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Chapter 3: The Great Ramerade Arts!!

Ranma got into a starting pose a Sam got out her CD player and attached the headphones to her ears.

'What is she doing!' thought Ranma.

Sam got into a ready pose and started bobbing her head as if to an invisible beat. Ranma watched the head and failed to stop, or even realize the punch that had just sunk into his stomach.

Ranma quickly recovered and made a mental note as he back flipped away from his opponent.

"Don't watch the head." He mumbled to himself.

"What was that?" asked the green haired one (GH1).

"Nothing!" Ranma yelled as he ran forward some to punch at.....air?

Ranma quickly turned his punch into a swing and caught Sam in the right arm. Ranma turned the opportunity to his favor and followed the swing with a kick, knocking Sam into the ground.

Sam quickly got up into a spin kick, which caught Ranma in the arms and glanced off. She then saw an opening and spun into an upward punch, sending Ranma into a spiral as the wind around him started to fallow the course of his rotation.

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Ranma saw this as a chance to end the battle.


High winds.


Quick gain off elevation


Energy shot straight down the middle!

The dust cleared and Ranma got a chance to see his handiwork. But wait! The GH1 was just standing there with a strange looking energy ball absorbing itself into her hand!

"*(Say "Gorging Dragon" in Japanese!)*" began Sam. "It's the best in energy absorption techniques!"

Sam stood up to full height as she traced a circle in the air and yelled 'Release' in Japanese. There was a strange yellow looking energy coming towards Ranma. He just had time to duck out of the way.

When the pig-tailed one looked up, there was no Sam. But as he slowly turned around, he heard her whisper in his ear.

** Insert 'Berserker Barrage' in Japanese **

Ranma felt a series of punches hit his lower bodies, which were followed by a kick that sent him into the air. Ranma barely had the time to flip upright when he was kicked downward by a green blur.

Ranma pulled himself out if the hole as his eyes met his opponent's feet.

"I win." The GH1 explained slowly and coolly.

__ __

"What was all that!" Ranma asked excitedly as he sat across from Sam. He was happy towards the possibility of learning a new technique.

"Well...." began the GH1. " I picked up a little here and there and made it up."

"But how?" Asked Ranma as he took out a note pad and stared at Sam like a child awaiting a toy (or in my case, a videogame.). He then took out a pencil and wrote a title. "Details, this time, please?"

Sam looked up at the ceiling, then looked to the lamp on the side. She finally made her decision.


What'll it be? Will Sam teach Ranma the 'Gorging Dragon' and the 'Berserker barrage'?

Next time, on Identity is Everything!!!

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