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Chichiri sat on one of the huge rocks that bordered the imperial garden's lake and relaxed. He set his pole aside then took out one of the writing devises Miaka called a pen, and a notebook she had given him when he'd mentioned he was going to write something. Hmmm . . . how to start it out . . . Well the title first

How to Care for Your Seishi Crossdresser

By: Chichiri

Seishi Crossdresser, AKA: Nuriko, Ryuunen, Kourin, Kang-lin.

Taking care of a seishi crossdresser can be very difficult, especially since they are easily angered. Your seishi crossdresser will have a very nice and caring personality most of the time . . .

" Konichi wa Chiri-chan!" Nuriko ran up to him, " What are you doing?"

" Nothing Nuri-kun no da," He smiled hoping the man wouldn't inquire any further.

. . .however as I said before, they are easily angered. It in not an intelligent move to anger your crossdresser for they also display incredible strength and are often unafraid to use it when enraged . . .

Nuriko sat down next to his fellow seishi and stared out over the calm water of the lake a small smile playing across his lips.

. . . Yes I know what you're thinking, 'this person displaying that kind of strength?' but do not be fooled by looks for there is much more power in those arms than you can imagine. More than you wish to find out. . .

The violet haired man turned a look on the monk, " What's that you've got?" he questioned innocently.

" This," he held up the utensil, " is called a pen no da. It's a writing instrument from Miaka's world."

" And that?" he pointed to the notebook.

" A notebook, it's like a bunch of scrolls unrolled and put together no da."

. . . He will also posses a almost child-like sense of curiosity, and will question any object unfamiliar to them . . .

" So what are you writing?"

" Nothing no da."

"Mhum, that's why you're drawing that . . . pen . . .across that . . . notebook," he cocked an eyebrow.

. . . and the activities of others. For there is nothing a seishi crossdresser loves more (short of punching tactless bandits into walls) than gossip. Though this should be highly discouraged it is unlikely that you will succeed in curbing this . . .

" All come on! Let me see!" asked Nuriko as he leaned over to read what Chichiri writing. The older seishi merely turned away.

. . . Seishi Crossdressers are determined once they decide to do something they don't give up until it's done. This philosophy carries over to their love life as well as they will continue to chase after some one they love even when they know they have no chance . . .

"Chiri-chan! Why are you so determined not to let me see?"

. . . They are very observant and have a deep understanding of people and their emotions. They will often be the first to pick up on a budding romance . . .

"What, it's not like you're writing about me or something?"

" . . ."

" You are writing about me!"

. . . and anything eles someone may attempt to hide. Do not be surprised if your crossdresser decides to play matchmaker or to 'make things better' . . .

Nuriko suddenly made a lunge for the notebook, however the mage had expected that and without looking up, simply teleported to one of the higher branches in the closest tree.

. . . They truly enjoy this so it's best to just let be, and not get tangled in the mess that will eventually result . . .

" If you want to be so secretive, and write things about other people that's fine with me!" He growled as he stormed off. For the first time Chichiri looked up following the retreating figure with his eye. Once the frustrated crossdresser was out of sight the seishi returned to his writing.

. . . Your crossdresser is very cunning sometimes and will often use this in the afore mentioned endeavors or to collect gossip. You must keep a close eye on them to be sure they are not plotting something. However even the closest watch can not always be sure to catch every plot . . .


"Da?" The suddenly chibi monk turned around to see a certain very annoyed violet haired seishi. He sweatdropped, " You read it no da?"

"Hai," He began to crack his knuckles an evil smile playing across his face.

" DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Chichiri lept down from the tree and took off running one very angry Seishi Crossdresser in pursuit. While running he managed to write one last sentence.

. . . I repeat it is not intelligent to anger your seishi crossdresser.