Little Things

Buffy paused outside of her front door, listening to the sounds of normalcy coming from inside the house. Two of her friends and her little sister where watching a late night movie on cable. From outside the house, she couldn't tell exactly what the movie was about, but it sounded like a comedy. There was already too much horror in their lives without inflicting more on themselves. She dug her key out of the front pocket in her pants and unlocked the door before stepping into the welcoming warmth of the house. The night outside had been quite cold. She quietly opened the door and entered the house, shutting the door behind her and making sure it locked. A locked door might not stop something from getting in, but it would sure as hell slow them down. She took of her leather coat and draped it over the banister.

"Hey Guys, I'm back!" she shouted and silently added 'and in one piece'. Apart from a few spots that were sure to bruise and a couple of scratches, she was fine. All she wanted was a long, hot bath and something to eat. In that order.

"Hey!" her sister's excited voice drew her to the den, where she found Willow and Xander sitting next to each other on the coach, while Dawn sat curled up in a new overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. The gaze of all three was on the TV, which was showing the finishing credits for the film they'd been watching. Xander and Willow looked a little guilty at keeping Dawn up so late, but for once Buffy didn't mind. She waved a hand at them as they started to get up and said "I'm gonna get a bath. Everything been okay?"

Two identical nods reassured her and she left the den to the sounds of the three of them arguing gently about which film to watch next. Upstairs, in her bedroom, she shed the jeans and shirt she'd warn to patrol in and slipped on her robe. Her still short hair was liberated from the clips that kept it off her face while she fought. Deciding that she felt like pink, she picked up a pair of fleecy pink pajamas on her way to the bathroom.

Once inside, she started to relax. After locking the door behind her so she wouldn't be disturbed, she put the pink pajamas onto the side of the bath as she gathered her shampoo and soap. She had just lent over the tub to put the plug into the drain when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She pulled her head back quickly for a better view and landed solidly on her behind with a bang. Pulling herself to her knees with the help of the bath, she peered over the edge and screamed.

Downstairs, Dawn, Willow and Xander looked at each other and then ran for the stairs. Each was wondering what the hell could have made the slayer scream like that. They reached the bathroom in seconds, where Willow cast a little spell to unlock the door and grant them access to the room. Inside they found Buffy cowering in the corner furthest away from the bath. Finding no immediate, lurking danger, Willow went over to her.

"What? What did you see?" she asked in a concerned voice.

Buffy pointed a shaking finger to the bath and said "It's in there.", before pulling her hand back and wrapping it around her knees. Swapping confused looks with Willow over Dawn's head, Xander went to the bath and looked in.

"Oh... I see." He said. "Will, Cm'here." Willow did, not knowing what to expect. What she saw was a tiny spider trying to climb up the slippy sides of the bath. Rolling her eyes, she bent and picked it up gently, then crossed to the window and put it onto the sill. She closed the window behind her and turned to Buffy, who Dawn had her arm around.

"Well, now I guess we all know what the slayer is scared of."