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Note: In this story, I use my fan team, the Teens Next Door. They go by numbers just like the kids. To tell them apart, simply look at the ending of the "number." When you see it with an "er" at the end, it's the teens, and when you see it with an "ah," it's the kids. I just thought I'd clear that up.

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Teenagers Extract Every Needy Second

~*Chapter 1*~

Number 1 of the Teens Next Door sat on the couch of the hang out room of her tree house talking on the phone. She was the leader of the team, but known as Megan Un to adults. She was a stubborn and naturally bossy thirteen-year-old with a bad attitude and a sour look at life. She was tall for her age and had short dirty blonde hair, glasses, and braces. She wore a red turtleneck sweater and a black punk skirt with Adidas Three Stripers. Her skin was extremely pale. She was good at making disses and sarcasm, which most people said was her hobby. She was nasty to people and boys kept chasing her. She wasn't that much of a people person, and yet she managed to keep her sanity as the leader of all the Teens Next Door.

"No way," Number 1 began. "You, my friend, are kidding. She did not say that!"

On the other end was her friend, Number 10 of the Teens Next Door over in the next town.

"I swear," Number 10 answered. "That little sister of mine is ruining my life. She said that if I didn't stop bugging her, she'd send me over to live in Russia."

"Ha!" Number 1 shouted. "Lucky you!"

Suddenly, there was a beep on Number 1's phone.

"Darn it." She said. "That's my other line. Hold on." Number 1 switched lines. "Hello?" she asked. "Whoever it is, you just interrupted a very important phone call."

She recognized the voice on the other end.

"Hello? Miss Megan Un? Is that you?" Mrs. Uno asked.

"Yes, ma'am." Number 1 said dully. "What do you want?"

"Well dear," Mrs. Uno began. "I'm going out of town on Saturday."

"Great for you!" Number 1 said sarcastically. "Now, if that's all, could you please hang up? I've got another important call waiting on my other line."

"I'll make it fast." Mrs. Uno said. "Could you and your friends in that little club of yours possibly baby-sit for Nigel and his friends on Saturday?"

At that moment, Number 1 stopped. She despised children more than anything, and now Mrs. Uno was asking her and her friends to baby-sit for five ten-year-old brats? It wasn't possible.

"Forget it." Number 1 demanded. "I don't like kids. I didn't even like kids when I was a kid. What makes you think my friends and I would want to baby-sit?"

"It's ten bucks an hour." Mrs. Uno said.

"Make it for each of us an hour, and you've got yourself a deal." Number 1 challenged.

"Okay." Mrs. Uno said cheerfully. Number 1 stopped for a moment.

"Then my friends and I will see you and those five on Saturday." Number 1 gave in. Ten bucks an hour each was a lot, and she was in the mood for new video games and comics, not to mention the candy store just got a brand new stock.

Number 1 switched back to the other line. "Sorry about that." She said. "The team and I have to baby-sit on Saturday for Mrs. Uno's kid and his friends."

"Nigel Uno?" Number 10 asked. "That English kid?"

"Yeah." Number 1 confessed. "It's ten bucks an hour for each of us."

"You're kidding." Number 10 said.

"You know, ten bucks an hour for each of us can buy a lot of comics and video games." Number 1 pointed out.

"I guess." Number 10 agreed. "Well, I'll leave you to your thoughts. See ya."

"See ya." Number 1 repeated, and she hung up the phone. She got up and started to go to the meeting room when Number 2 stopped her.

"Hey Number 1," she said. "What's going on?"

Number 2 was a slender, short girl with long, dark brown hair, glasses, braces and earrings known as Jen to adults. She wore a dark purple short-sleeved shirt and long, light blue jeans with Nike sneakers. She was a cheery girl with a good sense of humor. She always seemed to be in her own little world. She was the flirt of the group, and could avoid being hit in combat better than anyone else. She also used her charm to her best advantage, and it worked most of the time.

"Not now, Number 2." Number 1 mumbled. "Get the rest of the team and bring them to the meeting room. I have an announcement."

"Yay!" Number 2 cheered. "Time for a meeting!" Number 1 growled under her breath as Number 2 skipped off. Number 1 continued to the meeting room. On her way past Number 3's room, she heard snoring.

"Number 3!" she screamed. "Teens Next Door Meeting!"

Instantly, Number 3 came running down the stairs to his room. Number 3 was a short boy that was known as Dan to adults. His hair roots were dark brown and they turned blond towards the ends. His left ear was pierced and his skin was tanned. He wore a green sweatshirt and midnight black stretch pants. His shoes were midnight black, too. He was an energetic and aggressive little guy that often got into fights, and won half of the time. He was basically the tough guy of the group, and Number 1 could always count on him to make the first move any time they were against their worst enemy: The Delightful Teens from Down the Lane. The only thing Number 3 was scared of was Number 1's temper, and what could happen to any of them if she got angry.

"Yes?" Number 3 asked, his voice scared.

"I told you." Number 1 said, totally ticked off. "It's time for a meeting. Fix your hair and put in your ear piercing. You look like a mess."

"Yes, ma'am!" Number 3 announced, and he ran back up to his room.

Number 1 continued to the meeting room where she saw Number 4 lounging. Number 4 was a tall girl with tanned, brown skin and black, mid-length hair that was highlighted green. She was known as Tracy to adults. She wore contacts that made her eyes look gray and had several piercings in both ears and one in her belly button. She wore a long-sleeved, orange tee-shirt that covered her hands completely, black punk pants with orange stars down the sides, and black punk boots with spikes on the sides. She had a laid- back lifestyle and never overreacted. She was cool about a lot of things and always thought of a plan for when the teens had to go into combat.

"I heard you screaming all the way from here." She said. "What's up?"

"Meeting." Number 1 answered.

At that moment, Number 3 came to the meeting room followed by Number 2 and Number 5. Number 5 was a midsized boy with short, blond hair known as Mike to adults. He wore a dark blue, short-sleeved tee-shirt with white shorts and slip-on sneakers. He was preparing for braces and glasses. He was energetic like Number 3, but more in a hyper type of style. He was a bouncy teen with a lot to say and thirst for the unknown. His specialty was designing and creating air models for combat, which the team often used whenever they battled air-borne enemies.

"Teens Next Door," Number 1 began. "Take your seats. I have an announcement on our plans for the weekend."

"Oh!" Number 2 gasped, jumping up. "Are we going to the movies?"

"No, Number 2." Number 1 said, highly annoyed. "This weekend, we're," She gulped. "We're baby-sitting."

"Really?" Number 3 asked. "Who?"

"Nigel Uno," Number 1 growled. "And his four little friends."

"I don't like kids." Number 4 crossed her arms and looked at her leader stubbornly.

"It's ten bucks an hour each." Number 1 tried to convince her. "That can buy a lot of video games and candy."

"God, you're good." Number 4 smiled. "Okay. If we can protect the town from those annoying Delightful Teens from Down the Lane, we can baby- sit five kids. I'm in."

"I'm in." Number 5 agreed. "They'll probably just run around and fall asleep in the middle of the floor anyway. And who ever said we needed to put them in bed?"

"I'm in." Number 3 said. "If it'll make you happy, Number 1."

"I'm in." Number 2 repeated. "Taking care of little kids might be fun!"

"Teens Next Door," Number 1 began. "Prepare for combat. We've got five ten-year-olds to look after."

~*End of Chapter One*~