Rogue Wizard


Warnings: Slash, some cursing in this chapter.

Chapter 12

Harry awoke later and shifted, groaning as his tortured muscles screamed at him. He looked around the dim room and found nothing. Was it all a dream? His aching body told him no. Where was the body? Oh Merlin, Harry thought as he eyes welled up. He couldn't believe he had just thought that. Draco, his Draco. He couldn't be gone. Yet he had watched it with his own eyes. That was definitely an Avada Kedavra, there was no mistaking that.

Then Draco was really dead. He choked back the sobs that were rising. Sure, he and Draco had just about hated each other during their time at Hogwarts. But as he sat there and thought about the special time they spent together recently, it just made his heart want to break. And the dream, Merlin the dreams. He wanted to bash his head into the wall behind him. Why didn't he listen to them!

At the time he hadn't actually thought the dreams might be trying to warn him. His whole body slumped as he gave into the tears streaming down his face. The only sound that came from the room was Harrys occasional deep breath. He didn't know how long he sat there until he finally settled down. His face was stiff and weird feeling because of the dried tears.

His head snapped up at the first sign of footsteps coming down the hallway. He waited, eyes hardening as they stared at the door in front of him. Rage was beginning to boil up inside of him at the thought of facing his captor after what he'd done. She'd pay. He would make sure of it. The lock clicking seemed to ring in his ears but it wasn't as loud as the blood rushing through him. His arms tensed and pulled at the chains. Every fiber of his being screaming out at him to get to her.

The lights were still off in his room so as the door opened, the light behind the figure obscured his vision. But he could see the outline. The figure was standing in the door way, leaning against the side. He glared and strained forward again.

"I'll kill you. What ever you do to me will seem like nothing when I get done with you, you fucking bitch! You'll pay for killing Draco!"

The figure didn't say anything for a moment but instead reached over and flipped the light switch. The sudden light had Harry wincing and quickly shutting his eyes. But he didn't want to be that vulnerable with his enemy in the room so he tried to adjust to the light as quickly as possible.

Blinking, Harry could make out the details of the person in the doorway. He forgot all about the light when he saw the person clearly. No. No way. "Can't be…You…No…he…he's dead!" Harry screamed. "I saw…This is just another one of your tricks." Harry whispered, turning his eyes away from the figure in front of him. "I saw him. I saw you kill him. He's dead."

Footsteps shuffled over to him and a body dropped down beside him. Warm hands, hands that were alive, grabbed his wrists and unlocked them with the wand the other hand was holding. Harry's hand dropped to the ground, his shoulders protesting this new movement after so long, hands stinging as blood rushed back into them.

Harry sat still, still not wanting to get his hopes up about this person beside him. "Harry, as much as I like that thought of you wanting to avenge my death, I'm afraid that just can't happen. Because as you can see, I'm not dead." Warm hands cupped his cheek for a brief moment before going down to unlock his feet. "I'll explain everything when we get you out of here."

Harry had turned his head to stare at the fair face. The porcelain skin, the silver eyes, the blond hair that even when it was in a mess, like it was now, still managed to look perfect. The cute nose, the way his mouth always seemed to curve up on one side, giving him the look that he was always smirking.

But the mouth wasn't curved now. The mouth looked serious. And his eyes looked concerned. Harry almost laughed at himself. After all, how can a mouth look serious. This probably wasn't even real. He was probably dreaming again. He'd wake up and there would be no Draco. Only himself in this dark room. Helpless because he couldn't use magic.

Yup, this had to be a dream. That's what it was. But, hey, might as well go along with it while he could right? A grin suddenly curved his own mouth and the concern he saw in dream Draco's eyes grew. "Harry? Are you hurt somewhere where I can't see?" Harry chuckled. Real Draco probably wouldn't be so concerned. And even if he was, he definitely wouldn't show it. After all, the two hated each other. He was probably just trying to get him in trouble again.

But there was no way Harry was going to be the cause of losing more House Points again. Nope. Dumbledore would certainly see his side of the story wouldn't he? They were going to win the house cup this year too. Maybe even the Quidditch cup. Or did they win the Quidditch cup already?

And Dumbledore---Dumbledore was dead, wasn't he? An ache started to grow in his head and he groaned. He was so confused. "It's alright. Let's get you out of here. You don't have to worry about Leah. I called some friends of ours and they've probably got here already." His arms was thrown over Dracos shoulder while one of Draco's arms went around his waist.

His whole body protested the sudden change in position and Harry groaned again. His head started to swim and black spots suddenly decided to invade his vision. "Harry-" The voice seemed a little fuzzy. "Harry-" Sounded so far away…..

When Harry woke up again, it was accompanied with a splitting head ache. "Harry." His eyes cracked open to see Draco sitting in a chair next to his bed. "Ugh, where am I?" His voice scratchy.

"The house. It was closer than St. Mungos." A warm hand covered his own.

"What happened?"

"You fainted." A fairly amused voice answered him. Harry squeezed the hand gently.

"Smart aleck." Dracos gentle chuckle sent shivers through him. But he really needed to know what happened before he went crazy. "Draco. What happened? She killed you. I saw her do it." Draco looked down at him for a minute before moving from his chair to the bed, gathering Harry up against him.

To say the least Harry was surprised. Sure, they were somewhat together now. Or at least, he thought they were. And they were more physical than they used to be. But this new side of Draco, he'd never seen. He wasn't saying he didn't like it though, he added with a grin.

"I was waiting for you to get back when your spell reached me. I knew it was something urgent so I followed it. You really hadn't gotten that far from the house. You probably thought you had gone further." He's getting off topic, Harry thought, amused. But then again, maybe this had upset Draco more than he wanted to let on. Hence the increase of touching that he'd been initiating.

"I got there and saw Leah just standing there, looking down at you. I thought you might be dead at first. I was about to stop her but she grabbed your arm and apparated away. I didn't know where she lived so I spent the next couple of hours asking around. I finally found somebody who told me where Nick lived and that I should ask him."

Harry interrupted him, not understanding something. "But we knew where he lived. We saw him leave there with Leah one day remember?"

"You might even find this funny. It wasn't his house. The address they gave me didn't match up to the one we saw him come out of. He told us that was his house because he didn't trust us. He was trying to keep Leah safe."

Harry chuckled. "Ironic. So was he in one this?" Draco shook his head.

"No. Nick had no idea what Leah was up to. He was taken to the ministry and questioned. He's being let loose tonight, memory wiped."

Harry was silent as he contemplated this. But there was one thing he just had to know before he could really let go. "How did she kill you?"

Draco shook his head again. "I told you, she didn't kill me. We don't know for sure but we think we know how she did it. We found a dead dog in her room. We think she might have put a charm or something on it to make it look like me."

"You didn't scream. I mean, It didn't scream. She must have put a silencing charm on it because if the fake you suddenly barked then that would have ruined it all."

The two sat there, taking in everything and relaxing in the knowledge that it was all over.

"So do we get a raise for this?" Draco suddenly asked. Harry chuckled and turned in Dracos arms so that they were facing.

"No, but you do get something else?" Draco arched an eyebrow and smirked.

"Oh? And what would that be?"

Harry grinned and leaned forward to catch Draco's mouth in a kiss.

And they lived happily ever after! TT Another story done and over with. I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to finally get this finished. But if I told you the reason why then it'd probably end up longer than this chapter! Lol! Anyways, I hope you liked this. I'm thinking about maybe doing a tiny sequel but who knows! Tell me if you want a sequel or if I should just leave it here. Maybe there would be some good slashy scenes in the sequel, mwhahahaha!