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Tangled Relations

Chapter one, Sweet sixteen?

It was a cloudy July night as the only inhabitant of number 4 Privet Drive watched out of his window. Harry Potter had long since gotten over his relatives leaving him home alone. 'Who needs silly dinner parties', he thought to himself. Harry wasn't in the mood for celebrating his sixteenth birthday anyway. He missed his godfather dearly. If only he had concentrated harder with Occlumency, Sirius might still be here. Maybe Harry would be living with him right now instead of being ignored everyday. The capture of Wormtail last week seems rather bittersweet now that Sirius is gone.

Harry was brought from his musing by the sight of the first owl of the night approaching. It was his own Hedwig, probably returning from Hermione. "Hey girl" he said, as he untied the two rolls of parchment from her leg. He unrolled the first letter and sighed as he read the vague information.


Happy Sixteenth Birthday. I really wish

you could spend the holidays with us. I

can't say that it's been much fun here,

but at least we're alive. I have your present

here with me and you will get it when I get

to see you. I hope they let you leave soon.



The next letter wasn't much better.


Well what did you expect? As usual I don't

know much, so I don't have much to say. Your

birthday gift will be delivered separately.

It is running a little late. Sorry this is

such a bummer. Hermione is driving me crazy

waiting for the results of her O.W.L.s. I told

her she did fine, but she's insufferable. I

hope the muggles aren't too bad.


The emerald eyes gazed over to the window where another owl was tapping on the window. Harry ran over, opened the window, and let the tawny owl in. It was a thick letter bearing the Hogwarts seal. His eyes grew to saucers as he read through the results of his O.W.L.s. He had actually past all of them. Even getting an 'E' in potions. He definitely wasn't expecting that. The 'O' in DADA was expected, especially after the patronus he performed. But, the 'O's in charms and transfigurations were better than he expected. If only he applied himself during class maybe his grades would be better also. 'I suppose I could do my homework more than 10 minutes before it's due' 'Did I just think that?' "I must be going crazy" he mused. The 'A's in his other classes were expected. Well maybe not astronomy. Harry had fully expected to fail that test since he didn't even finish it.

Now that his normal birthday owls had come and gone, he settled into his bed and started to drift to sleep.

~~ Harry was walking through a familiar corridor in the MoM when he came to the door at the end. He tried to open it as a chill ran down his spine and Sirius appeared in front of him. "Harry, stop coming here. You know you don't belong here. Find where you really belong. I'm not the last of your friends or family. You have to move on." Harry stared at his godfather. Sirius looked like he did in his parents wedding photos. The happiest Harry had seen him. But the boy couldn't help but notice the concern in his godfather's eyes. "Sirius, I'm fine. I just miss you." Sirius reached out to Harry and pulled him into a tight embrace. "Harry", he whispered, "I'm with your parents now. You don't have to worry about me. I will always be looking out for you kid. Just remember that you have other people out there that can help you. You may be surprised at who might be willing to help you when all is said and done. Now, do you really need to keep coming down this corridor to this door?" He looked at Harry and tapped his fingers on the door waiting for an answer. Harry shook his head to say no, but the tapping continued ~~

He awoke and sat up to see a small black owl tapping rhythmically on the window. Harry cautiously walked over to the window and let the owl in, giving him a treat, and removing the parchment from his leg. It was a letter from Gringotts bank. He carefully scanned through the letter wondering what they might want.

Mister Potter,

This letter is in regards to your secondary vault,

number 493. Due to re-warding in several sections

of the bank, we request that you empty the contents

of this vault or allow us to move them to your primary

vault. Please let us know of your decision within the

week. If we don't hear from you we will move it into

a new vault and send you the key.

Gerlock Gumpor,

Gringotts bank

Harry reread the letter two more times wondering what might be in the other vault. Maybe just more money. Well I suppose I'll have to check it out when I go to Diagon alley next. He grabbed a quill and replied to the letter telling them to just move the contents to his other vault. He tied the letter to the owl's leg and laid back into his bed. He didn't ponder the other vault for long as he let sleep claim him once more.