Tehya woke with a start. She was disoriented and didn't know what was going on. The last thing she remembered was fighting Segremor and Methos. Her thoughts suddenly clicked into place.

"That fucking bastard." She yelled sitting up on the edge of the bed she found herself in.

"Well hey there Sunshine. How ya feeling?"

Tehya looked up and she seen red.

What in the hell are you doing here, better yet what am I doing here?" She screamed.

"Now just calm down, your friend Adam asked me to keep a eye on you for the time being. He told me about your trouble with the mob. Darlin were going to be spending a lot of time together." Mark said smiling.

Tehya looked deceptively calm. She got up and walked to the window trying to figure out where she was and what kind of cock and bull story Methos had told Mark.

No fucking way she thought. There were bars on the window. Methos had seriously crossed the line.

She swung around with fire in her eyes.

"You let me the fuck out of here now!" She screeched at him.

"Now Darlin don't go upsetting yourself this is for your own good." Mark said in a calm voice.

"You call me Darlin one more time, I'm going to ram my foot down your throat." She said advancing on him.

Mark frowned. She wasn't exactly pleasant was she.

"Tehya just calm down. No sense acting like that and I don't like threats." He said in a grim tone of voice.

"Ohhhh I'm so worried about what you like..Let me the hell out of here." She said.

'No." Mark said. In his mind that ended this nonsense.

"No." She repeated back not believing he was going to try to keep her locked up.

She picked up the first thing her hand landed on. It was a vase. She looked at it. Figured this was probably one of Methos's many hideout. It looked to be at least two hundred years old worth a small fortune probably.

She looked at Mark and flung it straight at his head.

Mark ducked just in time to avoid a direct impact and the vase crashed on the door behind him.

"Are you crazy?" He yelled.

She was on a roll and started throwing everything that wasn't tied down. The water pitcher, a clock it all went whizzing past his head as he bobbed to avoid them.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE FUCKER!" She yelled over and over as she threw things at him.

Mark backed out the door and shut and locked it.. He leaned against the door.

What in the hell had he got his self into?

She was still screaming and throwing things and banging on the door.

"I'll kill you!" She yelled.

Mark dialed a number on his cell.

"This girl is crazy..what in the hell did you get me in to?" He asked.

"Throwing a fit is she?" Methos asked laughing.

"It's not funny. She nearly took off my head. She has broke anything that is breakable in her room." Mark said.

Methos frowned. The house was loaded with antiques, irreplaceable pieces.

"Oh Gods..she is going to cost me a fortune. Well it cant be helped. She does have a rotten temper." Methos said.

"She is fucking crazy. Shes still screaming at the top of her lungs." Mark said.

"There is no one for miles..who is going to hear?" Methos asked.

"Me thats who..I cant take this." Mark said.

"Look she will calm down eventually. I know her. She just need a little time to adjust." He said.

"Yea right." Mark muttered.

"Did you give her the sword?" Methos asked?

"Oh Shit I left it in the bedroom. No way I am opening that door now." Mark said.

"Look she wont hurt you. But its important she keep the sword with her. It means the world to her. Her Father gave it to her." Methos said.

"She wont hurt me? She tried to knock my brains out and threatened to kill me." Mark snapped

"Trust me..she wont hurt you..well maybe hurt a little..but she wont kill you." Methos laughed.

"Oh your just real funny..Ha Ha." Mark said getting more and more pissed.

"Look I'll call her in a couple of days when things calm down..Just don't let her out of your sight." Methos said.

Mark heard the click as the line went dead.

Lot of help he was.

Tehya continued to scream, kick and throw things.

"Where is my sword?" She screamed.

"Its beside the bed." He said thorough the door.

It grew quite for a minute and then she resumed her yelling and kicking of the door.

"No way I'm letting you out of there. Why so you can run me through with that sword of yours? I don't think so.

He walked off down the hallway.

Tehya continued to kick and scream till her voice got to hoarse.

She would find a way out she vowed sinking to the floor and when she did Mark and Methos would both pay.