Matthew was your average Joe except he was ostracized since elementary school. No one wanted to be his friend except those who pitied him. They tried to be his friend because they felt sorry for him. However, their other friends shot that down quickly, and he was quickly booted from the group. He honestly didn't even know why they did that, perhaps they got some sort of sick pleasure from it. However now that he is 20 years old and started working from home, he kind of stopped caring about all of that. He kept to himself and didn't attempt to socialize with others. Matthew had short hair and blue mixed with green eyes. He didn't have much muscle on him but did have a lot of stamina and always wore a sweater and jeans. Matthew's hobby was exploring abandoned places like malls and houses. With Saturday being one of the few days he had off from work. Standing outside the large mall which for some reason wasn't torn down, Matthew just stood outside—looking at the exterior before opening the door and entering the mall.

It was a large complex that was popular in the 80s before falling on hard times and the beginning of the 21st century. That decline accelerated until they had no choice but to close the whole place down. Now Matthew was walking through the abandoned halls, plants had started to take root. Ceiling tiles were beginning to fall off the ceiling, which made Matthew glad he had a hard hat. The sound was eerily quiet, his footsteps echoed through the halls. Passing by stores that were long shut down and haven't seen any people for at least a decade. It was honestly quite sad to see this place get to such a sorry state. He remembered this place when he was a kid, granted when he did come here the place was already on the decline. But there was still some life in it and now it's a corpse. A silent reminder of the past, when times were better.

Matthew and came across a video game store after walking for half an hour. He noticed that while he walking through the mall, there was no sign of any vandalism. No graffiti or missing wires. It's like no one wanted to come here, the glass windows were still intact, and the sign was missing some letters. But he could still make the faint outline of what it was supposed to say. Entering the building he walked around and not surprising that he didn't find anything interesting or valuable. The room itself was situated in such a way that the cash register was situated on the right. Snuggled tightly into a corner and below it was a glass display case. There were places to put video games on the walls and stands put in columns so that you could walk up and down the room looking for whatever game you wanted to play.

No video games were left behind but Matthew did notice that the door to the back room was ajar. Walking up to it, he opened the room and didn't find anything until he came across a console of some kind. It was in a box but on the box was an image of the console in question and it didn't look like anything that Matthew saw before. Honestly, he didn't even know why he grabbed it in the first place, but the power to the building was dead and the security cameras ceased functioning a long time ago. But to him, it felt like he was drawn to the console so he grabbed it and then proceeded to leave the building.

The drive home was long since he lived in the country away from others. So the moment he got home he ran to the living room. Which was quite large, windows lined the wall to the left giving him a view of the countryside and what could be best described as a

small forest. Now next to the door was a small setup for his gaming computer and then there was his laptop that was plugged into the TV. Sometimes he used the computer and other times it was the laptop, which depended on what he felt like using. No rhyme or reason for any of it, in front of him was a couch and a recliner that formed an L shape. So he put the box down and proceeded to open it. After opening it he noticed that it looked like a PS5 but there was no logo on it. It was also black and one controller came with it. So grabbing some cords from a drawer not too far away he plugged it into the TV and the outlet before turning it and the TV on. The screen booted up before he noticed that it connected itself to his computer and laptop through some means. Then the screen began showing a list of games that he owned.

Looking at the screen closely he noticed that the screen was asking him to select a game. Grabbing the controller and pressing a large circular button on it. He decided to try FNAF for no reason in particular. The game started up like normal and then he selected a new game. As soon as the game started and he used the cameras, he noticed something was wrong. The animatronics were arguing, and Chica and Bonnie were physically moving. Chica was practically flailing her arms around, she seemed very upset about something.

"Perhaps someone stole her pizza" Matthew muttered to himself as he was trying to figure out what was going on here. How did any of this happen?

Another thing that Matthew noticed was that while he couldn't hear through the cameras he could hear distant shouting. This was odd, but it stoked his curiosity.

"If I can hear them I wonder if they can hear me," Matthew thought. He also wondered how long they would argue with each other.

"Chica would you calm down" He could barely make out the words.

"How can I calm down when something has happened" Chica snapped.

"Well, panicking isn't going to solve anything" Someone else spoke up.

"How about this let's make our way to the office and see if anything has happened"

"Why the office?"

"Just call it a sneaking suspicion that we're being watched" He could see Freddy look at the security camera. Did he know?

"Fine" Chica sighed. This got Matthew's attention.

"Piss" He saw the animatronics make their way from the dining room towards the office. As soon as he saw one of them in the window he shut the door.

"Huh," He could hear Chica say. Wanting to test something out Matthew decided to speak.

"All right now listen here you chuck e-cheese rejects. You ain't stepping one foot in this room" He declared.

"The hell you just call me…" It took them a minute to register what happened.

"Wait" Chica walked up to the window before her robotic eyes bulged out.

"Matthew is that you?" she asked.

"Wait how the fuck do you know my name?" Matthew asked.

"Why wouldn't we, considering how much you played with us" Chica responded.

"Listen, Colonel Sanders, I think you had one too many bad pizzas" Matthew was confused and a bit scared.


"Yes, I did now why the hell can you guys walk and talk" Matthew demanded.

"Open the door first," A deep voice said from beyond the door.

"Oh Hell no" Matthew then saw a transparent kid appear in the room and press the button to open the door before disappearing.

"Fuck" Matthew muttered.

"There much better," Freddy said as all four of them entered the room. Matthew meanwhile watched from his computer screen.

"This is the first time we ever gotten to speak to you" Bonnie smiled.

"No shit captain obvious" Matthew shot back.

"Man you are mean" Bonnie frowned.

"Now the hell is going on?" Matthew asked.

"We should be asking you that," Freddy said.

"Well the only thing worth mentioning would be me finding a…oh shit" Matthew rushed to the box and after spending a minute managed to find an instruction manual.

"Hello, valued customer, and thank you for trying our product. This is a virtual interactive entertainment system. A device that allows you to interact with your favorite virtual and fictional characters. Please note that they won't ever harm you so be at ease. Also, note that there might be a slight chance of physical manifestation of characters." Matthew read the manual trying to understand everything that was going on.

"The hell you saying over there?" He heard a familiar pirate-esque voice. Instead of trying to repeat himself, Matthew walked over and shoved the paper at the computer screen. Instead, he ended up phasing through the screen and fell into the office. His physical body was transported into the virtual world. Getting up and dusting himself off, Chica immediately gave him a good old-fashioned bear hug. Matthew could feel his insides becoming his outsides as she squealed in delight.

"Freddy, can we keep him?" Chica asked.

"Don't see why not" Freddy shrugged.

"Oi, I ain't some pet you know" Matthew snarled.

"This is revenge for all the insults you hurled our way" Chica smiled.

"Put me down you walking pizza disposal unit" Matthew protested before getting a thunk on the head.

"That's for calling me Colonel Sanders" Chica huffed. Matthew got up while nursing his head before he realized that he was in the game and that they were going to kill him.

"Shit" He tried to bolt out of the room but his collar got snagged by a familiar pirate hook.

"Don't think ye can escape that there easily" Foxy said.

"I'm dead" Matthew realized that this was the part where they killed him.

"What do you mean dead?" They all seemed confused.

"This is the part where you kill me right" Matthew turned pale.

"Why would we kill you?" Freddy asked.

"Because that's what you do in the game" Matthew tried to squirm his way out of Foxy's grip but was unsuccessful.

"Oi can't you see he's scared" Bonnie bonked Foxy on the head. Taking this chance Matthew booked it out of the room and tried to find an exit. The first attempt led him to the parts and service except that there were no windows for him to get out from. Matthew then tried to leave through the front door. By leaving parts and service he made his way through the dining room and right next to the stage was a door that led to another room. This room had a large set of doors that led to the outside world. Trying to open them Matthew found out that they were locked. So he decided to try and break the glass, using his whole body to try and escape. Except the glass held strong and so with that no longer working Matthew tried to escape via the kitchen. Running through the dining room again and into the kitchen except no windows to be found.

"Well I suppose I should just accept my fate" Matthew sighed.

"You hungry?" He turned around and saw Chica standing there.

"Nah If I'm going to die then I want it to be quick and painless" Matthew grumbled.

"We ain't to kill dumbass" Chica huffed.

"Huh," Matthew perked up at the thought of not dying a horrible and gruesome death.

"You honestly think we would go through the trouble of putting you 6 feet under?" Chica asked.

"Yes," Matthew bluntly answered.

"You have that little faith in us" Chica seemed offended.

"Yep," Matthew smiled getting another thunk on the head.

"That was for calling me a pizza disposal unit and for the answer you just gave me" Chica huffed.

"Ow, but it's true though" Matthew responded before Chica bonked him on the head again.

"I'm now offended and hurt" Chica responded a bit angry.

"Why" Matthew rubbed his head.

"Because besides each other you are the only other person we have that we can consider family" That took Matthew by surprise.

"Come again," Matthew said confused.

"Whatever you did to us granted us free will and a physical body but we also gained the memories of every time that you played with us. Those were the best moments we had and to be honest you're the only person we have. I don't even want to know how the others would react if anything happened to you" Chica's tone started to change to sadness or depression.

"Well, I assume you would have no qualms with killing someone if that guaranteed my safety. At least that's the impression I'm getting right now" Matthew said with some guilt welling up inside of him.

"Yes without question" Chica answered.

"Well then why don't you all live with me" This got her attention.

"If my physical body could be transported into the game then what's to say that you all can't enter the physical world the same way" Matthew explained.

"Really?" Chica asked.

"Sure consider this my apology for earlier," Matthew said.

"Apology accepted" They both left for the office before Matthew took a leap of faith and found himself on the wall opposite the CCTV monitor and found himself back in the physical world.

"Chica, what are you doing?" The rest of them asked while Chica was about to step through the portal thingy.

"Entering the physical World, he asked us if we wanted to live with him. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm accepting his offer" Then Chica disappeared through the wall getting the rest to look at each other for a couple of seconds.

"Why the hell not" Soon Bonnie and Foxy walked through the wall while Freddy left and dragged Golden Freddy and flung him through the wall too. This was the start of their new life.