Dappled Sunlight


Canary found herself looking back at a lot of moments, especially when she first met Amane.

She remembered seeing the wide-eyed yet serious look on Amane's face, hoping to make a good impression. She was used to taking care of missions by herself, so that no one else could get caught if the situation became dire.

She could sense her fellow bodyguard's presence nearby, mimicking her every move, every stance, and putting her best foot forward.

All the bells and whistles weren't part of the job, Canary knew that much. And now that more time had passed, Amane knew too.

As they took in the lulls between missions and safeguarding the Zoldyck estate, they could both sit under the looming trees in the forest. Canary and Amane let the shadows cover their bodies, their unspoken words, and their growing feelings.

Under the shade, Canary reached out her hand, and Amane grasped it, gently and with certainty.

In these moments, they didn't have to pretend.