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Plans had been put in place, favors had been called in, and everything was coming together. Alastor had to admit this was out of the norm for him but not unheard of. He had put such things in place in his living life. In life, he had always been a hit with the ladies and whilst he had little interest in such things, there was a certain part to play and if he was going to play it, he would play it well. In hell, he'd never expected he would be doing such things but Belle had shown him courage yesterday, coming back during the exorcist attack. At several moments he had caught a look of terror on her face but she still stood her ground by his side.

But besides bravery, she had also shown a loyalty to him. He had always known she was loyal to a fault. But she gave up not only someone who had once been the love of her life, someone who had given her everything she could want in a relationship but she also gave up the ability to see her parents. Something that Alastor could appreciate more than most, in all honesty, given the choice between seeing his Belle and seeing his mother he wouldn't know which he would pick and yet within the space of less than a day, she had chosen him. On that train of thought, she had also given him the best gift he could ask for. He got to see his beloved mother again, maybe not directly but probably the closest he would ever get to seeing her. For all these things, she deserved to be truly treated and that is what he intended on doing. Should anyone ruin his plans, death would be a release, not the punishment.


You are awoken by the sensation of cool metal, softly running along your jawline. "It's time to wake up mon chéri." Alastor's voice was soft and low. You weren't ready to wake yet and instead, you took a hold of his hand, pulling it to your face as you nuzzled into it. "Darling, the breakfast will get cold." He continued with a honeyed tone. "You crack your eyes open, your vision blurry to begin with but as you rub the sleep from your eyes you are met with the view of Alastor. However, not in his usual attire. You blink a few times to clear the last of the sleep. No longer his red coat with the tatted ends that he had denied your offer to fix. Instead a deep wine red, double-breasted suit jacket with large lapels and matching trousers. His suit shirt was the one you had hand-stitched for him and had given it to him on Valentine's Day. He also sported a more modest bowtie. He had even slicked back his hair with a side part and a slight wave to the fringe.

In his hand, he held a breakfast tray with 3 crepes stuffed with a selection of fresh berries and whipped cream, knowing Alastor's disdain for modern appliances the cream had most likely been whipped by hand. You let out a light chuckle. "Well, what's all this for?" You wave your hand gesturing to the whole of him. "My mother once taught me that when you upset someone the apology should be as loud as the disrespect was. However, I followed that line of thinking further and believe when someone does something for you, the thank you should be equally as loud. I do not have the words to express my thanks so instead I hope my actions will. I have taken the liberty to plan us a day out."

"A day out you say? That sounds dangerously like a date." You tease, taking the tray from his hands. "Well, I suppose one might call it that if they so pleased." It was a good job you hadn't taken a bite of your food yet because you would have most certainly choked on it. You place the tray down beside you and climb out of bed, placing the back of your hand on his forehead. "Are you...feeling okay? Do you need to lay down? Do you need me to get you some water? Can demons even get sick?" Alastor takes your hand off him and kisses the back of it. "I am fine my darling, one good turn deserves another. Does it not?" Alastor proclaimed but you felt he was putting too much weight on your return to him. Yes, you had given up a few things in heaven to return to hell but it wasn't just about him, it was about everyone in the hotel that you'd grown to care for. Seeing your friends being potentially slaughtered on TV whilst those above sit and watch it for entertainment.

"So what exactly are we doing today?" You asked as you sat back down to eat. "Well that would just spoil the surprise now, wouldn't it? But I would love to hear your ideas." He boasted as he joined you on the bed. "Well, I feel your idea of a fun time would be wreaking havoc." You half laugh out. "Hmm, I think I might have to change some of the plans. Very good suggestion my dear." Alastor begins to stand up as though leaving for the door, but you grab his arm. "NO! that wasn't a suggestion!" You protest but you catch the corners of his mouth curl up slightly. "I must admit you are quite adorable when you get flustered like that. But no, nothing of the sort. Perhaps we can plan that for another day. However, today I have planned entirely around what I believe you will enjoy." Alastor proceeds to move towards the wardrobe and brings out a garment bag from it. "And for after you finish your breakfast, I got you something to wear. I couldn't help but notice last night, that you seem to have left most of your belongings in heaven."

You finished off your breakfast and finally, Alastor allowed you to unzip the bag. Inside was the most beautiful carmine-coloured dress you could imagine. Another sweetheart neckline with long sleeves. As you pulled it out of the bag it was a floor-length dress, with a princess seam waistline, and a high leg slit on the right side. The whole of the dress was covered in tiny red beads which gave the appearance of sequins as they glittered in the light. The inside of the dress was lined in a burnt maroon silk. You had never seen a dress so beautiful, let alone owned one. "Uhh...I...This must have cost you a lot." You stuttered out. "And yet it pales in comparison to your value." He purred. Your cheeks flushed and in that moment you were sure they were as bright as the dress was.

"I always said you look good in red mon chéri." Alastor only confirmed your suspicion. "Well, here I was thinking the dress was for you" You laugh out, trying to hide your embarrassment. "I simply don't have the legs for it. You on the other hand." He chuckled back but as he did, he ran one claw up the length of your leg, getting dangerously high to the hem of your nightshirt that already covered very little of you but stopped before going any further. Your legs were trembling under his touch. "fret not, I don't wish to make a mess of you...at least not yet. I shall save that pleasure for tonight."

You had pleaded for him there and then but he was insistent on waiting. Instead running you a bath which he ladened with rose petals. He genuinely had put so much thought into every aspect of this morning and you felt like you were seeing a new side to him. You stepped out of the bath and dried yourself off and proceeded to run your fingers along the beaded details of the dress. Slipping into the dress you noticed along with the high leg slit, the back of the dress fell into a very deep V that stopped only just above the base of your spine. You decided to forgo underwear as everything you had would ruin the look of the ensemble from your bra strap across the back and the fact your pants would peek out from the bottom of the V. You found you were struggling to reach the zipper at the bottom. You tried twisting around to do it up but the dress was tight-fitting and you panicked at the idea you might rip it. "Umm, Alastor...might need a hand in here."

"I said you were to wait till tonight." He said walking through the door. He stopped in his tracks as he laid eyes on you, his expression softened, and the hoods of his eyes lowered. He looked at you as though it were the first time, seeing you through fresh eyes even. As though you were the only woman he'd ever seen. He took in your entire visage with a sense of admiration. "Hey Bambi, the zip." Your words brought him back into the moment and he pulled the zip up. His claw then traces up your exposed back, along your spine, and finally rests his hand on your shoulder to spin you around.

As you turn to face him, his eyes look you down from head to toe. With his eyes lingering on you, you begin to feel a little self-conscious. "You still with us?" You whisper softly and are taken by surprise as he reaches out and takes you by the waist, pulling your bodies closer. "My darling, ma douce chérie. You look exquisite, absolutely bewitching." He purred out. "Well, I think anyone would look nice in a dress like..." He places a finger on your lips and you stop talking. "Never sell yourself short my dear. Beauty comes from more places than just the physical form." You say nothing for a moment, just soaking in his words and lost for your own. "Now it would be an honor if you would accompany me for the day." He extended his arm and you looped yours around his.

You had not been aware there were other parts of hell but Alastor took you to the lust ring, parts of the city were much like the redlight districts on Earth but you did not stay there long. Instead, Alastor took you to a garden that had aptly been named 'Eden'. A stunning flower garden. Besides Valentine's Day, you had not seen any plant growth in hell. This had verdant, walled gardens with every flower you could imagine. You had not realized how much you missed the sight of such things. Moon arches, water features, and sculptures were abundant here. As you were walking, he stopped and plucked out one of the roses from a bronze-green colored bush. The petals reminded you of velvet ruffles and they matched the color of your dress perfectly. He held it to your nose and told you to inhale to which you did. It had a strong and spicy aroma that reminded you of cloves. No, it reminded you of the warm spice of Alastor. "This particular variety is called 'Lot's of love' rose. He said as he tucked it into your hair.

"So poetry, music, art, and now gardening. Is there anything you aren't versed in?" You chuckled out. "Well, when you have an eternity of time on your hands. You should ensure to keep the mind sharp." He offered in response. "I think even after I've been in hell as long as you, I still wouldn't pick up as much as you have." You offer him in response. "My darling, I said you shouldn't put yourself down. But allow me to pick you up. You offer a skillset that I could never possess. You learned emotional depth, to forgive those who cause you grievance. You bring a warmth and light to every room you walk into, and everyone you meet. You learned self-sacrifice without allowing it to consume you, many can commit acts of self-sacrifice but they lose themselves to it, not you though. You are an impressive specimen, even if you don't see it."

The two of you easily spent hours walking around the gardens, you kept finding yourself in awe of how much he knew about the different plants, the conditions they needed to grow, when certain hybrids were created as well as the Latin name for most of the plants. You doubted you would remember even a fraction of it but it was always a delight to hear him speak so passionately about topics. You would often lose yourself looking at him when he was explaining. Just feeling so caught up in the moment, it was silly to think that at first when you met Alastor you had been unnerved by him, from his ghostly pale skin, his serrated teeth, and his crimson eyes, that description in a book would be a monster but now you were falling in love with it. The way his smile would change so subtly when it was genuine. The emotion in his eyes when he was talking about something he cared about.

After the gardens, Alastor promised you one more treat. You arrive at an art deco-inspired building with 'Desiree's Den' in large font above the door. Velvet curtains line the entrance and as you walk in you get the vibes of a cabaret club which was only confirmed as you entered the main room to a large stage. The interior of the room was beautifully ornate with several chandeliers that gave the room a low light. To one side of the room was a smartly dressed bartender with a selection of expensive-looking bottles behind him. The art of burlesque dancers adorned the walls. The sounds of people murmuring but thankfully unlike most of the times you went out with Alastor, they did not stop when they saw the pair of you.

You were both escorted to a table with a reservation sign on it which the host promptly removed and lit the candle between you. "You know, this whole day it's not felt like being in hell. Everywhere in Pentagram City just feels like a warzone. I wake to gunfire and explosions every morning and whilst I've kind of become accustomed to it, this...well this is really nice. Thank you, Alastor." You professed. "Mon chéri, you gave up heaven and all the comforts that it provided you. I wanted to show you that you can make your own piece of heaven no matter where you are." He was on a full-charm offensive, at least for today.

The menu offered no prices and you were hesitant to order anything, finding yourself trying to figure out which would be the cheapest option. "Does nothing take your fancy?" Alastor enquired. "No, it's not that, everything looks so good. I just, maybe I'm not hungry." You try to shrug it off as nothing but your stomach gives it away as a loud grumble erupts from you. "Now you should know by now, I appreciate honesty among friends." His tone sounded like a subtle reprimand. "I just. It's just." You stumble over your words. "Well whatever it is, if everything sounds good, I can order for you." Alastor removes the menu from your hands and begins to look down at things. "I just don't want to waste too much money, this place looks really fancy and I dread to think what the bill is." You finally confess. "My dear, this entire day is to spoil you. To thank you and remind you that I will look after what is mine."

"You always call me 'my' dear or refer to me as 'mine'. You don't own me, you don't own my soul." You protested. "Oh darling, when I say mine. I don't mean you are mine like a book is mine or a room is mine. I mean it as you are mine to care for, mine to love. Mine, not like a possession but instead my devotion. Not mine as you belong to me, but, with me." His words shook you to your core. You had always seen him as a possessive person, someone who collects souls and sees them only as bartering chips. He had always spoken of you as something of 'value', as an 'asset'. "Well if that's what it means to be yours, I think I like the sound of that." You beamed.

In the end, Alastor did order for you, picking the Sika deer with parsnips and juniper for you both. The plate was so immaculately decorated that you almost didn't want to eat it. "I hope you're not going to let the sacrifice of this deer's life go to waste. If something is killed, you should be sure to consume it, make sure nothing goes to waste, or else it is a disrespect to the creature's life." Alastor declared as he had started cutting his up. "Oh is that what you did with Frank's body?" You chuckled. "Well his meat was rather chewy, but I promise you none of him went to waste." Your blood ran cold when he said that, there was no hint of joking in his statement. "Did you...did you actually eat him." You stuttered, voice trembling slightly. "Wild animals need feeding as well, there is a woodland plantation about 40 minutes out of New Orleans. They took care of him." You let out a sigh of relief. "Well most of him" He continued.

You still weren't certain if he was joking or not but had managed to convince yourself so. As you were finishing off your meal, you noticed the dancers on the stage had now retreated out back and several burley demons were now moving a grand piano and a few musical instruments onto the center of the stage. "Ah, perfect timing!" Alastor piped up with enthusiasm. He placed his knife and fork together and stood up with his hand outstretched to you. Which you took and were pulled to your feet. A slender imp hops up onto the piano stool and begins to play a few notes before another imp picks up the saxophone. The two of them play a slow, sweet, and faintly melancholy tune that you recognize to be 'Ugly Beauty' by Thelonius Monk.

You are pulled onto the dancefloor and a few of the other couples are already moving across it. "Alastor I haven't danced in so long, I don't even think I still know how." You start to move away, feeling slightly embarrassed. "Then follow my lead and I'll remind you how to." Alastor purrs out and he pulls you in. Placing one hand on your lower back, you feel the tips of his claws lightly pressing in. His other hand releases yours momentarily to now place his fingers between yours. You both begin to sway across the dancefloor with a rise and fall of side steps.

Just as you feel you're starting to get into the rhythm of it, Alastor sends you spinning, his arm stretches out and you find yourself twirling on the floor before being pulled back into him, closer than before. Your whole body feels on fire, your mind awhirl. You can't help but laugh as you return to the swaying movements, this time now picking up a bit more with the pace of the song. "Okay, I forgot how much fun that was!" You tittered. "And how about this?" Alastor proceeded to release your hand and throw your torso back, only supported by his hand on your back as you felt the tips of your hair brush along the floor. As he pulls you back up, his fingers lightly brush between your cleavage and then return to your hand. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack!" You exclaim, not expecting the sudden movement or his touch. "I love when I can dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat." As he says this, he picks up pace on the floor, no longer following the music but instead moving to the beat of your heart.

As the song comes to an end, he twirls you out into the dancefloor once more, this time moving behind you. Your arm is held out as he places several kisses up the length of it, the final one tenderly on your neck as he dips you down to the floor once more. "I told you mon chéri, you'd pick it up in no time." He whispers in your ear then gently nips the lobe between his teeth. However, the moment is broken as more imps have come to pick up instruments and the music picked up to a swing beat. You both switch between getting cocktails and dancing for the remainder of the night, by the end of it you are exhausted. The drinks had gone to your head and you see a similar flush to Alastor's cheeks.

"I think that's me done for the night." Your voice comes out between breaths after a particularly vigorous Charleston. "Shall we retire for the night?" You give him a nod and he takes your hand to guide you off the dancefloor, both grabbing one more drink for the road. The two of you hobbled down the streets of Pentagram City, in a weird way it was nice to see Alastor when he was like this. Even throughout the day, all his kind words, they had felt like an act. Everything he did was meticulously orchestrated and whilst he had not allowed himself to get as merry as last time. You felt there was more authenticity to him after a couple of drinks.

You both stumbled into the hotel and were faced with the stairs. "I swear, we need an elevator in here" You whine, between dancing and the walk back, you knew your feet would be blistered by morning. However, Alastor scoops you up in one swift movement, staggering slightly as he does so but carries you safely up into the bedroom. The first thing you do after your feet hit the floor is kick off the heels. You pull your nightshirt out of the drawers and make a mental note to purchase a new one tomorrow if Angel is up for a shopping trip.

Reaching around to your back you attempt to unzip your dress but only manage to get it part way down before you feel Alastor's ungloved hands reaching for the zip and pulling it down the rest of the way, his hands then move up to your shoulders, slipping the dress down to expose your bare flesh. You feel him pull you into him, one hand cupping under your breast, the other wrapped around your throat as he uses his thumb to push your jaw, moving your head to the side as his lips hover over your neck. His hot breath washed over it, causing goosebumps to form all over your body. "Well, that was a bold move my darling." His lips finally make contact with your neck as he lightly sucks at the sensitive flesh. "I didn't want to ruin the look of the dress, I didn't expect you to be undressing me like this." Your voice is light and breathy as you speak.

"I wasn't complaining but also no need to lie. I know exactly what is going through your little mind, such lustful thoughts." He purrs. "Oh well, I know how scared you get when my thoughts go to such places." You jest with him, pushing your rear against him in a grinding motion but are taken off guard when he whips your body around. "Belle I assure you, not many things in this life scare me and physical intimacy isn't one of them." He lifts you onto the drawers and moves your legs to either side of him allowing him to slip into the space between them. His face now leaning into your breasts as he circles your nipple with his tongue.

"So what does scare you then?" Curiosity overtakes all thoughts despite his hand moving up your thigh. He stops and tilts his head up to meet you. "Honestly?" And you reply "Honestly." His ears flicker back for a moment. "Honestly...when you went to heaven and I thought I would never see you again." You take his face in your hands and bring him to stand up at his full height before wrapping your arms around the back of his neck. Holding him tightly, holding him close. "Oh, Alastor..." You said with a sotto voice, there was no facade to his words, no ulterior motive to it. It didn't seem like he had planned his answer but instead came from a moment of sincerity brought on by the alcohol. Alastor grabbed under your thighs and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he moved you over to the bed. "But I have you by my side again and I intend to show you how much that means to me."

He placed you down on the quilted sheets and you traced your hands down from the back of his neck, pulling him into a kiss. Your lips meet fiercely with his, and the kiss becomes deep, dominating with a passion you hadn't felt before from him. Maybe even a neediness to it. You found yourself lost in the moment. The smell of him, the warm spice and cloves. The taste of him, whiskey that lingered on his tongue as it explored your mouth. You found your hands reaching to the buttons of his shirt, needing more skin-on-skin contact, needing more of him. He slid it off his shoulder before his hands returned to your body, holding onto the soft curves that it offered, fingers dancing across your skin. Yet you found yourself craving more, reaching for the buckle of his belt.

"Those hands of yours are going to get you in trouble." He smirked and swiftly pinned them above your head. "But I want you." You pleaded but your pleas were met with his lips once more, silencing you. You moved your face away from his. "I want to be yours, heart, body, and...soul." As the words left your mouth, he arched an eyebrow at you, his smile shifted more into a smirk. "And soul?" He reiterated. "Yes." You whispered softly once again reaching for his belt again. "But if I'm giving up my soul, I expect a bit more bang for my buck than a handshake." You manage to start working his trousers down but his hands stop you once more. "And the conditions of this?" You had never thought about putting conditions to the deal. Before you had handed it to him with the knowledge you could take it back at any moment. But now you found you didn't need that nor did you want it.

"I want you, only you. I want your promise I can stand by your side for the rest of my time in hell. Yours and yours only." Your answer seems to please him as he waves his hand, producing an ornate dagger. "Well if that's what my Belle wishes for then I believe we have a deal." With his free hand, he offers it to you. You take it and pull him back on top of you, using your legs to finally slide his trousers down, and twisting your hips until he is inside you. without hesitation, he gives deep, hard thrusts.

"So about that sigil? Last time I said I wanted to carve your name into my flesh, let us not waste that pretty dagger of yours" You moan out between thrusts. He slows his movements, an unnaturally wide grin spread across his lips as he takes it off the bedsheets. Cold metal traces over your skin, over your throat, and down to your chest. Moving between your breasts, down your sternum, and trailing off at your stomach. You grab his hand that held the dagger and lift it back to your chest, just below your collarbone. "I want people to see it, and know that I am yours." You purr out. "You are something else my darling."

As you feel the blade pierce the skin, Alastor's eyes light up at the sight of your blood. As he drags it down you writhe beneath him, and he rolls his hips into you, still managing to keep a steady hand. You had not expected you'd enjoy the sensation of being cut as much as you did but you found between the smooth motions of his cock sliding between your legs and the sharp edge of the knife, you were pushed over the edge. Your body feels like electricity is running through your veins as the sensation spreads throughout your entire body. Alastor pulled out of you thinking his job was done.

You, however, had other plans. As he climbed off you and took a step back, you slid off the bed onto your knees in front of him. Placing a hand on his thigh to stop him from moving any further away. You slide your tongue from the base of his cock to the tip and catch him shudder a little. You repeat the motion again, tasting yourself as you lick along his length. Then taking the tip in your mouth you twist your tongue in circular motions around his head, similarly to how he would work his tongue around your nipples or against your clit. Relishing in the sounds of his breaths catching. You place a hand at the base and move your lips down, your hand and mouth working as one. Being sure that every time you reach the tip, to flick your tongue over it, each time feeling a little shudder from him. You release your hand from the base and reach down to cup his balls in your hands, gently caressing them as your lips slide down the entire length of him. You struggle as he hits the back of your throat but pick up pace nonetheless, determined to see this to the end. That moment comes quicker than you anticipated as you feel his hot seed filling the back of your throat.

You pull your face away from him and meet his bewildered gaze, running your tongue over your lips. "You taste so good. I think I'm going to need the recipe." Repeating words he had once said to you. You run a finger along the sigil he carved, which now has long red trails running down from it, stopping near your hips. You gather some of the blood on your fingertip, bringing it to your lips and taking a taste. "But apparently so do I and now that I am yours, for as long as I live. I suppose you can have a taste whenever you wish."

"Tu es une révélation chérie"

A/N so this might be the final chapter I'm gonna post. I'm running out of ideas and motivation to write this particular story but I may come back to it because I love this OC and I love the slow build relationship she's had with Alastor and there are still some loose plot points that I could add to. So this might be a hiatus or this might be the end of it now that he owns her soul, completely with no takebacks.

Tu es une révélation chérie - You are a revelation darling