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The Doctor gazed into the dark salty water. It seemed a lifetime ago that they had arrived in Sarganti-even to him. In the span of a few days he'd stood on the edge of madness and stared it in the face. He'd found. not love, not yet, not on his part, anyway: but love from Sarah, and recognition of his feelings for her. He knew once again how it felt to be complete and whole.

"Except that two is company and three's a crowd," he said aloud sternly.

Why you say such awful things is beyond me, his other self sniffed.

"Because it's true. I have neither the need nor the room for you in my life, and I want you to stop this hateful indulgence at once."

How can you ask me that? I'm you, whether you like it or not, remember?

"O, yes," the Doctor replied gravely, "I remember. But I also seem to recall you never used to be this nasty until very recently. A few days ago, in fact."

It's for your own good--"

"It is not for my own good!" The Doctor shouted. "It is YOU who enjoys these tirades, YOU who feeds off of trying to make me miserable! You who tried to make me afraid, and weak, and think I've failed but I haven't! The only one who has failed here is you!"

So clever, you think you're so bloody clever. Well, Mister Know-It-All, what do you think you're going to do about it?

"Tell me," the Doctor said in a conversational tone, "Do you recall the story of Merlin?"

Of course. And what, pray tell, does that have to do with this?

"Well, you see, I always found it interesting, in the version I watched, how Merlin fought against Maab. He was equal to her in power, but neither of them could overcome the other."

Is there a point to this?

The Doctor ignored the jibe. "And in the end, Merlin won because he refused to continue accepting Maab. He rejected her, stopped believing in her. And she withered away. You see, in order for her to have power, she had to be listened to, feared, thought about. But it's like dear old Cervantes said: 'take away the cause and the effect ceases.' Rather good advice, don't you think?"


"Well, I do," the Doctor said quietly. "And I'm the one who counts in this conversation. Speaking of conversation, this one is about to be over. For good."

And how do you figure that?

He grinned. "I'm putting you away, old boy. Away from where you can do me any harm. A nice safe place where you can rant to your hearts' content." As he spoke he reached deep within his mind, found this part of himself, and began to push.

You can't do this! The voice raved. You can't get rid of me!

"I know that," the Doctor answered calmly. "I'm just putting you somewhere out of the way. You see, I've come to realize that no matter how bad it gets, I can't stop. No matter if I make mistakes and have to accept consequences. That's a part of anyone's life. Mine can't be any different."

Sarah has done this! It's because of her that you're become so pathetic!

"It's because of Sarah that I am coming back to my old self again!" The Doctor declared. "Her support and faith in me have made me realize I was in danger of letting myself fall into your clutches!" He was still mentally pushing this other part of his mind further and further away, brushing off its feeble attempts to resist with a surge of exaltation.

As he pushed it towards its final destination his dark fragment made one final attempt. You don't deserve her, you will never deserve her.

"Maybe I don't," the Doctor answered with a smile. "But I'm willing to spend the rest of this life to try."

And he gave a sharp mental kick.

There was a howl of rage, a fleeting sense of vertigo, then nothing. The Doctor envisioned steel walls closing together, one set after another, a dozen sets, a hundred, more than he could count. When that stopped he projected a steel door with a large padlock. He heard one faint final whisper as he slammed the door shut and locked it.

"I deny you," he whispered. "By everything I am and everything I do, I deny you."

He stood at the door for a moment, listening. But there was nothing to hear.

Sarah felt the Doctor gently shaking her shoulders. "Wake up, Sarah Jane!"

"Mmm?" She groggily sat up, blinked a few times, and focused her eyes on him. Her eyes widened, closed and opened wide again, trying to impress the image before her into her sleep-addled brain.

The Doctor was sitting beside her, dressed in his old clothes down to his hat, his grin wide, his eyes shining. "You've been asleep long enough, Miss Smith, it's time I resumed my astronomy lesson for you. Now, where were we? O yes, Athalon."

"DOCTOR!" She shrieked, pushing him down onto his back and hugging him fiercely. "You're back! You're really back!"

"Well of course I am! You didn't think a little thing like mental collapse would keep me down for long, did you?" He exclaimed with a pout. "I thought you of all people would know better than that!"

"Right, pull the other, it's got bells on!" She exclaimed, wiping a tear of relief from her eye. She kissed him hard and quick, then peered down into his eyes. "Out with it, then," she ordered. "Are you really ok now?"

He smiled and took her face in his hands. "Thanks to you I am," he told her.

Her brows scrunched together. "Me? What did I do? Apart from giving you mind-boggling sex, of course," she added.

"Of course," he agreed. He traced her lips and cheekbones with his fingertips. "You believe in me, Sarah. You support me and have faith in me no matter what. You. love me."

"And that makes all the difference, does it?" She asked.

"Yes. It does."

"Well. Chalk one up for romance!" She laughed.

"Yes, indeed." He moved his hands down to clasp hers. "Sarah."

"O, what now?" She cried. "You've got that serious look about you again!"

"That's because this is serious," he replied. When she subsided he looked into her eyes. "Sarah, when I told you I don't know much about love personally, I meant it."

She nodded, uncertain of what might be coming next.

"But when I told you I want to understand love, I meant it. I think I've got a good start, but I'm sure I have a ways to go." His gaze was searching, hopeful. "Are you willing to be patient with me, help me to learn?"

Her lips quivered and her eyes brightened with tears, and she smiled in the way that never failed to warm his hearts. "I have all the patience in the universe!"

"Well hopefully you won't need quite that much," he chuckled. He held her tight, burying his face in her hair, and her arms went around him. They stayed like that for a long moment before she released him, wiping her eyes on a handkerchief that he fished out of his pocket. "So, what now?" She asked.

"Well, now we finish the constellations. Then we go to sleep, and later after breakfast we set off in the TARDIS. I imagine the old girl is feeling a bit neglected."

Sarah nodded, then looked at him. "Doctor. the TARDIS. Will she be all right with this? I mean, with us being lovers?"

"Well, it will be a bit of an adjustment for her, I'm sure," he drawled. "But she'll settle down fairly soon, I should think. She likes you very much, you know. And I suspect that she's known this was going to happen."

"Oh, so now the TARDIS is a time machine AND a psychic?" Sarah chuckled.

"She does have skills even I don't always understand," he replied. A sudden spark of mischief lit his eyes. "But you know, Sarah, I was thinking. maybe instead of me giving you another astronomy lecture, that you could give me a few pointers in a certain subject?" His gaze became playfully seductive. "In the ways of bringing you to the heights of sexual ecstasy, perhaps?"

"I'd be most happy to do that!"

"Wonderful!" He exclaimed, then drew a sharp breath as she licked a sensitive spot on his neck he hadn't known was sensitive. He looked up at her with his usual grin. "I say, I think this will be MUCH more interesting than astronomy!"