Prologue: Finding Out

"What...?" he said, mouth hanging open in shock.

"Didn't you hear me, Harry? I said I was pregnant." Hermione said.

"Pregnant...?" Harry said stupidly.

Hermione sighed, it was like talking to a 2 year old.

"Yes. Pregnant. You know, as in 'child', 'baby'... all that." She said.

Harry seemed to recover from his shock because all of a sudden he let out a loud 'whoop' and jumped into the air.

"I take it you're happy then?" she asked sarcastically.

"Of course I'm happy. I'm just shocked." Harry replied, sitting down and holding his head, "I have a head-ache now."

Hermione laughed, "You are such a wimp."

"Come on, we can go to that new store down the street and look at some of the baby stuff." Harry grabbed Hermione's hand and began to pull her away from the café where they had been sitting when Hermione told him.

"Harry, it's way too soon to be looking at that stuff."

"Nah, it's never too soon. Besides, we're not buying, we're just looking." Harry laughed, "We've got to get some red and gold baby things. I'm not going to have a Slytherin in my house."

Hermione laughed as she playfully hit him. He put his arm around her as they set off down the street towards the baby store.

Harry and Hermione had been married for almost a year. The wedding had been a beautiful one, taking place almost immediately after Graduation. Ron was Harry's best man, of course. And Hermione had chosen Ginny as the Maid of Honor. All of their friends had been invited. Draco had been there, who had become their friend after Harry saved his life in their Sixth Year. And surprisingly, even the Dursley's showed up, reluctantly. Harry believed that Snape was behind it, who had become quite friendly towards them during their Seventh Year. It had been the best day for a wedding and everyone had had a lot of fun.

As Hermione and Harry continued on their way, they didn't notice a person hiding in the shadows watching them. If they had, it would have saved them a lot of trouble and heartbreak.

- - - - - -

A/N: This may seem different, and it is, because I changed it. I plan on doing that for most of the chapters. At least the first few. Hopefully, this version is better.