place had a spell on you, kept you calm, kept you smiling or could it have been...Him? Before you knew it you had already arrived at the house, you took a deep breath, preparing yourself to enter the abode.

The house was silent once again, a sensation you'd grown far too accustomed to at this point. Yet the air somehow felt heavy, you couldn't place your finger on it but something felt off, a strange metallic smell hung in the air. Yet as you entered the kitchen nothing could have prepared you for what you were about to witness. Frank lay on the floor, body sliced open like a wild animal, blood seeping into the grout of the tiled floor, guts were hanging out of him but most disturbingly, his face had been carved off. No, ripped off... You let out a shriek of horror and began to run towards the lifeless carcass that had once been your partner for over a decade. But, before you could take more than a step you felt a hand wrap around your mouth, another around your waist, pulling you tightly against the body of the intruder. almost in an embrace. Still. you tried to fight against them, to pull yourself away but you were unsuccessful, their grip although firm seemed to be done in such a manner as to not cause you pain.

"I mean you no harm". A hushed voice purred out behind you, their hot breath brushing past your ear as they spoke. Oh so familiar that voice was, and as you heard it you felt the shock and horror fade from your body. Gingerly you reached up to the hand clasped around your mouth, curling your fingers around his, the blood still warm and wet on his hand. You gently tugged it away, to which you felt no resistance.

As you spun around you were met with Alastor's grin, his face, his shirt, splattered with the blood of your husband. "Now I do apologize for grabbing you as such, a man should NEVER! lay hands upon a lady". As he said this, it clicked, last night, he'd seen your bruises. The look of wrath on his face last night made sense, it wasn't aimed at you but at what Frank had done to you... "Now now now I'm afraid I'm going to ask you for a favor " He declared. "Do you need your shirt washed". You spluttered out, somehow more shocked at your compliance than the situation you were in, at how calm you felt at this moment, how willing you were to follow his instructions. Maybe you were in shock, maybe everything you'd dealt with these last few weeks had finally pushed you past your breaking point and you were no longer able to process the horrors before you. Yet somehow. Despite being faced with that of a murderer, you hadn't felt this safe in a long time. "No no no...well yes but not right now." he faltered. "I am going to move this body and I'm going to need you to clean this little mess up if you would be so kind? I'm sure your outcry could have alerted somebody". He paused for a moment. And then took your face in his hand, softly caressing your cheek with his thumb but you could feel the resistance as the blood on his hand had begun to now dry. The only words that seemed to be able to escape your lips were a quiet and submissive "Yes Sir"

You began to fill a bowl in the sink with hot soapy water but you could not help but notice how effortlessly Alastor seemed to be able to move Frank's body, Alastor had a slender albeit somewhat athletic frame that you couldn't help but notice from the finely tailored suits he wore that fit him so perfectly. But yet Frank was heavily set from a lifetime in the army followed by working in construction, You felt Alastor shouldn't have been able to move him so easily. Your mind wandered, his calmness, his complete lack of emotion, and his almost professionalism in disposing of the body. Had he done this before? You shook that idea from your mind and tried to focus on the task at hand. You wanted to do a good job, considering how politely you'd been asked to help.

After the body was out of the kitchen you set to work on the kitchen floor. Maybe a solid hour later, Alastor returned. "Well, aren't you a little miracle worker! You've done a marvelous job mon chéri." As he said this he turned to the pot left on the stove and opened it, his eyes seemed to light up for a moment as he saw the contents of the pot and took out the wooden spoon, Placed his lips, and sampled some, his eyes widened and a grin crawled along his lips "How superb! Oh, how this takes me back!" He complimented bringing a blush to your cheeks once again. He must have noticed as he once again placed a hand on your face "Any man would be lucky to have a dame such as yourself" He proclaimed. You looked up at him, your eyes flickered to his shirt still coated in crusty blood stains but his stare was intense as he looked down at you, for a second you imagined his hand slipping down from your chin and moving down around your throat, slowly squeezing the life from your body just as he perhaps had done to Frank ."I'll fill a bowl with water and fetch you some of Frank's clothes" You offered, not even waiting for a reply knowing you didn't have long before you needed to return to the studio and proceeded to pull away from his grasp.

Once you were both clean and changed, Alastor held the front door open for you and gestured for you to head out. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful but somehow felt surreal, like you were in some kind of dream...or maybe a nightmare, you couldn't quite decide. Whilst you felt like all your previous worries had been taken off your shoulders, a new load was now placed upon them. What if the body is found, what do you tell the police, what do you tell the neighbors, how will you afford things without a man? Almost as though he could read your mind, during a small break Alastor turned to you. "We'll discuss things tonight. I believe there is some more of that delightful jambalaya to finish". Somehow such a simple phrase put your mind at ease. As promised you both returned to your house and discussed how you would handle the situation. He offered to increase your wages and promote you to personal assistant, Dry cleaner, and maid so as to not raise suspicion but ensure that you were financially kept afloat. He coached you on what to say, and to your surprise you were quite the actress, crying on command or maybe just releasing the pent-up emotions you'd buried deep down inside yourself. Nonetheless, Alastor showered you with praise. The police were satisfied with your answers, stories of a woman of the night and a love nest somewhere south of the border. Afterward, he bowed. "I tip my hat to you, mon coeur saigne pour toi" he had told you, although you had never quite been sure of what it meant. You had picked up a few French words from him but this was new. However, it sounded like a compliment and that was good enough for you.

Life just went on, some nights you'd awake in a cold sweat, guilt, fear, and something darker...regret. Regret you'd not been the one to do it to him yourself. One day curiosity took the better of you and on a walk home you found yourself questioning "Was he your first?" You queried. "Yes" he stated but something about it led you to doubt the sincerity of his answer and you found yourself repeating words he'd once said to you. "I appreciate honesty among friends" to which he laughed. "You are something else. No. There have been others".Part of you wanted to ask how many. How long ? and why? but you decided it was maybe best you didn't know. Alastor had become your rock, your person of comfort and you didn't want that to be tainted. You felt you could maybe handle the answer but it wasn't worth the risk, in the following year you'd lost your mother, your father had passed before you moved to New Orleans, no siblings to turn to.

You and Alastor continued on the air for several more years, building a close relationship with one another. As of your new duties, you'd discreetly launder any messy clothes, sew up any rips and tears. Provide alibies should anyone ask. In return should you feed him the name of someone causing hurt to anyone close to you, the following day you'd both be reporting on the murder or disappearance of them. As time went on you felt feelings for him bubble up but you daren't say anything, you knew what he was capable of and whilst he had been nothing but a gentleman to you, you could never be sure that he couldn't hurt you. Nor did you know if the feelings were reciprocated.

One morning you arrived at the studio, Alastor was nowhere to be seen but as he had taught you. 'The show must go on!' You did that morning broadcast by yourself but at lunch time as you went to grab a newspaper, one in particular caught your eye. 'Beloved Radio host shot dead' Your heart sank as you collapsed to the ground. Clutching the newspaper to your chest.


Later chapters will be set in hell, there will be smut and a little fluff but I wanted to build a connection between Alastor and OC before getting into that.

mon coeur saigne pour toi (My heart bleeds for you)