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Pairings: D/H

Warnings: Slash

Summary: Harry has hidden power and it breaks loose because of a certain blonde. Now he has to learn to control it, but it seems the blonde has the same problem as him, but different powers. Now they have to learn together.

A/N: This is set in Harrys sixth year. Some spoilers for the fifth book.

Harry gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw as Malfoy walked behind him, still taunting him with insults. Hermione and Ron were walking behind him, giving him silent support though Harry knew Ron would like nothing better then to turn around and curse Malfoy. Right now that was what he wanted to do also. But there was no point in fighting. It never got him anywhere. And look where it got Sirius when he tried to help. Harry felt a pang in his heart as he thought about his dead godfather and pushed the thought of him out of his mind.

Malfoy had finally gotten tired of throwing insults at someone who clearly weren't going to throw them back and had stalked off to find someone better to annoy. Harry felt sorry for the new victim but at least he was left alone. "That was very mature of you Harry." Hermione said, smiling at him. Ron scowled. "Yeah, but I wish you would've let me throw at least one curse at him." Harry smirked at them. Malfoy had been taunting him since this year had started, apparently angry that his father was sent to Azkaban. And he walked away from every fight.

His two friends always said how proud of him they were. But they didn't realize how close he'd come to staying and fighting some of the times. But as long as Malfoy insulted him and no one else in front of him, like his friends of family, then he was all right. But now he had something bigger to worry about. Potions.

Harry leaned over his cauldron, stirring in the pharos roots. He glanced at the book for the next step. The next thing he new his cauldron beside him exploded and threw him backwards into Ron, sending them both to the floor. He looked up, dazed. His potion was everywhere. Sticking to the ceilings and students. He got up from sitting on Ron and helped him up. He looked down and noticed his robes were soaked. Ron was glaring across the room and when Harry chanced a look he found Malfoy smirking at them smugly. Harry glared at him. He looked away from him just as Snape arrived at their table.

"Mr. Potter. I should've known not to think you'd be able to do this right. It seems destruction travels with you." Harry scowled, thinking that it wasn't his fault. But then again, when it came to the Potions professor it didn't matter. He was to blame for everything that happened in this classroom. Apparently Ron didn't think it was fair either. And he didn't like keeping quiet.

"But Professor. Harry didn't even do it! Malfoy slipped something in it, I saw him!" Snape glared at Ron who instantly fell silent. "Then why didn't you do anything about it Weasley?" Snape sneered. Ron blinked up at him. "Well, because I didn't have time. And I didn't see it all, I just saw Malfoy running back to his desk." Ron said, fiddling with his fingers. Snapes sneer never left his face. "I'm sure Malfoy was just visiting a friend at another table." Snape paused before looking at Harry. "Twenty points for Gryffindor for not paying attention and for speaking out in class." The last part had been directed at Ron.

Harry could feel himself getting angry. His fists clenched. That wasn't fair and he was getting tired of being treated like this by Snape because of something he didn't do. And Ron had just been telling the truth and of course Malfoy hadn't gotten any points deducted for being out of his seat. Oh no! Not Malfoy! Slytherins never get what they deserve. Harry could feel something growing in him and it felt good. It felt raw and free and he liked it. Snape was still looking at him as he waved his wand and cleaned up the mess Harry's potion had made. Why should Gryffindor always suffer because of him? He was always trying to pull them down.

Harry heard a low growling sound and when he listened carefully he was shocked to find it was coming from him. The shock made Harrys temper cool off immediately and he looked around. He wasn't the only one shocked. The whole class was staring at him in shock, along with the Professor, who for a moment of staring at him calculating. If he weren't in the same position as they were he would have found it funny that he managed to do that to Snape.

Harry turned around and sat down, folding his arms over his chest, staring at the front of the room to get away from the stares directed at him. What just happened? And what was that thing he was feeling? Harry was silent through the rest of the class, though he could feel people staring at his turned back. When the bell rang he gathered his stuff and hurried out of the classroom, not even waiting for Ron and Hermione. He walked quickly to the common room and then to his room.

He didn't want to be out as the story of what happened spread around the school. Harry lay on his bed, trying to figure everything out. What happened? Harry couldn't remember anything like that happening when he got angry before. Sure, he blew his aunt up on accident but it didn't have that raw feeling to it. All this thinking was giving him a headache. Harry turned over on his side, shutting his eyes. I'll just take a little nap.

The next time Harry woke up, it was because Ron was shaking him. "C'mon Harry. It's time dinner." Harry groaned and turned on his back, throwing an arm across his face. He contemplated about not going but knew he'd get hungry later on. Harry got up and tried in vain to flatten his hair a little. He sighed and gave up, following Ron down to the Great Hall. As soon as he walked in he felt the stares from earlier returning. He stopped himself from glaring at everybody. 'Why can't they just leave me alone?'

Harry ignored everybody as he sat down, putting food on his plate. He listened as people talked, saying his opinion about some Quidditch teams but mostly eating. Getting some of all the stares and the talk he heard about him, he decided to leave early. He said goodnight to Ron and Hermione who were still talking to Seamus about something and left. He was walking down an empty hallway when he heard footsteps behind him. Harry stopped but didn't turn around. "Potter."

A voice rang out in the hallway. Harry sighed in disbelief. 'Why now? I definitely don't need him around me.' Harry turned around, glaring at Malfoy. "What do you want Malfoy?" Malfoy just smirked at him. "I have to want something to walk the halls?" Harry glared at him. "No. You have to want something to follow me. You're common rooms in the dungeons Malfoy. If you've forgotten." Malfoy raised an eyebrow. "And how would you know where my common room is?" This time it was Harry's turn to smirk. "That's my little secret."

Malfoy scoffed taking a few steps towards him. Harry moved his hand into his pocket, gripping his wand and making sure Malfoy caught what he was doing. Malfoy stopped and looked at him. "Ah yes. One of little Potters secrets. Like how he's shagging his mudblood friend." Harry glared at him. 'This is not the time for this.' "Keep your mouth shut Malfoy." Harry hissed, feeling all the anger he'd contained within the weeks start to rise. He wasn't surprised to feel the same feeling that was there during class come back.

Harry didn't know what it was or what it would do. "Or you'll what Potter?" Malfoy asked, crossing his arms. "You won't do anything. You've been a wuss for weeks now. Are you gonna walk off now Potter? Like you always do now." Harry didn't say anything, only glared harder at him." Seems I was right. The great Potter has turned into a wuss. I don't know why people think a wuss like you can defeat Voldemort." Harry gripped his wand tighter, his fingers going numb. Malfoy chuckled maliciously. "What about all those noble sacrifices to the cause Potter? Are you just going to forget about them?" Harry growled softly at the sarcastic tones Malfoy used.

"Like Black. Wasn't he your godfather Potter? Yeah, he was killed by one of Voldemorts followers wasn't he? He was probably a wuss too. Taught you all he knew huh? What a pathetic piece of human he must've been. I saw a picture of him, he looked like a big..." Malfoy was cut off by aloud explosion. Harry felt his anger rise, clouding his vision. The feeling he had been having, he had identified as power. He didn't know how he knew, he just did. And it flowed through his veins. He could see it sparking around him, glowing and creating a circle around him, getting larger by the second as Harry got angrier.

"You have no right to talk about such a man. You aren't even worthy to speak his name. He was far greater person then you will EVER be!" Harry screamed, his voice coming out eerie and had a strange static tone to it. Malfoy was looking at him in shock, rooted to the spot. Harry didn't care. Malfoy had gone too far. Doors flew open around them and some of them rocketed off their hinges. Windows burst out of their frames and glass flew everywhere. Carpers were torn off the floor and tossed up against the wall.

The pain that he had been hiding away from Sirius's death had broke open, mingling with the anger inside of him, making the sparks grow larger, their snaps and cracks louder. Harry could feel it running through him, and felt like he could do anything right then. But he was focused on Malfoy. Malfoy, who had insulted Sirius! Sirius who was dead and couldn't protect himself from it. But Harry could protect him. He had failed to protect him while he was living, but now that he was gone, he'd protect his name.

Harry wasn't aware that the floorboards around his feet were beginning to crack and come apart, disintegrating around his feet as if they were never there. He wasn't aware that he was no longer standing on anything solid, but floating on his feet. He wasn't aware that the roof was shaking above him and people were screaming below him in the great hall as the castle shook from its foundations. But he was aware that people were coming down the hallway, running. He shifted his furious gaze from Malfoy to the three new people.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape. Snape took a step towards him. Harry remembered what happened in the potions class earlier. Harry didn't want that greasy git near him. He held out a hand and Snape flew backwards, hitting one of the walls. Apparently the teachers had come prepared and had spells on them to prevent them from injuries because Snape just stood back up. Which made Harry angrier, if possible. They were here to prevent him from getting his revenge on Malfoy. They were siding with Malfoy, which means they were against Harry. 'Enemies.' The teachers looked at him now warily, knowing that he wouldn't hesitate to send them flying across the room if they tried to get close to him in his angered state.

He saw McGonagall walk over towards Malfoy and shout at him. "What did you say to him?" Malfoy looked thoroughly scared now, which gave Harry a feeling of pleasure that he had made Malfoy scared. But he had insulted Sirius. Sirius, a father figure to him. A person who had been there for him always when he needed him and always tried to help. He was the shoulder he cried on and the person he talked to when he needed to vent. And Sirius understood what it was like to be a media figure.

Malfoy yelled as sparks began to move around him and he started to be lift off the ground. Snape turned to Dumbledore and shouted at him to stop this immediately and this had gone on long enough. Dumbledore nodded slowly and cautiously took a step forward. Harry was too focused in watching as the sparks hung Malfoy upside down. When Dumbledore spoke from next to him, Harry jumped and looked at him furiously. 'Enemy.' Harry raised an arm up, ready to throw him away from him but Dumbledore looked at him sternly and Harry paused. "Harry." Dumbledore said gently, his stern look disappearing.

Harry glanced at Malfoy and saw Snape and McGonagall making it so Draco was still upside down but from his head to his waist was horizontal to the floor. Harry was about to do something to make the teachers go away but Dumbledore spoke again. "Harry, Sirius wouldn't have wanted you to be so angry." Harry snared at him. What did he know? "Harry. Do you believe what Mr. Malfoy said?" Harry shook his head no. "Then it shouldn't bother you. Sirius wouldn't have cared what Mr. Malfoy thought of him." Harry had to admit that it was true. Sirius didn't care what anyone thought of him, let alone any Malfoy.

And as he thought about what Sirius would have done, he felt his anger slowly fade away. The sparks got dimmer and finally disappeared, the only thing keeping Malfoy from falling on his head were McGonagall and Snape. Now that it was over, Harry finally realized the damage he had done. He looked around, gaping at the mess. "Professor. I'm sorry." 'I'll be kicked out for sure now.' Dumbledore rested a hand on his shoulder. "It's alright Harry. I understand. I think we should go to my office to talk about this."

Harry only nodded, looking at the cracked walls instead of the other people in the hallway with him. Dumbledore didn't remove his hand from his shoulder as he led him down the hall behind Snape, McGonagall, and Malfoy. Half way to his office McGonagall had to excuse herself because she had a class to teach and she was sure Snape and Dumbledore could handle it without her. Harry stayed silent as he sat down in Dumbledores office, even though Dumbledore was talking about some trip he had made to France.

Harry tensed as Malfoy sat beside him. But he remembered what happened earlier and tried to ignore him. Dumbledore sat behind his desk and looked at Harry over his hands, while Snape stayed standing and leaning against a wall. "Harry, do you know what just happened." Harry shook his head. Dumbledore nodded and glanced at Snape before looking back at him. "You were angry weren't you Harry?" Harry nodded; he was too confused to get his mouth to work. Dumbledore nodded again. Harry blinked, his eyes felt like they were burning a little. He reached up and rubbed them, but that only seemed to make it worse.

And if that wasn't bad, his skin started to itch, especially his ears and the back of his neck. Harry scratched them slowly, not wanting to draw attention to him. Dumbledore got up and walked over to Snape, whispering with him. The itching and burning was getting worse. "Mr. Malfoy, come here for a moment." Dumbledore spoke from the other side of the room. Harry watched as Malfoy got up and walked over to them. Harry hissed silently as his eyes burned again. He took off his glasses and pressed his palms against them, trying to make the burn go away. And his skin was itching again but he couldn't do anything about it as he was still trying to make the burn in his eyes go away.

After what seemed like eternity the burn in his eyes quit, but the itch on his skin lingered momentarily before fading away. Harry sighed in relief and opened his eyes, reaching for his glasses. But he didn't have to. He could see without them! Harry closed his eyes and then opened them, expecting things to be out of shape and blurry. But he could see better then even with his glasses. In fact, everything seemed to be extra sharp and he could see little details he wouldn't have noticed before.

Harry stood up slowly, glancing towards the huddled group but none of them looked his way. He spotted a mirror on the wall and walked over to it. He looked into it and gave a startled cry. That got the attention of the other people in the room. But Harry was busy staring into the mirror and the others were busy staring at him. Harry opened his mouth to say something several times but always shut it. 'What happened?!' It was his face staring back, but it wasn't. Where his normal green eyes had stared out back at him before was changed. He still had green eyes. But they looked like cats. Instead of the dark circle in the middle of the green, there were curved sides but on the top and bottom they came together at points. 'Slits. Like a cat.'

Harry reached up and touched his skin that had turned a darker tanned color. He gasped as he got a look at his hair. His hands were shaking as he turned around slightly to see his back. "Oh my gosh!" His hair was longer. 'A lot longer!' Instead of his usual short and messy hair, it had become long and sleek. It stopped at his waist and it was streaked with silver all the way down. But he still had his bangs, which he was thankful for at least. He brushed a hand through his hair and glimpsed a difference in his ears. He put his hair behind his ear and looked. "Professor!" His ears were curved and tipped at the ends. 'Like an elves!'

He didn't know if he could take any more shocks. He walked back over to his seat, dimly noting that it was easier to walk. More graceful and it barely seemed he was touching the floor. He slumped in his chair, staring at Dumbledore's desk in shock. He ran a hand through his hair as the long strands got in his face. Dumbledore asked Malfoy something and Malfoy nodded. Harry could hear some words when before he could just hear whispers. He didn't react as Malfoy came back over and sat next to him or when Dumbledore moved back behind his desk

Harry was aware that everybody was staring at him and he shifted in his seat. "Harry, I think I should explain what's going on." Harry just looked at him as if he were insane. "Explain? You knew what was going on the whole time and you didn't tell me about it?" Dumbledore glanced at Draco. "Yes Harry. But I couldn't tell you about it." Harry glared at him. "Couldn't tell me about it? I would've thought you'd learned from last time but apparently not. Did you forget that the last time you couldn't tell me something got Sirius killed?" Harry yelled at him, sitting on the edge of his seat.

The only people that didn't jump as the glass on Dumbledore's desk shattered were Harry and Dumbledore himself. Harry felt something grab his hand and he was shocked out of his anger at Dumbledore. He looked over and saw Malfoy gripping his hand. Harry was confused as when he saw it his anger vanished as if it was never there. He tore his hand away and avoided looking at Malfoy. Harry rubbed his forehead as he felt a headache coming along. "Explain."

Dumbledore looked at him seriously. "Harry. Since you were born you've had hidden magic. Hidden power. You were able to do things when you were mad since a young age. Barely any wizard is able to do wandless magic at some an age. That was the first sign that we had that you'd have this talent. But throughout the years, you've somehow managed to suppress it and control it by letting little bits out. But whenever you ignore your anger, it builds up. And when that happens, you can't control it and things happen. Like your aunt being blown up like a balloon." Harry had to grin at that. It was funny now that it was over with.

"And so when you didn't fight back to Malfoy, your anger built." Dumbledore sighed. "You were to come into your powers sometime during the middle of this year, but since the current events happened you've come into it early." 'Okay, that explains the power.' "But what about my eyes, and ears and...and..." Harry gestured to his hair. Dumbledore smiled at him. "Like I said before, these things happen very rarely. I believe it's only happened three times before. But on the rare occurrence it does happen and the witch or wizard happens into their power, their appearance changes to suit the power and what blood it comes from." Harry was confused and it must've shown on his face because Dumbledore chuckled and continued.

"Take your hair and ears for example Harry. Those are Elvin features. Someone in your family line must've been an elf. And so forth on the rest of the changes." Dumbledore looked at him in a thoughtful manner. "Though I've never seen people get those kind of eyes before. And I'm not quite sure where it comes from." Snape spoke up from his side of the room. "You should be happy of the changes Potter. It's an improvement at least from looking like your father." Snape said, disgust at the mention of James.

Harry didn't even have to think about it this time and it had come like second nature to him. A metal instrument flew off of Dumbledore's desk, straight at Snape. Snape ducked with a curse and glared at Harry. Harry just crossed his arms, glaring at him. "Don't talk about my dad like that." Snape looked at Dumbledore, obviously wanting to take house points of something. But Dumbledore shook his head. "You asked for it Severus. I didn't just spend all this time explaining about it for my own health. Like you needed it explained anyways, you know what'll happen until he hasn't learned to control it."

Harry felt like laughing at Snape and taunting him that he got scolded by Dumbledore. Snape just hmphed and leaned up against the wall, arms crossed and glaring at something over Harrys head. Harry suspected he really wanted to glare at him but didn't want to get scolded by Dumbledore again. "But Harry. You have to learn to control your powers with your temper. But until then..."Dumbledore trailed off, looking between Harry and Malfoy. "But maybe I should explain something else to you before I tell you that bit of news."

Harry didn't respond as he had just thought of something. "Professor, why is Malfoy here? He doesn't have to know all this does he?" Dumbledore smiled and nodded. "That's what I'm going to explain Harry." Harry glanced at Malfoy and found him staring at him. Harry quickly looked away and looked instead at Dumbledore. "You're not the only one with special powers." Harry immediately started to think of someone that could have it. He froze and looked between Malfoy and Dumbledore in shock. 'No way.' Dumbledore nodded. 'Yes way?' "Malfoy has powers?" Harry looked at Malfoy again.

Malfoy just looked at him. And kept looking at him. Harry blushed and turned back to Dumbledore, fidgeting in his seat since he knew Malfoy was still staring at him. 'Why won't he stop?' He looked back and found Malfoy still at it. "Quit looking at me Malfoy." Harry demanded, frowning. Malfoy seemed to come out of his daze and looked away.