Who wants To Live Forever

"From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Living

many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the gathering when the few who remain

will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you............until now"

Some general information about Immortals: They are Immortals, never growing older than they were on the day they first died and blessed with miraculous healing powers. They are not the only ones - there are others, covering the full range from good to evil. The only way to kill an Immortal is to decapitate them and if it is another Immortal who kills, then all the power of the Immortal who dies transfers to his or her killer in a violent electrical storm, referred to as a "Quickening". For this reason, most Immortals carry swords with them at all times, for protection.

The Immortals live by a set of rules, which govern the enduring battle between them all, which they call "The Game". The rules are observed by them all, (well - almost all), and are quite simple:

 No Immortal can fight on Holy Ground, no matter who regards it as Holy

 Immortal combat is one on one - no outside interference, no two on one

 Mortals must not learn about Immortals - if you are killed, you move on

 No Immortal can have children

 At the last, all Immortals will feel drawn to a distant land, to fight for the Prize - this is the time of the Gathering

 In the end, there can be only one - the last one will receive all the power of all the Immortals who ever lived

Although perhaps not strictly a rule, it's generally regarded as poor form to use a gun or similar weapon to shoot your opponent before beheading them!

Even they do not know who they are. All Immortals are orphans - foundling children whose real parents are unknown. They grow up as normal humans until the day they first die, different only in that they cannot have children. Once a pre-Immortal is killed, they come back to life with all of the power of an Immortal and never grow any older. Immortals can sense the presence of each other and can also tell who will be Immortals, although the juveniles do not "feel" the Immortals or know about their destiny. Once reborn as an Immortal, most young Immortals are found by an older Immortal, who becomes their teacher, telling them what they are, teaching them the rules and, most importantly, how to survive, now that other Immortals will be hunting them, to take their head for the Quickening.

I hope this is enough information to make this fic understandable to those who haven't watched Highlander. This fic is a crossover between the Highlander universe and Wrestling. I don't own any of the Characters portrayed except Tehya, so don't sue me. I can't really summarize this story so read it and decide for yourself if you like it.

Tehya McCloud – 25 years old, died when she was 20, been immortal for 5 years, adopted daughter of Duncan McCloud. Her teachers were Duncan and Methos.

Mark Callaway- Retired Wrestler, literally runs into Tehya and becomes fascinated with


Duncan McCloud-Born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1592, Duncan was

         mortally wounded and banished from his village thirty years

         later.  First taught by his elder kinsman Connor MacLeod, he

         has also learned from many other teachers throughout the

         years.  This slightly younger, more arrogant Scottish

         Immortal fights for good and values the lives of mortals.

         Unlike his kinsman Connor, Duncan has not always been such

         an active participant in the Gathering.  He lets other

         Immortals come to him rather than seeking them out.

Adam Pierson/Methos-Thought by the many to be a legend, the world's oldest Immortal is, in fact, very much alive. Not an active participant in the Game, Methos operates under the guise of Adam Pierson. Despite not showing much of a conscience, Methos often is instrumental in helping MacLeod solve his moral dilemmas.
Little is known about Methos's past. He is around 5,000 years old, and for hundreds of years he rode with an evil band of pillagers known as the Four Horsemen. He has since had a change of heart, and while he is not exactly a humanitarian, his actions are often motivated by good intentions.

The timelines in this story will not exactly match up to the highlander universe. I am making my own so don't stone me.

Tehya walked down the dark alleyway.  She turned to check behind her, hoping the noise and lights hadn't attracted unwanted attention. She ducked down a side street to her car. She jumped when she heard the voice.

"Tehya, not exactly living up to you name are you precious."

Tehya turned around and flashed the man an annoyed look her dark eyes flashing.

He looked at her with amusement. God she was still a beauty. He hadn't seen her in a year, but it's not like she would have changed much, long black hair, flashing brown eyes, especially when she was angry. She had been a fireball even as a child when you pissed her off.

"Your really not concentrating, you should have felt me." He said.

"I did, but I knew it was you." She snapped at him.

"What do you want Methos?" She said turning back to her car.

"Hey hey, don't throw that name around." He said.

"Oh sorry what is it these days, Adam?" Tehya asked.

"That will do." He said getting in on the passenger side.

"Did I invite you?" She asked.

"I'm wounded." Methos sighed dramatically and fell back in the seat.

Tehya sighed and looked at the man she had known for the past 16 years. He had black hair in a scraggly cut that suited him and brown warm eyes, hell he could be her father, if that had been possible but it wasn't. He hid a wiry muscular body under his long coat. He looked every bit of 30 years old, if only people knew, Tehya thought smiling.

"Oh I get a smile now?" Methos asked smiling back.

"What do you want?" Tehya asked starting the car.

"Hey do I need a reason to want to see one of my favorite pupils?" Methos said buckling his seatbelt.

"I haven't heard from you in two years why now?" Tehya asked.

"I was letting you spread your wings so to speak, you don't need me and Duncan looking over your shoulder constantly." Methos said

"I haven't seen Duncan." Tehya said.

Methos glanced up at her. Her face was devoid of emotions. But he didn't miss the bitterness in her words.

"You know Duncan, he's different every since Ritchie, well with what happened. He cares about you, you know." Methos said.

"Yea well he's got to get over it someday; he lives in that stupid monastery in Tibet like a monk or something, hiding on holy ground." Tehya said.

"Live and grow stronger to fight another day." Methos said looking at her.

"Yes I suppose so." Tehya said.

She thought back to her first meeting with Duncan all those years ago.

Tehya had been running for three days. The men had killed Ross and James, not that she cared. She had been with them every since she could remember, and she was eight now. The men that had killed them were after her. Because of what they thought she was. She was unusual no doubt. She was a pre-immortal. But unlike others like her self, she knew what she was. Ross and James had found her as a baby and started training her right away, they said they would make her an unbeatable immortal, she would win the final game. Unlike other pre-immortals she could sense other immortals, just like she was already one of them, that's what had got her this far. She could feel them when they got near. She felt the unmistakable hum of an immortal near by and she ran and hid in the nearby cemetery, well not hid exactly, she stood on the edge of the holy ground waiting. Whoever it was they couldn't kill her here. She saw him come to the edge of the cemetery and he looked at her in shock.

Duncan looked at the child. This was no immortal, she was definitely pre immortal, but she had the strongest hum of any pre-immortal he had ever felt, that's why he thought she was an immortal at first. She also obviously knew what she was; she was standing and facing him with confidence on the holy ground of the cemetery.

Tehya looked at him. H e was handsome, tall with long black hair pulled back in a low pony tail. He had light brown eyes and she seen he nothing but kindness in them.

"What's you name child?" He asked.

Tehya noticed the slight Scottish accent. This was him, the reason she had come to Portland.

"Are you Duncan McCloud of the Clan McCloud?" Tehya asked.

"Yes, and you are?" Duncan said wondering how this child knew of him.

"My teachers are dead, killed; they wanted me to kill you someday when I became immortal. I figured they were scared of you, so I want you to be my teacher." She said.

"My name is Tehya." She said.

"Precious." Duncan murmured under his breath. He had spent some years as the member of a Cherokee tribe and knew what the name meant.

Duncan knelt down in front of her.

"How do you know what you are?" Duncan asked.

"I've always known. Ross and James say it was prophesied I will be the strongest immortal ever and I would win the prize. I'm different from other pre-immortals.   I can already sense you when you come near, I can feel you in my head. I want you to be my teacher." Tehya said putting her hands on her hips.

Duncan smothered a smile at her braveness. She was a spunky little thing.

"Are you hungry Tehya?" Duncan asked.

Tehya's eyes lit up at the words, she had been on the run and hadn't had a descent meal in a while.

"yea I could eat." She said casually, she didn't want to seem too desperate.

"Okay." Duncan said standing up.

"While we eat, I want you to tell me all about yourself so I can decide if I'm going to be your teacher or not." Duncan said.

Tehya looked up at him solemnly and nodded. She had to convince him to be her teacher she was still too little to protect herself.

Duncan looked at the worried look on her face and melted.

"Come CIQALA." Duncan said holding out his hand.

She looked at him oddly.

"What does that mean?" Tehya asked.

"It is Dakota, it means little one." Duncan said smiling.

Tehya took his hand.

"Will you teach me?" She asked looking up at him.

"I will teach you many things Tehya." Duncan said.

"But will you teach me to fight, to win the game." She said.

Duncan stopped and hoisted her up in his arms.

"I will teach you to fight, but there are many other things to learn, I will educate you. Its not just about fighting Tehya, it's about using your head, knowing how to outsmart your opponent, knowing when to walk away." Duncan said.

Tehya stared at him.

"Tehya do you think when the time comes you can kill friend and foe all for the prize, to have the power of all the immortals that ever lived?" Duncan asked.

"In the end there can be only one, and it might as well be me." Tehya said.

"Hello…Am I talking to myself here? I mean if you don't want me to stay just say so." Methos said breaking into her memories.

Tehya shook her head to clear it and looked over at Methos, who was doing his best to pout.

Tehya laughed, she had missed him.

"You know you're very immature for an all knowing 5000 year old man.

"Methos looked at her and grinned.

"So Can I crash at your place?" He said.

"Sure how long are you staying?" Tehya asked.

"I don't know, I wouldn't be in this redneck hell at all if it wasn't for you, why in the gods name did you choose Texas to settle?" he asked.

Tehya shrugged.

"I just kind of ended up here when I was chasing one of us here. After I finished him, I decided I liked it here and stayed." Tehya said.

Methos snorted.

"Barbarians." He said.

"Oh stop being such a snob." Tehya said.

"Well were home." Tehya said.

Methos looked out the window. It was a small house and they were in the boonies from the looks of it. No one else for miles around.

Methos got out of the car.

"How many bedrooms?" Methos asked.

"Two, you wont have to sleep on the couch." Tehya said grinning.

"Bless you child, a real bed." Methos said grinning.

Tehya rolled her eyes.

"Come on." She said heading up the walkway.

"We really need to have a talk, after dinner of course." Methos said.

Tehya turned around abruptly.

"What's up, I knew there was something going on, what's wrong, is Duncan okay?" She asked.

"You know I can't talk on an empty stomach and a beer would really be lovely." Methos said keeping a straight face.

Tehya cursed under her breath and opened the door.

"Excuse me did you just call me a stubborn old bastard?" Methos said stepping in behind her and shutting the door.

"Ill have you know, even if it was 5000 years ago, my parents were lawfully wed, thank you very much." Methos said plopping on the couch and turning on the TV.

"How about that beer?" Methos yelled in the general direction of the kitchen.

He heard her slamming things in the kitchen and smiled. Yes it was just like old times.