Chapter 1

Meeting the Boy

Loona would not have been considered an emotional demon to most. And very few who knew her, even closely would consider herself as such. Not to surprising, when her general mood had three different positions. Angry, annoyed, and bored. She was rarely happy around them, and even less likely to be caring. Sure, she liked her adopted father, and even helped him time to time. But she was always scared to let him closure than an arm's length.

Hellhounds were the lowest of the lower, in demon society. And they were often viewed as nothing more than living sentient bodyguards that anyone could buy, sell, or trade for. You could be an imp, sinner, or other demon and still get your own hellhound. What you then used your purchase, or adoption as some liked to call it, for was entirely up to you. Bodyguards were most common, pets were not unheard of, or even sex toy was not out of the question. And Loona had seen it all to a degree she did not care to ever tell anyone.

Well, almost anyone, there was one person who knew her. Who had worked his way into her heart after her first failed attempt at an adoption. He cared for her, loved her for who she was. He wanted to help her, to make her truly his own. Yet the timing had not worked out, and she had been adopted out to Blizto, her father, before the system had seen fit to release her onto the streets. Still, that had not stopped her from seeing her close friend, at least when Blitzo was not looking.

Now however, something was wrong. She knew it even if she had no way of proving it. Her mood had likewise had taken a dip for the worse, which had caused her most recent fight with her adoptive father. He was right, she could do better to act as a decent enough receptionist. That however required her to not be slowly losing her mind out of worry for her closest friend. Worse still, she could not just visit him either to make sure nothing had gone wrong.

As a born Hellhound, she had grown up in, well Hell. Her friend however resided topside, among the still living on earth. This normally would have created several issues for them to talk, or even meet up. However, due to a happy accident, as it were, these problems were normally nothing either of them would have to consider. Problem was, those normally lines to talk were blocked and without those same lines, she could not just travel to earth to find out what was wrong.

There had been blocks before, each had set up. But not a month long and not without warning. A month of radio silence from her friend was where Loona drew the line. She was going to find out what was going on, for better or for worse she was going to check on her friend. She just had to get to him first. She was just glad that even if she could not contact him, she would at least know if he had died. There were of course fates that could have gotten him, fates worse than death. Something she knew that if they happened, she would save him from them one way or the other, even if it meant ending his life herself.

While she might not want her friend to die, she also knew it was far from the end of the road. After all he could end up in heaven or hell. And thanks to their little connection she would be joining him no matter the location. Which she knew would get a laugh from Lucifer himself if somehow her and the kid ended up in heaven. After all, what was a better way of sticking it to the angels, than one of lowest of the lower ended up in their very gated community due to their own loopholes and laws.

This led to Loona's current predicament, getting a way to the surface. The easiest way up was the book they borrowed from the demon Stolas. Stolas was part of Royality in hell, and often loaned out his personal grimoire to Blitzo, so Blitzo could run his business. Blitzo along with his two employees would use the book to make a portal that would take them to the surface world. At which point they would hunt down and kill whoever they had been hired to remove. Loona's main job in the operation was to remove clients from Blitzo's office who he had rejected for some reason.

However, she could not take the book from Blitzo's office when he was around as he would notice right away. Which would lead to just too many questions. Most of which she was not prepared to answer, especially with how over protective her adoptive father could be. Even when he was not around at the office, it was only because the pair was at their apartment. While she could sneak out then, she was never quite sure where Blitzo was. She knew he was not spying on her, but she would not put it pass the imp to have some sort of alarm on their apartment should she try and sneak out.

That left one option she rather avoided, but was the safest one that was available to her. Rather than Blitzo taking the book to Stolas for his once-a-month requirements, she could take the book instead. Stolas might not be happy that Blitzo was not showing up for their night of fun. But she could at least gain access to the book without anyone being aware of what was going on. At least assuming she could trick Stolas into letting her use the book.

Loona sighed as she stood before the door to Stolas's study. She had stood before the door for nearly ten minutes now trying to think up a good story as to why she needed the book. But not one reason came to mind that seemed like a good enough reason. She of course could tell Stolas the truth, but she was not sure if he would care enough to help. He likely would, he was one of the few demons whom seemed to truly care about others. Even more so, he showed a rare trait among the hell born demons to love someone as well. Granted that was his daughter, Octivia, and his lover, Blitzo, but still it was a rare trait.

"Loona, what are you doing here?" A voice said.

Loona snapped out of her own thoughts looked around sharply. By one of the other doors stood Octivia, her eyes filled with a curiousness that would require a good answer. Octivia knew about her father's and Blitzo's agreement, so for Loona to be here in Blitzo's place was an oddity. And not one to be so easily brushed aside. Sure, her father was willing to let Loona take the book, but Stolas and Octivia would still ask questions.

"What is wrong?" Octivia asked as she got closer, her softly glowing eyes peering into Loona's own.

Loona sighed, as she wished she could think of a good answer. She had only recently met Stolas's daughter, and she seemed a good enough demon. While her moody demeanor was caused by Stolas's and her mother's, Stella, constant fights with each other. She really was not too bad from what Loona could tell. Mostly just starved for her father's attention and love. Still Loona was not sure what she was willing to tell the young owl demon.

"Loona?" Octivia said stopping before the Loona.

"I need to borrow your father's book without Blitz knowing," Loona finally said in a rush, "I need to travel to the surface for a night to check on something."

"Why…" Octivia began but did not say anymore as she looked over Loona.

Loona knew how she must look to the younger demon. Her tail between her legs, her ears lying flat. The way she held the book, how she stood with her arms about herself. She was a nervous wreck and scared, she had been hiding it for a while now. But keeping it, all hidden for so long, it was going to take a toll. Even then, she had let her nervousness show as she had walked over to Stolas's home, she could afford to show it on the streets were no one knew her only she forgot to reapply her professional face when she had arrived.

"Please, I just need to borrow the book long enough to visit the human world. Blitz cannot find out either," Loona answered.

Octivia nodded, giving Loona a very curious look. However, she seemed to be willing to help Loona. Loona knew she would have to tell Octivia what was going on after this. Once she was sure her friend was safe, Loona knew she would be a lot more willing to reveal what was going on. After all, it was not illegal what they were doing. Frowned upon maybe, but not illegal. It was just if her adoptive father found out, there would be a lot of trouble which is why she had to hide this.

"I do owe you one," Octivia said, with a small smile, "Let me talk to my dad first. I think I can get him to agree to keep this quiet from his 'Dear Blitzie'."

Loona laughed a little bit, but nodded, "Thanks."

Octivia gave Loona a small smile before she opened the door to Stolas's study and disappeared inside. Loona waited quietly outside, and was surprised when she did not hear anything that was being said inside. She could tell the two were talking, just not what was said. Loona thought about this oddness before she realized Stolas must have cast some sort of spell on this room that kept people outside listening in. She was not sure what kind of secrets he could be keeping that would need that kind of protection, but there must have had some. She was not given much time to think on this before the door opened and Loona hear Stolas asking her to enter.

"Loona, it is nice to see you again," Stolas said, a hint of a smile around his features. He had clearly come to like her a little bit more since she had found and 'saved' his daughter when Octivia had run away, "Octivia tells me you wish to borrow my book for a night or two. Without my 'dear Blitzie' finding out."

"Yes. It is not illegal, just if he found out it would make matters a lot harder," Loona said, not quite able to meet the four eyes of Stolas.

"How long?" Stolas asked.

"A day at most," Loona answered, "I have a friend top side, and I know where he should be. If he is not there, his sister can point me in the right direction."

"He?" Stolas asked, his eyes widening slightly and a look of understand coming into his eyes.

Loona sighed, wishing she did not have to explain to much. But Stolas was not a demon she could just take what she wanted from. Even if he was not a noble born demon, and she considered little more than a demon pet. Stolas still had powers, both magical and political. Blitzo got away with it because he was a childhood friend of Stolas, and his until recently secret lover. Loona was at best Blitzo's daughter, and might get some leniency from the owl shape demon if she just demanded the book.

"It is a long story," Loona said sighing, "The short version, is I was summoned to the human world years ago to track down a kid. I brought the person who summoned me to the kids home, but it appeared he was not there at all. The person who summoned me, attacked me after he thought I had failed. I killed the summoner not long after the kid had shown up, mostly because what he had put me through. But left the kid alive."

"This kid, is the boy you speak of?" Stolas guessed.

"Yes. He kind of claimed my two earrings that had gotten torn off. Thinking mostly to protect me somehow. And I have been his summon since then. I have hidden this bonding since then from nearly everyone, but the bond has grown," Loona answered a small smile spreading over her face as she remembered the times she had spent with him.

"I see," Stolas said, looking thoughtful at her, "That explains a lot, including why you have a human disguise."

"Yes, my bond had gifted me with a lot of things. We have bonded to the point, that we can talk through our minds, even share each other's bodies for short periods. However, we can still block the other out. And right now, I am being blocked out, and it has been over a month since this began. I need to check on him, normally I would just use the bond to reverse summon myself or he would summon me. But being completely blocked I cannot get up without using your book," Loona explained.

Stolas nodded, "And you have not told Blitz this, because?"

"He is overly protective of me," Loona answered, "Any male that getting near me, he threatens to harm or kill. I could stop him, but it would cause a lot of problems neither of us are ready for. Nor have we found the correct way to break it to him. Nor would this be a good time to break the news to him when I don't even know how bad it it."

Stolas nodded, "I cannot keep this hidden from Blitz for long should he ask. However, I can help you."

"As long as it is after I find my friend, okay," Loona answered, it was not what she wanted but for the moment she would take it.

Stolas nodded slightly, his four eyes carefully studying Loona as she stood before him. She wondered what was going through his mind. Probably something to do with Blitzo, if Loona were to guess. She just hoped he did not reveal where her friend lived to Blitzo before she had a chance to talk to Blitzo first. As though she might like her father, maybe love him a little. She knew that the moment he found out she had a guy in her life, he would shoot first and ask questions later. Quite literally too.

"Very well, I will let you lead the way, since you now where we are going. Once I drop you off, I will return in a day to pick you up. If you do not return before then, I shall be informing Blitz. Including where you are," Stolas answered, and gestured for Loona to proceed.

Loona sighed with a bit of relief; it was not perfect. But at least she had time, nor would Blitzo find out unless she was late in her return. Being late was sure a possibility, but if she was late, then things were a lot worse than even she had thought. But it should be easy enough as she did know roughly where he should be. Even if she had not been a hellhound, at most she should only need twelve hours to find her friend.

Loona opened the book to the portal page that would let them hop between worlds. Channeling her magic through the book, she raised one of her clawed hands. She held out a finger, then carefully pulled it down letting her magic flow through her finger and the book. A portal appeared easily in the air with the same quickness that Stolas used to make his own portals.

Stolas looked impressed by this seemingly small display of magic. Loona knew why, Blitzo and his two employees required a wall to cast the spell. Often needing to carve some basic runes into the wall as well, as none of them could not maintain a stable portal otherwise. This small displayed in many ways showed to Stolas that Loona was in equal parts more powerful magically, and had better control over her powers than even Octivia. Octivia who had been trained and even gone to school to better learn how control her powers. Loona had a lot more powerful than she let on or dare show publicly. Loona though did not dwell on these thoughts as once the portal finished forming, she stepped up and into it.

The temperature dropped rapidly as she stepped out of the portal and onto the slops of a mountain. It was still late summer where she was appearing, but already the chill air was beginning to set in. She looked away from where the portal was, and out over the flat lands to a massive hill that rose up a couple miles away, on which an equally massive castle sat.

"My word," Stolas said, as he stepped through and caught sight of the castle, "Where are we?"

"A few miles away from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Northern Scotland for a location, part of the British magical community," Loona answered, as her ears detected Stolas and Octivia coming to stand beside her.

"Your friend is part of the magical world, fascinating," Stolas said clearly interested in this bit of information.

"It can be," Loona said, with a small smile as she sniffed the air for any signs of a human being nearby, "Just depends on who you are."

"Father, can I stay with Loona. Help her search?" Octivia asked suddenly catching both Loona and Stolas off guard.

"You don't want to come with me?" Stolas asked, sounding a little hurt as the pair looked at Octivia.

"Yes, but…" Octivia said looking a bit apologetic, as she turned from the pair and gazed back out towards the castle, "I just really want to explore that place."

Loona glanced at Stolas, who seemed to smile at his daughter. It was quite clear, that he too wished to forgo his trip and see this place. Yet he had a job that he was required to preform. Something that would keep him busy for a little while at least, nor would it allow him time to visit this place. Yet he also seemed to consider Octivia's words.

"I know enough about invisibility spells to stay hidden," Octivia added, when she realized her father seemed to be seriously considering letting her stay.

Stolas glanced at Loona, and asked, "How dangerous is it?"

"If we are caught, it could cause problems. Weapon wise, they are almost entirely magical and wand users. No real sword or gun use. I never fought a wizard, but I know what they can do. And she is right, an invisibility spell will work just fine," Loona answered.

"I see," Stolas said, glancing at the school before nodded and looked at Octivia then Loona as she he continued, "Octivia, you may go. But listen to Loona. Loona, make sure my daughter comes back safe. It will not be good if you fail, Blitz's daughter or not."

"Yes sir," Loona answered bowing her head slightly in acknowledgement.

"Good," Stolas said, his voice having taken on a command tone as he spoke, before jumping back to its normal jovial self, "Well I must be off. See you soon."

Loona nodded and handed Stolas his book, and watched as a swipe of his hand the portal formed. She could see through it back into his study, before he stepped through and it closed with a snap behind him. Loona glanced at Octivia before sighing a little bit, this was not going quite as planned, but she supposed it could have been worse. She might not really know Octivia to well personally. But at least what Loona had heard of her, assured her enough that Octivia would not go willingly looking for trouble.

"Come on," Loona said, and began making her way down the mountain slop, "We need to reach the castle before the sun starts to rise."

Octivia nodded, and followed Loona quickly and quietly down the mountain. They made their way down towards a town that had not been visible from where they had appeared. Loona knew about the town, and slowly filled Octivia on the basic plan as they walked.

"That is Hogsmeade Village, one of the last few all wizarding villages. We should make our way around the outer edges to the path that heads towards the castle. The magical wards around the castle should let us in without any difficulty, though I know a route should the front entrance not work. Once inside the school we will need to keep hidden. Our goal is that southernmost tower, that is where the dorm rooms where my friend should be staying," Loona explained.

"What if your friend is not there?" Octivia asked both curious and clearly enjoying herself.

"His sister should be in the dorms as well. IF we cannot find him, we find her, and she can lead us to him," Loona answered with a shrug.

The pair moved quickly and quietly along down the mountain side, and around the village at its base. They moved along the edge of the path, and up towards the castle. Loona's impression of the school was the same as the first time she had seen it. Sheer awe at the building, both in what could be seen and not seen. It was a bastion of magical power that could withstand many things magical, demonic or mundane. Reaching the gates, Loona leapt over them with ease, feeling the wards lightly touch her and let her pass.

"Careful, the ward should let you pass, but if not, we will have to find another way around," Loona said.

Octivia nodded and leapt easily up onto the bars of the gate and leaned forward. Loona could see that Octivia could feel the wards judging her presents. Yet a moment later Octivia landed beside Loona no worse for the trip over the bars. Though the owl demon did appear a little shaken from her momentary contact with the wards.

"So powerful," Octivia breathed staring at the gate, "Even the angels might have issue with those wards."

"They are very powerful," Loona agreed, before she turned and began making her way up toward the castle.

Octivia hurried to keep up with Loona's faster stride. Loona knew she did not have a lot of time before the sun would be up in this part of the world. Hell's day might be halfway over when they had set off, but the night was almost over here. At which point, staying hidden would be much harder to do even with spells.

Loona pushed the doors open to the Entrance Hall, and glanced around. It was empty as she had hoped, but with Hogwarts that was never a for sure. Ghost, cats and even teacher had been known to take late night or early strolls through the castle. Plus, as it was a school, there was always a chance a student would be out extra late or early on some plot of their own.

"Hold onto my hand," Loona said, holding out her hand to Octivia, "Once we are invisible, it will be very easy to lose track of each other. And this place is a bit of a maze for anyone who has not been here before."

Octivia nodded and took Loona's offered hand. Loona then drawing on a little bit of the magic cast a spell over the pair of them, hiding them from sight. It was not a prefect spell but an easy one that would make them look like the world around them. There were better spells but they required a lot more magic than Loona wanted to use. At least not till she had to expend the effort to make sure they stayed hidden. At night, in the shadows it would be hard for anyone to detect them unless they were looking really closely at the pair as they moved by.

Loona carefully led Octivia up and through the school. The only people they met were those in the many hundreds of paintings Hogwarts held. They were living portraits, yet their occupants were currently fast asleep none noticing the passing of Loona or Octivia. Thankfully they did not meet any ghosts of either, who were known to patrol the corridors once the teacher and students had gone to bed.

Loona kept her ears and eyes opened still. To many odd things happened about the school for her not to be weary of something unexpected creepy up on them. She also kept carefully sniffing as they moved along, trying to catch any scents in the air that might mean something, or otherwise warn her of someone getting close. Thought she did not catch any fresh scents, the ones she did detect told her that her friend was indeed in the school. Though his scent was hard to detect mingled with thousands of others scents that filled the school. Still Loona knew his to well to miss or mistake it even among all these students.

His scent was somewhat unique among the humans. Bonded with her as he was, his scent had changed slightly over the years. It held hints of both brimstone, and the wolfish scents all Hellhounds carried about them. Yet, his scent also held other notes that were not related to her own. The scent of books, broom polish, and a bit of holly wood and magical ash. And of course, his own musky scent that came from just his own body, that was entirely his own. The first of those notes she could blame entirely on his sister's habits, yet she was glad he loved reading as much as his sister. He had read Loona so many books through their bond and it had helped her pass the endless days before she was finally adopted by Blitzo.

Reaching the fifth-floor landing, Loona slowed to a stop as a fresh scent reached her nose. Someone had walked by only a few minutes to prier. Sniffing in a second time she realized it was not one but two scents, both of which she was intimately familiar with. Both her friend and his sister had passed by only a few moments ago. Glancing down both paths, she knew one led off towards their dorms, while the other path should lead to the owlery.

"What you waiting for?" Octivia asked confused by this pause as she could not quite what Loona was doing.

"Just deciding with path to take," Loona commented before leading Octivia down the path to the Owlery.

It was a bit of a long shot, but it was early enough they could be up and trying to send some mail. Or, her friend just needed to get away from the dorms for a little bit. Though life was not too hard for him, it could still be very rough on him at times. And if he had cut her off for this long, she could image he wanted to get some time away from others just to think. Not that his sister would let him do that, but Loona also knew that his sister and herself were the best equipped to help him as well.

They moved along quickly as they could, till they reached the base of the tower. Here Loona finally dropped her spell, letting the pair become visible again. Gesturing for Octivia to quietly follow, Loona worked her way up the spiral stairs to the top of the tower. She could already here voice talking, both of which she knew very well by this point.

"You really have not told her anything?" came a girl's voice.

"Hermione… sis… you know Loona. You don't have to be bonded to her to guess what she would do if she found out what happened during my detentions," A male voice said.

"She would kill her, I know," Hermione answered in a bit of a resigned voice, "But keeping her out of the loop this long. That is not right, not after what the Bee gave you two."

"I know," the male voice answered, sounding tired, "I just… I don't know how to explain what is going on. Loona might act calm, but that is only because she is bonded to me. I know every well what she would do if she thought I was in danger."

"The same thing I would do my dear adopted brother. The witch is going to pay," Hermione said rather pointedly.

"Are you trying to end up in Hell?" The male voice asked, though there was a bit of a joking tone to the way he asked it.

"Killing evil people is not a sin," Hermione answered in an almost sing sung voice, "Even if I get sent down there later. At least I will likely end up with you as my friend."

"What, you think they would send the savior of the wizarding world to hell?" the male asked laughing a little bit.

"Send Harry Potter down to hell. How could that happen? Bonding with Loona the hellhound, might do it," Hermione answered teasingly.

"You know the rules as well as I do that is not a one way ticket to hell. Specially, as I did it so young, and I did it to help her," Harry countered.

"Sure brother," Hermione shot back laughing, before she sighed, "When are you going to tell her?"

"I don't know… soon," Harry answered, "Once I figure out how to do, without her wanting to kill Umbridge."

"And why would I do that?" Loona asked, as she and Octivia finally entered the top of the owlery.

"Loona!?" Harry and Hermione gasped as one, their eyes fixing on Loona.

"Yes," Loona answered her eyes fixing on Harry, as a fair bit of anger and frustration filled her voice, "Now tell me what is going on."

Harry sighed, and seemed to be unable to meet Loona's gaze. Loona glanced at Hermione for a few moments before she returned her gaze back to Harry. He seemed very worn down, since she had last been in contact with him. Even as dark as it was, she could still see the bangs under his eyes. The way he held himself, and a slight drawn look about him. So much like how she had likely appeared to Octivia. Yet in his eyes, she could still see the iron core of stubbornness that made up his will.

"Harry," Loona said, her voice softer, "We are bonded. You cannot keep me out forever, nor is it healthy for either of us to be separated for too long anymore."

Harry still did not say anything or respond. Yet Loona could sense his hesitation. The crack in his defense, that kept his mind segregated from her own. She wanted to rush this opening, to tear it apart and touch her mind once more with his own. Yet she also knew that doing such a thing would cause more issues than it would fix. After all, the block was made from not only his magic, but also his own mental strength and will. To remove it by force she would have had to dominate his mind with her own, something she could not willingly do to him at this point.

"You can trust me. You know I only do what is needed, and do not always just act on my emotions or impulses," Loona said her eyes still fixed on Harry.

"Fine…" Harry said, and lowered the wall that held Loona out from his mind.

Loona felt the warmth of the bond for a few moments as it wash over her. She breathed deeply as the wave of feelings swept over her, forcing her to center herself. Even now, after having done it several times, the sensation of the bond crashing over her still left her feeling breathless and thrilled to have it. Yet she knew better than to let herself get caught up in the fresh surge of emotions and memories that came with it. At the moment she had to keep her head, and focus on what needed to be done.

She could feel the strain in Harry's mind and body as the bond reformed. It had never strained them before, but then again, one of them had never tried to keep them apart for so long either. Maybe a day at most, up till this point. The shaking in Harry's mind, worried Loona coloring her thoughts through the bond. Yet she knew that just letting the bond flow between them again would be the best medicine to sooth those tremors.

She then allowed herself to sink into the flow of recent memories, something she could feel Harry doing as well. A bond this deep, there were no secrets truly between them, not anymore. Even burying memories could only keep the other for so long from finding out about what had happened. At most maybe a month. It is why Loona tried to avoid partaking in Blizto's jobs, because she did not want Harry to relive her own memories of killing. She had only ever failed at this twice so far.

She quickly found the spot where he had blocked her off and followed the memories quickly onwards till she saw why. Professor Umbridge, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Professor Umbridge had put Harry in detention, and had him write lines. That unto itself would have not made Loona angry, no it was the writing tool Umbridge had forced Harry to use. A Blood Quill, which forced the user to write the words in their own blood. Such an item, which was often used to seal magical contracts.

Stepping out of Harry's memories, Loona blinked and looked at him closely. She sniffed the air, and caught the faint hint of blood now. She walked forward, holding out her clawed hand, and Harry held up his own hand that the words had been carved into. The skin was still red and inflamed, though it had healed enough to not give off a strong scent of blood like it must have been. Taking a deep breath, Loona channeled her magic into the bond, and into Harry.

"Loona…" Harry breathed, wanting to stop her but was too late.

The magic flowed, through him healing his hand leaving the skin smooth and unblemished once more. The side effect however, was something they knew about and why Harry would have stopped her had he been a little faster. His ears shifted gaining soft black fur, and pushed out on either side of his head, just as her own did. A long tail also pushed out form his rear, covered in the same soft black fur, while his hands became more like claws. The whites of his eyes became blood red, as he became a partial hellhound.

"Mr. Fluffy is back," Hermione giggled.

Loona giggled as well as she felt Harry's announcing at Hermione's nickname for his other form. Yet she did not focus on that but rather drew Harry into a hug, which he soon returned. She had missed this more than she would have ever admitted to anyone down in Hell. As contrary to their popular belief, she enjoyed being cuddled and petted, or at least cuddled and petted by Harry and, to a lessor, degree his sister.

The pair stayed close for a few moments, before they drew back. Harry's eyes lingered meeting Loona's own before they looked passed her to where Octivia stood watching the reunion with a curious look in her eyes. Hermione, following Harry's gaze noticed the owl shaped demon as well. Though used to Loona she did not seem to scared or worried about the appearance of another demon.

"I do believe introductions are in order," Harry said stepping forward and giving Octivia a small bow, "I am Harry Potter. This lovely lady is my sister, Hermione Granger, to whose family I was adopted into. I take it you know my bonded love, Loona."

"It is nice to meet you," Octivia said, a little taken aback by the almost formal way Harry spoke.

"Pay this joker no mind," Loona said, stepping beside Harry and lightly flicking his ear with her claw, "He is just being dramatic for no reason."

"As if my brother does not get into enough drama without adding it to everything that happens," Hermione commented with a slightly exasperated expression.

"Well, she is a princess," Harry said glancing at Hermione.

Loona nodded, "He is right, though she hardly cares about the title anymore than Harry does. Let me introduce you both to Octivia, daughter of Stolas and Stella."

Hermione eyes widen, and as she glanced at Loona sharply before glancing back at Octivia who looked a bit nervous. Loona could guess Hermione's thoughts. Harry had been keeping Hermione informed of the underworld gossip and news. And Stolas and Stella's divorce was well known to the siblings. To meet their child, was a bit of a surprise for the pair.

Loona continued, "I had to get Stolas's help to reach Hogwarts. Octivia wanted to tag along as we became friends of sort recently."

"This is a rather, amazing place," Octivia said with a bit of a smile.

Loona glanced sideways as she noticed Harry's thoughts, before glancing up above them. It was a bit of an irony that the first place she took the owl shaped demon, was to the Owlery, where all the schools post owls often spent their days or night resting. She decided not to mention it, for the moment. Not that she thought Octivia would find it offensive or anything, but she figured there were better topics to focus on.

"It is, isn't it," Harry said, returning the smile, before gesturing to the window and the view beyond it, "It might not be my home. But Hogwarts holds a special place in the hearts of nearly all its students. If you get a chance, to visit again, I will happily give you a tour."

"I think I would like that," Octivia said, smiling some at the thought, "So Loona mentioned some of how you meant. But what really happened?"

Harry glanced at Loona who just gave a mental nod, and he spoke, "Loona was summoned what would have been a little over ten years ago by a wizard. He was part of a terrorist group that had been attacking the magical world a few years back, and thought to remove me. Because when their leader had attacked me as a child, the spell… for a lack of a better description rebounded upon their leader killing him."

"The guy thought to kill me, and used an old summoning ritual to bring forth a Hellhound. Loona was kind of summoned at random. The ritual gives her extra powers, which then allowed her to track me down through my name alone. The only problem was that though she found the house I was living in at the time, she did not find me right away. The man did not know this, and had started throwing spells around killing my aunt, uncle, and cousin. Only to realize I was not one of the people he had killed. Then he became angry, as he had not thought to ask them questions, and thought Loona had made a mistake."

Loona then picked up the story, "in his anger, he cast a spell at me. Being only twelve, and not quite knowing what was going on I did not think to dodge it. Pain stuck me unlike anything I have ever felt before or since then. I thrashed around, tearing my first two earrings off in the process, and not even realizing I had done so. I could not even think enough to try and end the summoning."

"When he finally lifted the spell, I did not realize what was going on. Till I saw a small kid attacking the man. Harry, had appeared, and even though he was a malnourished had confronted the man. The man turned the wand on Harry, who hesitated, but seemed to be ready to face him down."

Loona's body was shaking as she stared at the boy, the one she had not been able to find. He looked so small for a child, indeed much smaller than he was supposed to. Yet though fear was in his eyes, he seemed ready to attack the man who had killed his family, and tortured her. The broken china ornament on by the mans feet was proof enough of this.

"So, you are Harry Potter," The man said, his eyes focusing on Harry.

"So I am," Harry said, "And you are just some bad man, that hurts people and animals."

"Yes, I am a bad man," the man said laughing, "You are oddly brave for a child. I think I will have fun with you, before I kill you. Crucio."

And orange light leapt from the man's wand, but missed as Harry had already ducked out of the way. The flash of light, and those words however had jump started Loona's brain again. With the man focused on Harry, Loona attacked the man who had summoned her. Had he summoned her correctly, and given her better rules this would not have been impossible. But as her only rule and job was to find Harry Potter, nothing else mattered in what she did during or after that. And being put under that much pain ruined any good feelings Loona had had being seeing the surface world for the first time. The man was clearly not ready for Loona. Her jaws soon closed about his throat, her teeth tearing into his neck. He could not yell, as she tore his neck apart, and he was soon left bleeding out on the floor before her.

A gasp drew her attention away from her first kill. Loona looked around and saw Harry once more standing there. Yet though his attention started on the now dead man, it soon turned to her. He moved forward, looking unsure as if he should get any closer. Soon he stood right before Loona. In her summoned state, Loona knew she was bigger than her normal self, and had a feral form. Yet, Harry still did not retreat, but rather did the one thing she did not expect. And threw his arms around her neck and hugged her.

"Thanks for getting rid of him," Harry said, his voice soft, "He killed my aunt, my uncle and cousin. I might not like them a lot, but they were still family… I guess."

There was a sadness in the way Harry spoke those words as he lightly stroked Loona's fur. A sadness that Loona was familiar with. To have a family yet not really have a family. Harry sighed and turned to the door to the house.

"You should leave now; I need to call the police. Maybe I will find a better family," Harry said looking thoughtful, "But if they find you, then they might put you down. And I could not have that happen to you. I can tell, you are a good person."

Loona would have laughed at this, had it been made at any other moment in her life up till then. She was a hellhound, a being of literal Hell. The place where all sinner ended up. Yet this boy called her a good person. Yet, somehow those words held a lot more weight than they once would have done.

Loona give Harry a small lick before turning to go. He gave her a small wave, before she dashed off into the night, sure that would be the last time she ever saw Harry.

"What we did not know a the time, was that Loona had left her earrings behind. Torn as they were, they had her blood on them. I collected them, deciding I would claim them as my own so no one would think they might belong to her. And well, at which point we kind of formed the bond. I knew from that moment on how to summon Loona back. Though when I summoned her the first time, she was not the wolf I had seen, but just a younger version of her current self," Harry said, and Loona could see the memories of her much cuter younger form flash through Harry's memories.

"Since then, we have spent time together and slowly turned what was a demon summon bond and pack to something much deeper. Harry showed me to his new family once he got adopted into the Grangers, as well I have been spending time with them ever since then," Loona finished.

"I have also visited hell recently as the bond grew stronger. I mostly was living inside Loona as a secondary passenger. We got caught by Bee of all demons when Loona visited her ring for a party," Harry said smiling at the memory.

"You meant the Queen Bee?" Octivia said sounding a little stunned.

"Yeah, she had us come back later and chat with her. She is… interesting. She approved of our relationship, and gave us a ring that I am supposed to give to Loona when the time comes," Harry said, a bit of a blush coloring his cheeks at this.

"You're kidding," Octivia said, her disbelief growing.

"Nope," Hermione said, laughing some, "Harry showed me the ring when Loona dropped it off for our safe keeping. Not wanting to risk Blitz finding it."

Octivia gave them an understanding nod. Harry though spoke up before anyone else could.

"You two should get going. Or at least fine a classroom to hide out in for the day and rest. We will meet you two again before you leave tomorrow. It is getting close enough to breakfast Hermione and I need to make an appearance, and with Umbridge still about we cannot just stay hidden without raising suspicions," Harry said.

Loona noticed then the light that was now beginning to fill the tower room. And knew Harry was right. She hugged him again, both mentally and physically before hurrying off with Octivia to find a safe location to hide for the day. And though she was soon out of range of hearing or catching a whiff of Harry's familiar scent. The mental link they shared was as strong as ever, and she was soon silently talking with him again. Satan, how she had missed this.

As they ducked into a classroom, and Loona applied several spells to keep them safe, Octivia asked, "So, when your dad find out. How are you going to keep Harry safe?"

Loona chuckled at this, and answered, "Blitz might be many things. But I would fear more for his safety than Harry's. Harry has survived more in four years at this school then most people do their entire lives."

With that Loona launched into the many Harry's full story. She did not rush her way through it, but rather enjoyed telling Octivia all the fun details. After all, it was going to be several hours before they could leave. Might as well enjoy it with a good story, specially one she had featured in from time to time.

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