Chapter 7

Batman looked for a way out. Searching the walls for another secret passageway. The only thing he cared about was getting to New Jersey to help Batgirl. But at the moment it didn't seem likely. The only thing he could think of was that Batgirl was either captured, injured or…, well he didn't dare think of it. He bowed his head desperately trying to think of a way out.

If this is death, this isn't so bad I guess. What if those guys found me and brought me out and tied me up again. I can't speak, I guess I'm gagged or maybe I'm….

But Barbara woke up and found she was not dead. She pinched herself; she felt it so she was alive. She noticed that her gloves were off, she then took notice she was completely naked. The waves must have washed off her costume, but that didn't really bother her that is, if there were no men around.  She got up from the ground, her whole body ached.

"Oh, man." she said. "Those waves roughed me up good, I'm guess I'm lucky to be alive, no clothes, but alive. I just hope there's no men around."

She walked forward, looking for something to cover herself, but there was nothing. She thought for a minute she was back on the beach, but when she looked up she gasped. It was a huge castle; it was black on the exterior. She had found Ra's base.

"Well this solves one problem. I know where I am now. But I have no idea of how to get Batman over here, I can't believe I got myself into this; first I let myself get bound and gagged like an amateur, then I fall into the water, lose my Batgirl suit, and now I'm butt naked on Ra's island. Well, it can't get any worse." she said resigning herself.

"Hey, I heard something over there." said a man, Barbara gasped.

"Me and my big mouth." she said, running off in the other direction.

Running, partly hoping the man didn't see her so she didn't get caught, but also because she was naked. She looked and saw what seemed like a tool shed.

"What's a tool shed doing on Ra's base," she thought. Wasting no time at all, she ran into the tool shed. However when she got inside she found it was one of those outside bathroom sheds.

"Oh." she thought, "Well that explains it."

"I thought I heard something over here." said the man.

Barbara gasped, and then covered her own mouth to muffle any sounds, that could lead the man into finding her. She heard footsteps outside, she put her other hand over her mouth now too. Barbara began sweating a bit. But she then heard the man walking, she removed her hands from her mouth and sighed with relief, she wiped the sweat off her.

"That was close." she said.

She stepped out of the shed, and looking cautiously before she took another step. Then making sure the coast was clear, she stepped out and walked away. Meanwhile Batman, looked around for another secret passageway. He couldn't find any until he looked up.

"Of course." he said. Wasting no time, he threw an explosive batarang up to the ceiling, it caused the rubble to fall from the ceiling, wasting no time, and he grappled up to the ceiling. Wasting no time at all, he called the Batwing over to him, getting inside, he headed back to Gotham City, wondering and hoping Batgirl was alright. Meanwhile Barbara had finished climbing her way to the castle, making sure she was staying out of sight.

"Man, I wish I had my costume with me." she thought. She heard two assassin women talking about her, she decided to listen.

"What have you heard about her?"

"We have her costume. Of course that seems to be all that's left of her."

"I wouldn't be too sure; I've heard those detectives are escape artist masters. But then again taking your clothes off? If she's alive, she's going to have a lot of trouble getting around."

They both laughed, Barbara could feel deep anger inside her.

Barbara waited until they left, then she got up and followed them.

"Did you hear that Ra's tortured the guy that threw her in?"

"I know. Anyway, he caused that big wave last afternoon because he knew she was swimming. He knew that would cause her to investigate."

"With that new weapon he stole from Wayne Enterprises."


Some more women came and joined them, Barbara began to follow. However when she stepped she caused a noise, she quickly hid as the women looked behind.

"Smooth move, Barbara." she thought, luckily the women seemed to have left, she sighed, but then a hand went over her mouth. 

"MMPH!" she let out, they had caught her again.

"Well, well what have we here? A naked crime fighter going about Ra's base? We can't have that can we, ladies?" said one of the women.

Barbara knew this time she had it for sure.

"Ra's will pay us most handsomely for her recapture. Bind and gag her."

The one that covered Barbara's mouth, the grabbed her wrists crossed them and became tying them together with rope.

"Wait, Ra's stole the weapon from Wayne Enterprises?" Barbara asked, trying to ask as many questions as possible before she was gagged.

"Yep, he gave the money to a guy who was really sleazy, forget his name, I think it was Mr. Schumacher."

One of the women, begin tying rope around Barbara's waist pinning her arms to her sides.

"Oh, yeah. I met him, what does Ra's intend to do with it?" asked Barbara.

"What else, he's going to flood the world with it, she saw that wave he got you caught in."

"Wait, did he cause that storm?" Barbara asked, watching them tie her thighs together.

"Oh no, that was natural. Ra's has no power over natural weather causes with the device." The one that tied her hands now tied her ankles together after the others finished tying her thighs.

"But what why… MMPH." Barbara said as another white cloth went over her mouth.

"Sorry, no more questions."

The one called Diane reached into her pocket a pulled out a radio.

"Master, I thought it'd be interesting for you to know, we captured the girl detective, and we bound and gagged her, so we're waiting for your orders."

"Excellent, you will all be paid most handsomely. Tell the girl, we have her Batgirl costume, Talia is washing it, but we will give it back to her soon. Take her to the dungeon; put her in a sack to give her some privacy."

"MMPH! MMPH!" Barbara let out, not happy at how all she did to escape, to not be a captive for Ra's to use had failed. As a sack went over her head, she felt it go down to where her ankles were tied, then she found herself lifted off the ground. She was being carried over someone's shoulder. She let out many muffled yells through her gag.

Before she knew it, the sack was off, she sat now on the floor, still bound and gagged. The women laughed at her discomfort and left the room. Barbara struggled with the ropes that bound her; they were as tight as the last time that she was tied up. She continued to let out muffled grunts through her gag. She could bring her hands out in front of her, since the ropes that were around her waist prevented her, she didn't have a knife to cut them this time. She couldn't believe it, here she was butt naked, bound and gagged and a hostage for Ra's to use against Bruce. She thought of Bruce.

"Hurry Bruce, hurry, I hate having to be the damsel in distress right now, but I need your help." she thought.

Meanwhile Batman had just arrived back in Gotham City. He was preparing to dock with the Batcave when a transmission came on.

"Hello Detective."

"Ra's Al Ghul? What do you want?" he asked, sneering.

"I just wanted to inform you, we have Batgirl."

"What? Let her go right now you bastard or else I'll…"

"I'm afraid I can't do that right now Detective. Nor can I tell you precisely where we are, as if I did I would no longer be able to call you "Detective", now could I?"

The transmission ended, Batman stared angrily at the controls for a while, as he docked, then his anger turned to sadness as he said: