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~*Chapter 6*~

Teens and kids worked in the front yard of Numbah 1's house, which would be the site of the new and improved KND Tree House Base Headquarters. Numbah 5 and Number 4 worked together to create the plans for the new tree house. Numbah 4 and Number 3 worked on putting materials together that Numbah 3 and Number 2 gathered. Numbah 2 and Number 5 made the plans to recreate the air models that were destroyed during the attack. Numbah 1 and Number 1 directed the job and made sure everything was in place. Number 1 got along with her teammates now. She was nicer and could really be a good friend.

"So, this really happened to your base once before?" she asked.

"Yeah." Numbah 1 said. "The Delightful Children came and attacked us, and they used that age ray on me. I was turned into an adult and had to get a job as an ice-cream man."

"You got a good job." Number 1 huffed. "You got to spend all your time in the back of an ice-cream truck giving it to kids."

"You don't understand." Numbah 1 protested. "The ice-cream men were our worst enemies because they kept passing our house and would only give it to adults."

"Harsh!" Number 1 shouted. She turned towards the rest of the team. "Take a break!" she ordered. The rest of the team walked over to her and Numbah 1 and sat down.

"What's going on?" Numbah 5 asked, taking a glass of water from the tray Number 1 offered.

"I never got a chance to explain something." Number 1 answered.

"Oh!" Numbah 3 exclaimed. "Is that the thing on you guys being Kids Next Door?"

"Yeah." Number 1 confirmed. "See, when I was little, I came upon a giant tree house. When I went inside, I came across a bunch of kids. They said that one of their team members had just turned thirteen, and so he had to quit. I learned about the KND, and it just went from there. If it wasn't for the KND, I wouldn't have met my friends."

"Also," Number 2 added. "If it weren't for the KND, you wouldn't have met your ex-boyfriend and the Delightful Child of the time wouldn't have stolen him from you."

The rest of the team burst out laughing. Number 1 sighed happily as she watched the sunset.

"Nightfall," she said. "We should be going back to my tree house."

Back at the tree house, in Number 1's room, she and the rest of the team were at the computer. She put Number 10 up on the screen. That was when they had seen a full picture of Number 10. She was a mid-sized girl with mid-length curly light brown hair. She had gold hoops similar to Numbah 5's for earrings. She wore a blue and gray plaid shirt with stretch, loose-fitting jeans. She was an anime-lover and was often happy whenever she talked about it.

"Hey, Number 10." Number 1 said.

"Please!" Number 10 begged. "After all we've been through, please, can we call ourselves by our first names? Who's going to hear?"

"I guess." Number 1 announced. "Okay then!"

"For those of you who don't know, my name is Sara, a.k.a. Number 10."

"Okay, Sara," Megan began. "I can't thank you enough for helping to save my adolescence. Everybody," she turned towards the rest of her team. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Sara said, smiling. "I bet you'd do the same."

"I would now." Megan said in return. "Thanks for teaching me a lesson, you guys. It was stupid of me to be mad about something as dumb as a bad boyfriend for years."

"Yeah," Number 4 confirmed. "It was." The team burst out laughing as Megan and Sara waved to each other and turned their transmission off. Megan looked at the clock. It read 10:01.

"We should be going to bed." She announced. The rest of the team nodded in agreement and went off to their rooms.

In Megan's room, she pulled an old sleeping bag out of her closet along with a few pillows and an extra blanket.

"I hope this will be okay for you." She said.

"Don't worry." Nigel said back. "It is." Megan laid back on her bed and took a look around the room until she came to her desk with the mirror on it. She got up and grabbed the Number 5 voo doo doll she had made in her hand. She opened up one of her desk drawers and took out some sort of bottle. She dumped the liquid on the doll and threw it out. She did the same with the rest of them.

{She's getting rid of those dolls.} Nigel thought. {What a girl.}

Megan walked back over to her bed when the job was done and rested her head on one of her black pillows. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

"Hey, are, you okay?" Nigel asked. Megan looked towards her counterpart.

"Yeah." She said. "It's just, we've felt what it's like to be an adult. It felt horrible! Now, I really don't want to grow up." Nigel walked over and climbed onto the bed next to Megan.

"We're not growing up for a very long time." He announced. "That's even why we agreed to rebuild my tree house."

"I know." Megan said. "It's just that it's hard at times."

"Is growing up really that bad?" Nigel asked, now curious.

"That depends." Megan answered. "Sometimes, growing up can be fun. I mean, as you get older, you can go to parties and hang outs on weekend nights, and then there's always Spring Break to look forward to. You also get more freedom, and opportunities to do a bunch of things that you've never done before."

"Since all that was good, what's the bad part?" Nigel asked.

"The bad part is that people expect you to do more as you grow." Megan answered, sighing. "Between school getting harder, and life at home getting tougher, and social lives becoming more intense, I don't have time to sleep! You also get punished harder and the person that scolds you always says, 'You know better.' That's the thing. We're supposed to be learning about life now so that we can be prepared for the future."

"That's dumb." Nigel said, matter-of-factly.

"No kidding." Megan snapped back. She sighed again and held her gaze on the ceiling.

"Okay, when did you REALLY decide that you wanted to turn back into a teen?" Nigel asked, knowing she was keeping something.

"When I realized that if I didn't I'd have to buy the next bra size up." Megan answered. The two burst out laughing and began a pillow fight. They began throwing pillows and Megan's red Rainbow Monkey at each other until they were out of breath.

"That's a reason, I guess." Nigel breathed, trying to suck in air.

"Yeah." Megan agreed. "Besides, I haven't gotten to go through the thrill of a sweet 16 yet. There was no way I was going to stay an adult like that! Then there's Junior High Graduation, and High School, and College, oh! I had too much to look forward to! I didn't want to just throw it all away!"

"I suppose." Nigel said, recovering from the pillow fight. He looked towards the clock which read 10:18. "I think we should go to bed." He announced. Megan sat up.

"Okay." She said in agreement. She got up and grabbed her pajamas from under her pillow and walked into her bathroom to change. By the time she got out, Nigel was in his pajamas, ready to sleep.

"You look really tired." Megan said, slightly giggling.

"So do you." Nigel pointed out. "It's been a long day. We really need to sleep." Megan nodded and walked back into the bathroom. She grabbed her toothbrush and squirted some toothpaste on it. She began scrubbing it through her mouth and spit it into the sink. She then splashed her face with water and soap, dried it off, and walked back to her room. Nigel gave her a confused look.

"Why do you brush your teeth?" he asked.

"Because I don't want my teeth to fall out." Megan answered. "Why? Don't you and your gang brush your teeth?"

"No." Nigel said. Megan stepped back in slight shock. "Why should we? We like the taste of candy to stay in our mouths, and if our breath is bad, we lick one of those mint candies."

"Whatever you say." Megan sighed. She walked over to her bed and pulled the covers back. Nigel crawled into his sleeping bag and zipped it up tight. Megan threw the sheets over herself and soon drifted off into sleep.

A few hours later, Megan woke up with a dry mouth. She got out of her bed and walked into the bathroom. She grabbed a paper cup and filled it with water. She walked back into her room and set the cup down on her nightstand. She was about to go back to sleep when she heard rustling from Nigel's sleeping bag. She looked over at the clock that read 1:57.

"He's still up this late?" she whispered. She tip-toed over to his sleeping bag and took a look at his face. Before she knew it, his eyes flashed open. Megan fell backwards in surprise as Nigel's face turned terrified. When they realized it was just each other, they breathed heavily of relief.

"What are you doing up?" Nigel asked.

"I thought you were still up." Megan said, gently pointing.

"Well, I don't know what you're talking about, but I just had a nightmare." Nigel announced, folding his arms.

"Oh," Megan observed. "That's why you were shivering!"

"I was shivering?" Nigel asked, his turn to be surprised.

"You were shivering as if you standing in the middle of the artic naked!" Megan exclaimed.

"Believe it or not, I've done that before." Nigel said, smirking up at her.

"Huh?" Megan asked, highly confused. "You, too?"

"What do you mean, 'you, too?'" Nigel asked, even more surprised.

"Some crazy scientist guy had some sort of plot about snow days, and then something about ice-cream, and then he lost me." Megan explained. "We had to go through the artic in order to stop him, and then something else happened, and ours clothes were ripped off!"

"That's what happened to my team." Nigel said, curious about what was going on.

"Okay," Megan said, getting as confused. "Then, well, Mike's sister goes off and tries to find herself a friend, and she came along the Common Cold! That had to be the grossest battle of our young adolescent lives."

"Woah," Nigel stopped her. "Slow down! Did you say the 'Common Cold?'"

"Yeah." Megan confirmed. "Why?"

"That exact same thing happened to us once when Hoagie's annoying little brother, Tommy, went to go find a friend. He then came upon the Common Cold and, it just went from there!" Nigel exclaimed. "Who else have you battled?"

"There's a list alright." Megan began. "Let's see, the Delightful Teens from Down the Lane, the Common Cold, Knightbrace, Grandma Stuffum, Stickybeard, that pathetic Toilenator, my ex-boyfriend, strange lice, there's a few more."

"That's weird." Nigel said, inching back in surprise. "Those villains, well, except your ex-boyfriend, we've battled them all! So, I guess when they're not attacking us, they're attacking you, and when they're not attacking you, they're attacking us."

"Maybe they're after all of the Next Door Agents." Megan suggested. Nigel shrugged with a scared look on his face. Megan got up into her bed and motioned for him to come up. He did, and he laid on top of her sheets and comforter. That's when an odd thought struck him.

"Megan," he began. "This is a totally different topic, but, why didn't you get another boyfriend after your first one left you?" Megan shot him a hurt face and the floor suddenly became very interesting. She stared down at it. When she did speak, her voice was very tiny.

"I never trusted men after that." She barely whispered. "That's why I have a bad habit of judging people before I know them. The only men I trust are the ones in the TND, and now, the ones in the KND."

"You're the girl all the bad guys want, aren't you?" Nigel asked. "There's one in every school! Just like that song! You know, 'Eight 'o clock, Monday night, and I'm waiting, to finally talk to a girl a little cooler than me.'"

"Yeah." Megan confirmed. "All those bad guys chase me. I try to ignore them, but it's just getting harder. I wish I could stop it."

Hearing this, Nigel inched closer to his counterpart and rested his head on her pillow. She smiled down at him, knowing they were friends. He started shivering again in the nightmare type of style. Megan began stroking his little head and softly singing to him until she heard a faint, happy snore.

~*End Transmission*~

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