Murdock gets a call for help from Billy.

He floated gently in air. Soaring higher and higher with fluffy white clouds billowing in his wake. He could not have been happier in that one moment before a resounding crash yanked him out of his dream and thrust him into the waking world. Bolt upright and shaking with adrenalin, he listened for more sounds. Slowly his door opened. Just as slowly, he reached for something he could use as a weapon.

A huge pair of ears followed by equally huge eyes peered around the door.

Murdock stopped himself from hurling his shoe just in time. Flopping back weakly in bed, he said, "Billy, what are you doing?"

Billy blinked and replied, "Billy is sorry, sir. Billy is just trying to pack sir's stuff so he is ready to go."

"Go? Go where?"

Hannibal rubbed his eyes and reminded himself that he was a patient man, that his team was his family, and that all families had their problem children. But, dammit, it was 7am and he had only 4 hours of sleep under his belt. He took a deep breath and reached for his self control.

"Captain, let me get this straight," he paused and took another deep breath, "you say that we need to go to England right away because your dog Billy says that a school in England needs our help. And," Hannibal raised his voice slightly as Murdock started to interrupt," And your dog Billy is not really a dog but a house elf."

Murdock's voice sounded a bit more hesitant. "Well, I know it sounds strange...," his voice petered out.

It was 10am and BA along with Hannibal and Face stared at Murdock. They were gathered at Hannibal's place.

BA looked at the others. Hannibal's face showed concern laced with impatience, but underneath there was also tiredness. The burden of leading the team was clearly showing on his face. With all hustling and screening new clients for the team, there hadn't been much downtime recently.

Face, too, was wearing the tension of the waiting game. Although sitting back in a relaxed pose, he was anything but. His blue eyes flicked around the room as if seeking something to rest on - a distraction for his constantly racing mind.

But, they were here for Murdock. Something was up with the fool. He was so agitated that he couldn't sit and so he paced around the room as he told them about Billy and his message.

"You know how I was raised by my grandparents? Well that's because something terrible happened to my parents. They were cursed by this evil wizard who was terrorizing all the witches and wizards. He was so powerful that no-one would ever speak his name.

"My grandparents were muggles and I didn't appear to have any magical abilities so they smuggled me out of England and raised me here. But now my aunt who is a witch..."

Murdock's voice faded as he looked at the faces of his friends. "Guys, I know it sounds crazy, but they are my family and they need our help!"

As Murdock eyes caught and held his, BA noticed how very dark they were-almost black. He wondered if they were doing night by Murdock by allowing him to remain at the VA so much. Maybe he needed more people in his life.

He wondered if they were doing right by themselves in trying to stay as a team. Maybe they all needed more than just missions. Even as that thought crossed his mind, BA knew what they had to do.

Cutting across both Hannibal and Face as they tried to speak, BA said, "We' re going," and turning to Face, "go find us a boat. I ain't flying to England."

As Hannibal frowned, BA said, "We're a team. His family is our family and they need our help. Even if they are as crazy as he is."

Murdock's face lit up, "Thanks, Big Guy! But you won't need a boat. Billy can get us some floo powder..."

The End