Chapter 8

Batman landed inside the cave and immediately got out. He walked over to Alfred, who had been waiting for him.

"Welcome home Master Bruce, I trust your mission was successful."

"Not by a long shot, Alfred, Ra's Al Ghul has Batgirl." said Batman taking off his cowl.

"My word! Are you going to go search for her immediately?" asked Alfred.

"You know Alfred; I'm beginning to wonder if this night should be the last one." said Bruce.

"What? You've said this before Master Bruce, but you can't quit, not with Miss Gordon in danger."

"I know, but I can't help but feel that I'm the way who put her in this situation. And Tim has that broken leg, because I didn't keep an eye on him."

"Master Bruce, I..." Alfred suddenly lost all words; he had never seen his master as sentimental as this since his parents' deaths.

"I had no right to enforce this kind of life on any of them especially Dick."

"But Master Bruce, they wanted to do it, you can't blame yourself for teaching them how to fight crime, you've saved many lives by just donning the Batman." said Alfred, more surprised then ever.

"Yes, what can one man do to save an entire city from corruption?" asked Bruce, looking at his old friend.

Meanwhile Barbara was still sitting on the floor, bound and gagged. She was letting out some muffled yells here and there, struggling with the ropes that bound her. Then someone came in, she was a woman dressed in black, she was carrying her Batgirl suit, it was Talia, Ra's Al Ghul's daughter.

"I washed it all for, good as new." she said looking down at Barbara, smiling. "I'm going to take those gag and ropes off for now, but I'm going to put everything right back on as soon as you've dressed, don't even think about escaping, I've got guards waiting outside, so unless you want to be killed you'll do as I say."

"MMPH." said Barbara, trying to say she understood. In no time, Talia removed the ropes and gags from Barbara, who was happy to finally put on some clothes after being naked for so long. Talia hand Barbara her costume. Barbara had pulled up her pants when she asked:

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Nothing, until Bruce gets here. I've been watching you and Bruce the past few months, and I've noticed some kind of relationship going on between you two." said Talia, smiling.

Barbara blushed as she put on her boots. "Yeah, so?"

"I suppose it's natural for a girl like you to fall for him, after all, he's already falling in love with another vigilante besides yourself."

Barbara put her shirt on. "What are you going to do tell me to stay away from your 'beloved'?"

Talia's smile went wider. "Oh no. I don't think there will be any need for that?"

Barbara put on her gloves as Talia continued.

"Bruce has attracted a lot of women through his crusade as the Batman; I can't say I'm the only woman he's interested in."

Barbara put on her cape and cowl, donning her Batgirl persona; they wisely didn't give her utility belt back. Talia picked up the ropes that had been bound Batgirl's hands together, soon the ropes were all back the places they were before, Talia then put the gag back over back over Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl was seated back on the floor. Before Talia left, she came up to Batgirl slapping her across the face. Smiling, she said:

"Stay away from my beloved."

Batgirl let out many muffled grunts after that. Meanwhile Batman sat down at the Batcomputer, typing as fast as he could.

"Computer, search for any islands outside the New Jersey shore."

But all that came up was NEGATIVE. Batman bowed his head, tired from his long trip to Phoenix.

"So, what are you going to do to Ra's when you get there?" asked Tim, who had just come walking in on his crutches.

"I've been giving that some thought." said Batman. "After I rescue Batgirl and stop his plan, I'm stopping him once and for all. Tonight, Ra's Al Ghul dies."

Tim gave out a shocked look across his face.

"But you never kill anyone."

"Yes, but tonight is different, I've endangered the last few people I love with this war against crime. Instead of ensuring no one would suffer like me when my parents were killed, I've been causing that suffering to you, Alfred, Barbara. I can't let anyone die for me."

Tim's eyes went wide in shock and surprise. He had never heard Bruce THIS compassionate before. Meanwhile Batgirl was still sitting on the floor when two of Ra's men entered the room, one carrying a blindfold.

"Ra's wants us to bring you to him. He's got something to show you."

One tied the blindfold over Batgirl's eyes. She presumed because they didn't want her to see around in case she escaped. She was once again carried over the shoulder; she didn't bother struggling this time. She soon found herself sitting in a chair, the blindfold came off. She saw more ropes go around her pinning her to the chair she was sitting in. She noticed the chair had wheels on the bottom, but didn't take it to her mind. She looked up and let out a muffled gasp, if she wasn't gagged, she would have gladly spat in the man's face: Ra's Al Ghul.

"Excellent. I've been waiting for you girl, I expected the detective to come himself at first as he always does, but seeing you for once is a real treat. Your mentor has time and time again turned down my offer to become my heir, the only reason I keep offering it to him is because of my daughter's feelings for him."

Batgirl made out what sounded like a muffled scowl.

"With this device," said Ra's holding up what looked like a remote, which explained to Batgirl why Bruce would have used it to track down Arkham's escaped criminals. "I can create whatever I wish to cleanse this planet of the men and women that have brought it to the breaking point. The detective knew that if the wrong man had gained possession of this device, it could be remodeled into a weapon of mass destruction. It's rather ironic after all he's done to save mankind, he will have helped me destroyed them."

Batgirl gave Ra's a look. He turned and motioned to his men to follow him.

"Leave her here for now; I want her to mourn in private."

The men shrugged and followed. Batgirl waiting until they were gone until an idea struck her in the head, leaving her behind wasn't the smartest thing after all, using her tied up ankles she was able to get the chair over to the computer in front of her. Then sat down on her tied up thighs, and became using her nose to type. Since she was so skilled with computers, she knew how to type even with just her nose, she was able to patch in a link to the Batcave, and she then was able to send the coordinates to Bruce. She then was able to get off the floor and rolled back to her original position.

"Better act like a damsel in distress now." she said. She then let out muffled yells and screams; little did she know she was being watched.

"Excellent, now the detective will come." said Ra's, chuckling to himself.

Meanwhile at the Batcave, Batman received the coordinates.

"Barbara must have been able to send the coordinates to me. Either Ra's foolishly let her have access to their computers or she's escaped custody, either way she needs help." said Batman getting up and headed over to where the Batboat was parked.

"I'm ready Ra's." he thought. "Tonight, after I stop you, I end our foolish game. Tonight Ra's, you die for good.