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Chapter one


Kari walked up the stairs, "Mail's here."

Everyone opened their door except Davis, he knows he never gets snail-mail so he didn't bother. Besides, his door drops down and it would block the hall.

"Sora, Tai, Yolei, Matt, Ken, T.K., and T.K., would you slip this up to Davis?" Kari said, "I can't reach."


She slipped into her own room of the boarding house to read her letters, 'Junk mail, please buy this, buy that, Hocomo, January, Amber. Nothing special, ohh, I forgot, Amber's birthday is coming up. What am I gonna buy her? Maybe that candle-making kit in that one letter...'

Tai's excited and astonished voice broke her chain of thoughts, "Kari, come quick you gotta see this!"

'Can't hurt to look,' she thought as she walked back into the hall. Everyone was crowded around a single sheet of paper in Davis's hand, "What?"

"Davis got a *love letter*," Yolei said.

"Really?" Kari said, trying to sound just as shocked as every one else. Only two people in the whole world know who really wrote the letter, and Kari was one of them. "What's it say?"

"Read it," Tai said, handing her the letter.

'Davis, hey sunshine, miricle of mine! Saying this is something I have to do, I love you! Love, C. C.' "Cute," Kari said, handing Davis his letter. "Do you know who C.C. is?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. I don't pay that much attention to peoples initials."


The house was big; big enough to house nine people in different rooms and still fit a few more people. The nine Digidestined that could move out of their parents' house or apartment decided to put their money together and buy one big place. Cody helped buy it because in one more year, he could move in.

Everyone chose his or her own room. Davis chose the attic, for no apparent reason, except that it was the attic. Kari picked the room at the end of the hall. Ken and Yolei, though they are getting married in a month, have different rooms right across the hall from each other. Everyone else chose rooms randomly all over the hall, except Tai and Sora, they decided to sleep in the same room since they got married. Joe and Mimi didn't want to live in the same house as everyone else, so Mimi still lives in Manhattan, and Joe lives somewhere in Kyoto.

They visit from time to time. Jun visits Davis and Matt, well, more times than not it's Matt. But today, Davis requested his sister to come over.

"What do you think?" Davis asked as she handed the letter back in his room.

Jun shrugged, "Probably some freshmen with a simple crush, I thought you liked Kari."

"More than ever, but it feels weird to have someone send me a letter like this. It's like this person has to be close to me or something."

"Maybe an old girlfriend wants to hook up with you again. I'd see why, for my brother, you're pretty cute," Jun smiled.

Her smile faded with his next words, "Never had one. Too busy daydreaming about Kari."

"WHAT?!?!" she yelled. "You are totally on crack, a senior in college, and you've never had a girlfriend."

In the hall below them, Matt whispered, "I think Davis is in serious trouble."

Yolei listened some more to Jun's muffled rants, "Nah."

"Listen, Jun, I don't want to have some girl hang all over me that I don't like. Matt's downstairs," Davis said heatedly when Jun paused to take a breath, "and maybe the same goes for him."

She sighed and walked to the trapdoor, "You just don't get it, Dai," She said, using his nickname to sweet talk him, flashing on her left hand a beautiful ring, "you just don't."


'So, my sister is engaged, she's right about something, and I'm getting love letters. My life sucks.'

It was three days later. A second letter arived that morning. Davis was searching through the letters for clues to who this anonymus lover might be, but his mind was everywhere but with him. Veemon was vegging out on a beanbag chair in front of the TV in Davis's "room".

'Well, the letters would be cool if I didn't love somebody already...'

"Davish, the fridge is empty," Veemon said suddenly, not only bringing Davis back to reality, but making him jump sky-high.

"You ate it all, maybe there is something *small* in the fridge downstairs," Davis said, warning Veemon with his glare rather than his gab.


After a few minutes, Veemon came back with something small as Davis advised, a piece of cake, and one for his parner, just in case.

Davis ignored the cake and continued to study the poems, then, "Forget it!" He folded the letter in his hands into a paper airplane and threw it. The other one he laid on the closest table in reach, laid back onto his bed, covered his face with a pillow, and screamed.

The airplane landed right in front of Veemon, and since Davis got the mail this morning, no one really knew that Davis got another letter. The blue Digimon unfolded the plane and read.

'Dai, You now who I am, you've gotten me out of more than one jam. I used your nickname, please say that you know this fair dame. Love, C.C.'


K everyone, this concludes chapter one.

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