"That is the last time I commandeer a rowboat!" The woman muttered to herself.

"Bloody worthless." She glared at it.

"Ma'am? I'm sorry but its one shilling to dock your boat here." The old man on the dock told her. "And I need your name." She rolled her eyes and looked at the two feet of mast that was her boat.

"How about two shillings and no name?" She grinned and paid him. She spotted a change purse and snatched it before leaving.

The woman was Bonnie Turner. Her father was William Turner, a blacksmith turned pirate. Her mother was Elizabeth Turner, daughter of a governor who married the pirate who risked his life to save hers.

She had the brown eyes, talent with swards and reckless nature of her father. Yet she has the fair hair and skin of her mother along with her mother's cunning and love of independence. Roll it all together and you've got a recipe for trouble if there ever was one. She had also taken over the family business.

Her father and his father before him had been pirates. Her father had expected a son, but got her instead. And she did just fine.

She saw a guard posted at the door of the rebuilt jail. 'There's my challenge.' She thought. She groaned inwardly. She rolled her eyes and marched up to him.

"Hello! Who's in now friend?" She asked brightly.

"Captain Jack Sparrow. Finally caught him, we did." He answered cheerfully.

"Well, I'll give you this bag" she held up the stolen purse, "And all her contents, if I could have a privet word with Capem Jack." She whispered to him.

"Off you go then miss." The guard took the money and opened the door for her.