A/N: I figured I'd put some silliness in here to lighten things up. And to try to give you all a sense of how this school has developed from more than a school to Harry. Harry sees this as a his home and no matter what his teachers might have thought they still find themselves attached to Harry in more than a student fashion.

Chapter 5
Harry awoke with a groan, eyelashes fluttering as they opened. He groaned again as the light in the room seemed blinding to him. He cracked them open again slowly and brought his hands underneath him, pushing himself up into a sitting position. He looked around and immediately recognized it as a private room in the infirmary. Of course, where else would he end up. Nine times out of ten when he woke up in some strange room it was someplace in the infirmary. Or he had gotten kidnapped again.

He reached up and rubbed his eyes, smoothing the hair out of his face. He couldn't really remember what had happened. He remembered waking up and going to breakfast….where was his shirt! And why the heck where his pants unbuttoned? Oh Merlin, what happened? As if that was a trigger, the events of the day flooded back to him. For the third time ten minutes Harry groaned and had the urge to pull the covers over him and hide. But before he could the door to his room opened.

He eeped and quickly pulled the blankets up to hide the evidence of him being shirtless. He relaxed somewhat as he saw it was only Dumbledore but felt his face heat up as he remembered what Dumbledore had walked in on. He didn't know what had gotten into him. But when Draco touched him, it had just felt so good. So right. He'd wanted more no matter what it cost. Even now there was a faint touch of that feeling but Harry pushed it away. Now was not the time to be looking at that emotion in particular. "Ah, Harry. It's good to see you awake. I'm sure young Mr. Malfoy will be waking up shortly then."

Harry watched silently as Dumbledore summoned a chair next to the bed and sat down. He sat there for a moment and just looked at him, a small smile on his lips. Harry hated that expression. To him it just screamed 'I know something that you don't nah nah.' Okay, so maybe Dumbledore wouldn't be that childish but you never knew. Dumbledore could have a secret childish side that delighted in tormenting others. Particularly Harry. He wondered what Dumbledore was like as a kid….His rather scattered thoughts were interrupted as Dumbledore cleared his throat.

Again blushing Harry gripped the blanket tighter. With a bigger smile Dumbledore silently conjured his shirt and robe. "I managed to save these from the classroom." And here Harry thought his face couldn't go any redder. Harry said a quick thanks and pulled his shirt on over his head. He wasn't used to needing to pull his hair out from where it had gotten captured under his shirt. "Um, where's Draco?" Was it just him or did the twinkle wattage in those eyes go up a notch?

"He's resting in another room, next to this one Harry. He's quite unharmed and still asleep I'd imagine. We'll be informed of when he awakes. Now before that however, I need to talk to you about what happened today in that classroom." Dumbledore brought his hand together in his lap, clutching them tightly. His eyes wandered to the other side of the room and he moved slightly on his seat. "McGonagall…and I…have decided that I would be the best person to explain this to you Harry."

A long paused followed this and Harry started fidgeting on the bed. Dumbledore took a deep breath but his eyes remained pinned to the other side of the room. Harry looked in the direction but couldn't find anything that interesting. "To borrow a phrase from the muggles, McGonagall…and I… think it's time for you to learn about the birds and the bees." Harrys jaw dropped and his eyes widened in horror. Harry was going to die of embarrassment!

The urge to hide in his blankets was almost overwhelming this time. Voldemort coming to kill him was actually looking pretty good right now. Where was the snake when you needed him? "When two people love each other, or in your case future bond mates, they might feel the urge to…" Dumbledore stopped as loud shouting came seeping through the door. The light pink tinge to his cheeks and the relief on his face was enough for Harry to feel kind of amused. Enough for that when Dumbledore suggested he go see how Mr. Malfoy was doing he cheekily replied "Thanks Professor. I'll keep that all in mind."

He grinned and as he reached the door he heard Dumbledore mumble "Either McGonagall does this next time or I quit." He chuckled quietly as he closed the door behind him. The shouting got louder as he walked down the hallway to where he thought Draco's room was. He could always follow the sounds if anything.

"You bastard! You wait 'till I get out of this infernal room! How dare you take Harry away from me, he belongs in here with me! Just wait 'till I get out of here! If I find out you hurt him in any way! Damn Dumbledore!" There was loud thumps on the wall and doors, sound of things shattering as he was yelling. Idly Harry wondered how many things he could break until he couldn't find any more.

And that small feeling of happiness of being wanted, pushed back and locked away for later. The same went for the rush of feeling at Draco's protectiveness. He stubbornly kept walking and reached for the doorknob. To his surprise the sound of a lock un-clicking echoed throughout the hallway and the door swung open. He had only taken two steps into the room before hands grabbed his shirt and pulled him further in.

He was pulled against a firm chest while arms wrapped around his waist, holding him tightly. "Harry." The sound was sighed against his neck, sending shivers down his spine. He found his own arms wrapping around Draco in return. What was wrong with him? He hates Draco. Draco hates him. He hates that this happened. He's confused. He's angry. He hates these new changes. Standing in Draco's arms doesn't feel good at all. His hair doesn't feel soft. He doesn't feel a warm tingling go through him when the arms tighten even more. He doesn't.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt or anything?" And there was no way that those little words gave him thrills of pleasure when hearing them. Sure, he's been asked those questions thousands of times in his life. But never like that. Never like this. Merlin help him he liked this. No matter what he told himself that he should feel. Feeling tired and worn out he let his head drop onto Dracos shoulder. "I'm okay." What was he going to do?

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