Love CC

Chapter Four

Gato Goddess

There was something calming and comforting about the field, Davis always felt it. It certainly was the only place he could go to clear his head. Now, if he wanted a place where he could hide as well as clear his head, he was screwed.

Davis looked about him. He sat with him arms propped up on his knees at the edge of the field, partially watching the children play soccer and partially off in a daze. He couldn't believe it was Kari after all this wondering and searching for a mysterious C. C. ( which, as it turns out, is now a mysterious K. K.). He then wondered if this was some sick joke she or T. K. or some other asshole had set up to bag on him. He wanted to cry, but he felt that that was a childish or girly thing to do, so he just buried his head in his arms and tried to think the happiest thoughts he could.

'Soccer, Veemon, the A on that philosophy test, Jun not screaming at me, beating Malomyotismon, Kar...' He stopped dead mid-thought. A few tears streaked down his face.


A soccerball had just connected with the back of his head. He promised himself he wouldn't get mad because it was probably an accident from one of the little kids. He lifted his head up, quickly wiped away the tears, and turned around.

Behind him was a strangely beautiful, barefoot bridesmaid in a pink dress holding a muddy soccerball.

Davis tripped to his feet. They stared at one another for the longest time. Kari's smile began to fade. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.

Davis opened his mouth, "Umm...I...I liked your"

"But you don't like me? Is that it? You lead me on forever and the moment I show interest you quit?"She yelled.

"No, Jesus, Kari, that's not it. I actually, really, truely loved you all this time..."

"There, you said it, loved." Kari said, putting and emphasis on the d.

"Will you just listen to me for more than, like, five seconds?" Davis shouted."I LOVE you with every breath in my body and fiber of my being and if anything, you've led me on. You've never given me any sign that you were interested. All I saw was you hanging out with T.K., you laughing at me every second of the day, and you staring at me blankly. What the hell was I supposed to get out of that? How was I supposed to just know it was you. Maybe if you'd have given me a signal sometime before I'd've figured it all out. I ran away because I was scared. Scared and confused. Dammit, Kari, How am I supposed to know if it's even real?"

Kari was choking on her own tears. She stepped towards him and whispered, "Here's how," and planted a kiss on his lips before running off.

Jun turned to her father as he was walking her down the aisle to the familiar wedding march," Are you sure it's barely noticabe that both Davis and Kari are missing."

"What're you saying? Davis is at the back of the church, he waved when we walked out. I didn't see Kari, but the set up is perfect dear..."

Jun let out a sigh, Davis looked a mess, and Kari missing was not a good sign. "Oh dear," She whispered. As soon as she was next to Matt, she turned to him and said, "Kari's missing."

"I know, Tai's freaking out."

"I'll talk to Davis at the reception, me, nobody else."


Kari slowly climbed up the ladder up to Davis' room and wiped a few tears from her eyes. She knew that the digimon were still home, but she didn't care whether or not they saw her. As she peeked her head into his room, she noticed Veemon sitting on Davis's bed going through the notes.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?"

Veemon jumped before answering,"Shure, just don't tell Davish that I'm doing thish."

"No problem there," Kari replied brushing a few tears from her face and trying to smile. Okay, so she cared just a little what the digimon thought.

Veemon saw this and said."Kari, are you okay? And have you seen Davish, becaush I don't think he'sh okay."

Kari started crying again as she told him what had just happened at the park. Just as soon as she finished, Gatomon clambered up the ladder.

"I knew it was you. Why didn't you just tell him straight out?" She said, leaping up into Kari's lap.

Kari took a deep breath, "You know, I should have. Mom told me that when I told her of my 'genius plan'. And I figure now I must either move back home or somewhere else because now Davis hates me..."

Kari started crying real hard.

Gatomon hit her with her tail, "Well if it helps any, Davis can't hate you, because he, in fact, only has eyes for you. He's never even so much as looked at another girl."

"What d'you mean?" Kari asked, looking up.

"I mean, if you did indeed kiss him, that was his first kiss."

"There's a shopping cart in the revine/the foam on the creek is like pop and ice cream/there's a field full of tires that is always on fire/ to light my way home."

"Davis," said a very distressed looking Jun Ishida. "You wouldn't happen to know where Kari is would you? Or maybe why you weren't in your spot for the wedding?"

Davis just stared at his drink, not bothering to look at her.

"How about you just start with what happened today when you ran out on Tai and Matt, and Kari ran out on me and Yoeli?"

Davis drew in a very deep breath and looked up at her, "Well," He swollowed hard,"I freaked out because, I...I actually don't know why I freaked, but I do know I went to the field to clear my head and figure out what I'm supposed to do, then Kari shows up and well, let's just say she hates me."

"Why, if she sent you a letter saying she loves you, especially in poetry, she loves you. You are being very stupid right now. So where is Kari?"

"I don't know, she ran off."Davis said blushing.

Jun caught this and in her sweetest blackmail voice, she said, " What exactly happened at the park?"

The song stopped, and the Dj did some spinning of his own creation.

Davis grew an even darker red, and in a low voice said, "She kissed me."

Jun let out one of those gossipy girlfriend screams. "Ha, I knew it! See, she loves you, you are obsessed with her, you belong together. So go find her and..."

She stopped short, because just at that moment, when she was glancing around the room, she saw Kari talking to the DJ. Davis followed her gaze and just stared.

Kari walked towards the table at which the two were sitting.

"Okay everybody, we have a request for a Mr. Davis Motomiya From a Ms. Kari Kamiya. Davis don't pass this one up."

"I would've given you all of my heart/ but there's someone whose torn it apart/ and he's taken just all that I have but if you wanna try to love again/"

Kari reached the table and just had to look at Davis. He immediately stood up and took her hand. They walked out onto the dance floor.

"I don't really know how to da..."

"Just follow my lead."

And with just those words they danced.

Two hours later, everyone was of course partied out. Jun waved as her limo pulled away from the reception. She smiled as she saw Davis and Kari snuggled together waving her on. She felt partially respondsable for this, because if she hadn't talked to Dai, her little brother may have run away again from Kari.

Outside, Kari whispered to Davis, "I meant what I said in all those poems."

"I don't doubt it."

"But you did, for a while there."

"No, I only... Okay, I did..just a little. Never again though." Davis blushed, and bent down to kiss her, something they've been doing all day.

"I love you."

"I love you two," And with that, they turned for home.

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