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Turlough Freeman presents a robot chicken sketch called: The girl of Chowder's dre.. er, nightmare.

It was the middle of the night at Chef Mung Daal's catering company, Chowder was asleep in his bed, unaware of something that was moving under the blanket. Then suddenly, a shadowy figure pokes out of the blanket as Chowder opens his eyes and see Panini in front of him.


Chowder screams but was cut off as Panini taped his mouth shut, he notices he can't move as he was tied to the bed by ropes.

"Surprised to see me?" Panini flirtly asked. "Well, you should. You been avoiding and denying me for a long time, and it really hurts. But i know you love me..."

Panini's voice soon turned seriously sinister...

"I'll MAKE you love me!"

Chowder muffledly screams as Ladies night from Kool & and the gang plays while Panini kisses him all over his face as he tries to break free. Just as she was about to rip his pajamas off, the ropes bounding Chowder finally gives way and Chowder runs out of the room, removing the tape from his mouth, allowing him to scream while loudly shouting as he runs downstairs with Panini in pursuit...


Chowder smashes through the entrance and flees into the night with Panini chasing him saying...

"You'll never escape from me, i'll chase you to the ends of the earth until you accept me as your girlfriend!"

(Times passes)

Chowder finds himself in a haunted mansion still be chased by Panini as they ran into a scene involving going back and forth through many doors like in scooby doo, hell, the Mystery Inc. is there as well being chased by the Boogie man and his crew from the Powerpuff girls. after a bit, Chowder jumps out through a window and escapes into the night with Panini not too far behind.

(More time passes)

Chowder is at Foster's home for imaginary friends, climbing a rope up to a window leading to Bloo's bedroom, once there, he frantically knocks on it, waking Bloo up as the blue imaginary friend opens the window once he saw Chowder who said...

"Chowder, what are you doing here? it's past 2 am."

"Let me in! You gotta hide me!"

"Yeah, not gonna happen." Bloo denied. "You got me into trouble the last time you came here."

"Please, Bloo, help me! Panini is after me!"

"Panini? You mean that pink bunny girl who has a big crush on you?" asked Bloo.

"Yeah." Chowder complied.

"Yeah uh, about that, uh..." Bloo stammered nervously but he was pushed aside by Panini as she greeted...


Chowder screams as he lets go of the rope and fell to the ground with a thud, Panini jumps out of the window and fell next to him as Bloo nervously closes the window and goes to hide.

(Sometime later)

Chowder now found himself on the scene of the movie "Little Nicky" as the devil walks toward his throne, Chowder sees a window and takes a peek...

"Hey, a window."

The devil sees Chowder as the boy greeted...

"Hi, Mr. Devil sir, nice day in hell, isn't it?"

Chowder chuckled nervously and smiles. The devil waved at him with a smile before summoning Panini who appeared next to him and called out...


Chowder screams and runs away with Panini chasing him... again.

"I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Chowder yells as Panini's evil laugh echoes in the skies of hell.

(After the credits)

It was morning and Chowder slowly walked back home exhausted and frightened as he looked around before breathing a sigh of relief and said...

"Thank goodness, it was all a dream. Boy, sleep running all night makes me feel...

"Hi, Chowder..." Panini surprised the boy as he turns around and screams before he fainted from the shock.

Panini grins and grabs Chowder's legs and drags him off the screen.

End of multiple sketches...