I not sure whether people who read my story previously are reading this now, since I haven't update since, oh let's say… July of last year! I guess I am just a tad bit on the late on the side, but I am writing this because nothing annoys me more than when an author just stops updating a story and leaves no explanation of why they just stopped. So hear is my explanation and I really wish it was something like, "I got involved with someone" or "I went off to college", but as life is some luxuries are not always easy to receive.

Back in august 2004, I was preparing for my senior year in high school. You know doing the usually preparing for my difficult classes, spending my last moments of freedom with my friends, preparing for future chapters in my fic, and preparing to experience 'the best years of my life' with my family and friends, but as most things go perfection never lasts and happiness is never permanent. I found out within the first three weeks of school that my father had gone outside of my parent's marriage for the second and final time. I had never really felt true hate, true grief, or a truly 'surreal' moment until the day I had found out about the affair. To have to go through the same pain and anguish that I went through the first time, when I was only eight, was truly a new level of pain for me. Everyone does it, everyone seems to know what their life should be like in the near future. For me, I saw myself spending my last year at home with my parents; enjoying every moment of my senior year as well as having the comfort of knowing that when I did go to college that my parents would be their for each other in my absence. You do not appreciate so many things until you lose them. For the past few months I have had to watch my mother grief for the life she had expected to have and to see her despair over last 24 years of her life, wondering whether my father's love was ever genuine. It is a burden that I have been holding for the past couple of months and a burden I will continue to carry until she finds happiness again.

I do not mean to be melodramatic, but I really had to get this off my chest. To wrap up I do want to say that I am not a quitter and I never have been, so I fully intend to finish this fic. All that I am asking is for everyone to bear with me and give me reassurance that trying to finish my fic is not a completely lost cause. Thanks again for everything. It is the encouragement from my reviewers, which always drove me to write faster and better.