September 24th - Very distressing morning, during which attempts to Teach in recently-refitted Classroom are thwarted by inability to Find anything, since all ingredients have been returned to shelves in apparently random order, with no regard whatsoever to my painstakingly-created system of filing.

(Query: Is it too much to ask, that properties such as Vintage, Nationality and Colour should be taken into account when shelving potions ingredients? Not to mention Size of Container, and Possibility of Harm to Potions Master If Spilled?)

(Answer, only too clearly: Yes. Should very much like to demonstrate to (or, indeed, on) imbecile responsible for this mess what would happen if, say, large bottle of Bubotuber Pus were to slip from high shelf, where it has been precariously balanced.)

Am forced, once again, to Dismiss all classes for remainder of day, and set about Tidying Up; but progress is much impaired by tendency to Worry about

A) Necessity to write Speech - currently entirely non-existent, due to total lack of Inspiration - for Potions Conference, which is now rather less than seventy-two hours away, and

B) Unfortunate Underwear Situation.

Should be very hard pressed indeed to say which of these preys more heavily on my mind, and so it is in a very Bad Mood that I attend Lunch in the Great Hall. Noise of students seems more intolerable than ever, and am sure that I reduce small Hufflepuff to tears with Scowl, before dear Hermione comes to sit beside me, and asks, Is Anything Wrong?

Do not feel any regret whatsoever for the diatribe to which she is subjected following this singularly pointless question; am forced to admit, however, that it was quite unnecessary to refer to her as Bossy, Know-It-All, or Bushy-Haired (especially as this last quite untrue, due to liberal use of Muggle products in combination with Magic).

Fortunately, dear Hermione in very Good Mood (must check phases of Moon to see how long this can reasonably be expected to last) and declares that It Will All be Alright on the Night, before cancelling all afternoon Classes, and helping me to re-organise my stores.

Am much moved by this, and inclined to become Emotional, but fortunately this is prevented by Hermione, who produces large bottle of Ace Laundry Bleach, and proceeds to make free with one of my larger Cauldrons, meanwhile proposing several interesting Ideas on the possibilities of integrating the therapeutic properties of both Muggle and Magical medicines.

So it is that by bedtime, I find that all of my most pressing worries have been resolved - Underwear, in particular, is extremely satisfying shade of White - and am able to both Thank, and Apologise To, dear Hermione with great Sincerity; following which, we Discuss Family Making, in great depth and at even greater length.