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Chapter Twenty Four: Birthday Bash

Tristan parked his car on the side of the street, he could hear the music filtering down the street towards him as he hoped out of the car, not unlike so many other parties he'd been to in his life. There were cars parked up and down both sides of the street, as he walked towards Rory's house he could see the house illuminated; every light in the house must have be on. He could hear music, laughter, talking and the party wasn't even supposed to officially start for another half an hour. Stars Hollow's princess is turning seventeen, let the party begin, Tristan thought to himself as he stepped onto the front porch. The front door was wide open so he stepped inside, there were people everywhere but he couldn't see Rory. He side stepped people and made his way through the house headed in the general direction of the kitchen. He reached the doorway of the kitchen and peered through, "Tristan!"

Tristan spun around and Rory launched herself into his arms, "hi!" she exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Happy Birthday Beautiful" Tristan smiled at her.

Rory giggled, "Thanks."

Tristan's smile widened, "have you been drinking?"

Rory frowned, "I had like two glasses of champagne."

Lorelai appeared over Rory's left shoulder, "Hi Tristan."

"Hi Lorelai."

"Isn't this wild?"

"You sure know how to throw a party" Tristan agreed.

Someone called Lorelai's name and she moved away from them, Rory wrapped her arms around Tristan's neck. "Thanks for coming to my party."

Tristan laughed, "Where else would I be?"

Rory stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, she tasted of strawberries, coffee and just a hint of champagne.

It was after one o'clock in the morning, the party was dwindling in size, Tristan was sitting on the couch with Rory snuggled up against his side. Rory felt someone tap her shoulder and turned to look at her mom, Lorelai leaned down next to Rory's ear, "I'm going to stay at Luke's tonight, you don't mind do you?"

Rory looked over at the door and saw Luke standing there looking uncomfortable. Rory smiled up at her mother, "and how did this come about?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow" Lorelai hissed, "get Tristan to stay here tonight."

Rory watched her mother walk over to Luke who was holding a bag of Lorelai's in his hand and slip her hand into his before stepping outside.

It was almost two thirty in the morning by the time everyone had left. "So…. I didn't get to give you your present yet" Tristan said.

Rory sat up excitedly, "oh my god, I completely forgot, what is it? Gimme, gimme, gimme."

Tristan started to reach inside his pocket, "now I completely understand if you don't like it, and we can take it back and swap it if you want, I've never done this before."

"Stop babbling and give it to me."

Tristan pulled the small velvet box from his pocket and placed it in her waiting hand. Rory gave a sharp intake of breath, "go on, open it" he urged.

Rory pulled the box open, sitting in a bed of black velvet was a simple gold band with small sapphires and diamonds encrusted on it. "Oh my god!! It's so beautiful, I love it."

Tristan cleared his throat, "it's a promise ring."

"A what?"

"A promise ring, it's a promise of my love for you and that we will be together forever."

Rory just stared at him. "I'm sorry, you don't like it, we can change it" he reached for the box.

Rory snatched it away, "No way!! Get away from it, it's mine."

Rory pulled the ring from the box, and slipped it lovingly on to the ring finger of her right hand and held it up so she could see it. "It was so worth the wait."

Tristan smiled, "so that means there won't be any with holding of kisses from now on."

Rory grinned back at him and started to lean towards him, "oh, far from it."

They started to kiss softly, Rory smiled against his mouth, "maybe we should go into my room."

Tristan pulled away, "what about your mum?"

"She's spending the night at Luke's she told me to get you to stay, my bed is much more comfortable then the couch."

Rory stood and pulled Tristan up after her, the kissed and stumbled all the way to her bedroom, laughing as they bumped into things, both of their shirts were lost along the way. Approximately ten minutes after Tristan had pressed her down onto her bed, Rory's bra was removed, and after another five minutes when Tristan's hand trailed slowly up Rory's thigh it stalled on the spot where Rory's usually came down to stop it's progress, he waited a moment but her hand never pressed against his. Tristan looked down at her, "Rory?"

"I've been on the pill for almost two months Tristan."

Tristan just stared down at her as Rory writhed beneath him, "Tristan?"


"Kiss me."


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